To The One Who Finally Stayed

To the person who finally stayed, I have been patiently waiting for you. I have written you thousands of letters. I have met several strangers. I have had my heart shattered into pieces while searching for you. At some point, I doubted your existence. I came to believe that you were just a product of my imagination. A bittersweet illusion created by hopeless romantics to give their lives a sense of purpose. An imaginary protagonist waiting to put my life into perspective in all the chaos.

I was almost giving up, until you came along. Unlike the movies or any romantic stories, your entrance was not as grandeur as I would have expected. There were no fireworks, no romantic music, just silence. Serenity. You arrived at a time where I wasn’t searching anymore; where I wasn’t expecting anyone. You magically camouflaged so swiftly into my life as if you know all along that it is where you belong. It’s almost as if you have finally found your home.

I thought I don’t need anybody. I believed I was already stable and complete. An independent woman who don’t need anyone to save her. Ready to fight battles while her princess sits quietly at the backseat. Then, you proved me wrong.

You showed me how love needs two people to make it work. I thought I should always be the only one solving our problems, but you taught me how practising effective communication is better than being a martyr. You proved me that love doesn’t only need to be romantic; love needs to be real.

I have always wondered why it did not work out with my past lovers. I kept questioning why I had to go through all that pain. Despite all my sacrifice and effort, none of them chose me; none of them stayed.

Then, you came along. You unconsciously helped me decode the mystery of my life’s greatest tragedy. You are the reason why they never stayed. You are the reason why I was never chosen. You are the reason why I did not find true love any sooner. You are the reason why I never run out of words to write. As cliché as it sounds, all those roads led me to you.

To you, to that person who finally stayed, thank you. Thank you for having all the patience on me while I slowly mend my imperfections, while I let go of all the baggage from my past.

Thank you, for proving me that I am capable of loving and being loved in return. You must have noticed that I have truly mastered the art of being alone. Thank you for being alone with me.

Thank you, for choosing me every day. Despite all the flaws that you are gradually discovering during our times together. Despite all the moments where the whole universe seems to be giving you thousands of reasons to run away.

Thank you, for finally coming into my life.

Thank you, for always choosing to stay.


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