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This Is Why You’re Having Second Thoughts On Your Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: You aren’t feeling that spark you felt before.

You might now be the sign most associated with romance or passion, but you have it in spades, Aries. When you meet someone, you look for that chemistry that keeps you on your toes- and you want that feeling around all the time. Yet as the relationship has progressed, you’ve noticed that spark seems as if it’s dying out, and you wonder if the ship has sailed for you two. While not feeling that “spark” isn’t a surefire sign to end a relationship, it is worth taking the time to reassess why you think that way. Figure out if this is a sign of you simply being bored and needing to be creative, or if this really is the end of the road.

Taurus: They’re demanding too much from you.

Everyone knows you’re a loyal and devoted partner, and you enjoy being affectionate and spoiling the person you’re crazy about. You invest a lot of your heart and your time into someone and would give them the world if you could. However, you’re also a pretty solid creature of habit and don’t want to be taken advantage of. You’re rethinking your relationship because the other person is starting to demand too much from you, and you won’t put up with that. Take the time to figure out if the person is really asking too much of you, or if you’re just being asked to step outside of your comfort zone before you make any permanent decisions though.

Gemini: They’re being too possessive.

You are explorative and curious, there is no denying that. While you might hesitate to commit to a relationship at times, if you find someone who really interests you, then you’ll give it a chance. Yet lately, it feels as if your partner is being too possessive. They want to spend every moment with you, they get jealous at times, and you feel a bit smothered- big reasons you usually shy away from relationships in the first place. Check yourself first and make sure that you’ve actually been contributing to your relationship before making assumptions that they’re asking for too much- maybe a conversation can give you some perspective.

Cancer: They’re making feel silly for caring so much.

You love people loudly and unashamedly- and while some people appreciate that kind of attention, others don’t work the same way. You don’t mind to lavish your affection on your partner, but you at least want them to appreciate it. You’re rethinking your relationship because lately, your partner has been poking fun at how over the top you are with the way you express your adoration- and it’s been hurting your feelings big time. You want to invest your energy in someone who understands you and appreciate what you do but take a moment to talk with them about how you’re feeling first. It’s not okay for people to make fun of you, but they also may not get how much it affects you either.


Leo: They are paying attention to everyone but you.

As a Leo, you have pretty high standards- you want someone to know how great you are, and you also want the absolute best you can find. Your confidence tends to speak for itself from the get-go, and the people you date have a hard time not focusing on you. However, it seems that lately, your partner is paying attention to everyone else but you- and while you don’t expect to be the only person in their life, you won’t be ignored either. Before you break things off, figure out if this is a temporarily busy season in their life where they need to focus their attention elsewhere, or if they’ve lost interest altogether.

Virgo: They aren’t being patient with you.

You are a very deliberate partner, and you like to take your time opening up to people. You can be a bit skeptical and want to ensure that the person you’re with can be trusted and is in it for the long haul. However, your partner has been putting some severe pressure on you to fast track things, and that’s just not what you do. You can’t feel comfortable in a relationship where someone can’t be patient with you, and it’s got you having second thoughts. Before you cut them off, take some time to assess yourself and whether or not you’re dragging your feet out of fear, or if there indeed are some red flags you need to address. While your partner should be patient, you’re the only one who knows what your reasons are for taking things slowly.

Libra: You’re both always fighting.

You are an excitable and understanding partner, and you strive to make your relationship as happy and balanced as you can. Contrary to popular belief, though, you aren’t afraid to argue with your partner if the situation calls for it. You fight for what matters to you, and if you’re really invested in someone, you’ll have the tough conversations. Yet lately, it seems that all your partner wants to do is fight with you. They nitpick every small detail, take everything personally, and make you feel you must be on the defense constantly- and it’s exhausting. You’re starting to wonder if it’s worth all this effort. Before you walk away, find out if this is a temporary situation where they’re having a stressful/rough time, and talk to them about it. A conversation about what’s going on could shed some light on things before you decide to end it.


Scorpio: You think they are manipulating you emotionally.

Let’s face facts, Scorpio: you have a hard time trusting people. That doesn’t mean you don’t fall in love, and it doesn’t mean you don’t end up in relationships. When you finally commit to a person, you go all in to make things work. However, lately, it feels like your partner is trying to take advantage of your usually reserved emotions, and you’re not having it. You have a hard time opening up to people, so the idea of someone you’re crazy about manipulating you in that way is your worst nightmare. Before you cut them off, take a second and make sure this isn’t your fear of vulnerability talking- they could be taking advantage of you, but you know you also have a preconceived worry that everyone will take advantage of you.

Sagittarius: They are always complaining.

You know that you would prefer to keep things in your life lighthearted, and that includes your relationships. You enjoy the beginnings of relationships where things are easy, fun, and not much pressure. You know that relationships do require work, and you’re more than capable of investing yourself in a person, but you still prefer the majority of your time together to be upbeat and positive. Recently though, it seems your significant other is always complaining about everything, and it’s starting to eat at you. While you understand things going wrong and needing to vent, it seems your partner views everything negatively and rains on your parade regardless of the situation. You’re starting to wonder if the relationship is even worth all the negative energy- but before you take off, check-in with them and see if this is just the result of some sort of stress or frustration they haven’t told you about. Perhaps they’re holding something in, and maybe talking it out can help.

Capricorn: You don’t feel respected.

You value a few things in life- success, hard work, dependability. Yet respect is likely the top thing that you take into account when you’re interacting with other people, and that factors into your romantic relationships as well. You can’t fully lay down a foundation of trust or show affection to someone unless you respect them, and in turn, they respect you. Yet as your relationship has progressed, it seems as if your partner doesn’t respect you anymore- they seem to overlook your needs and take you for granted. While you understand mistakes, the consistency of this pattern is unsettling to you, and you’re starting to have second thoughts on investing any more of your time into them. Before you come to a decision, take a second and reflect on whether they’re actually disrespecting you or if they just aren’t respecting you the way you want- a conversation with them could give you some insight and bring your concerns to their attention.


Aquarius: You think they’re incredibly dull.

It’s no secret Aquarius- you’re a bit on the weird side. From your interests, your ways of seeing the world, and your views on pretty much everything, you have a mind that’s somewhat different from most people you come into contact with- and it’s what people love about you. While it can take a particular type of person to catch your eye, you aren’t totally opposed to a relationship as long as the person isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and see things from a new point of view. However, lately, it seems that every conversation with your partner is lacking. You don’t feel they stimulate you enough, and they don’t really enjoy doing things you like- and you’re starting to feel bored. Before you write them off as basic, take a second and make sure you’re not just making an excuse to run- maybe this person doesn’t do things as “weird” as you, but that doesn’t make them boring. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Pisces: They mock you for being too emotional.

You certainly are in tune with your emotions, and it doesn’t take long for people to notice. You feel everything very intensely and aren’t afraid to express it- and you don’t change that when you enter a relationship. Most people appreciate your affectionate and expressive nature, and you bring a lot to the table in that area. However, lately, it seems that your partner keeps calling to attention your sensitivity, and they make fun of you for it. They tell you to take it easy and learn how to take a joke- and while you are okay with this every now and then, it’s starting to make you feel inadequate. You’re having second thoughts on whether you can be with someone who mocks you and make you feel silly. Before you end things for good, have a conversation with them on how it makes you feel when they do that to you- perhaps bringing this to their attention can get them to reassess their actions if they know how much it means to you.


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