This Is How To Love Yourself When Nobody Else Does

When you feel like no one loves you, it can drastically drain your self-confidence. It can make you feel ugly and unwanted. It can convince you the way you’re feeling right now is the way you’re going to be feeling forever. It can make you wonder whether you’ll be alone for the rest of your life, whether you’ll ever find someone who accepts you for you.

But you have to remember, your self-worth has absolutely nothing to do with your relationship status. The way you look at yourself in the mirror shouldn’t change based on whether or not someone else called you pretty that day. The amount of self-worth you have shouldn’t fluctuate, based on other people’s opinions of you. You need to form your own opinion. You need to start telling yourself you’re worthwhile. You’re beautiful. You’re strong. You’re special.


Anyone would be lucky to call you their girlfriend — but you don’t need to call someone your boyfriend in order to be happy. You can find happiness on your own. You can find meaning on your own. You can find tranquility on your own.

You can love yourself by stepping away from the notion that you need a relationship to feel fulfilled. By understanding that your single status doesn’t mean it’s impossible to fall for you. It only means you haven’t found the right match.

You can love yourself by spending more time with yourself. By pampering yourself. By putting effort into your relationship with yourself. By treating yourself with kindness instead of treating yourself like a punching bag.

You can love yourself by giving yourself as much kindness as you give to the rest of the world. By being a friend to yourself. By practicing self-acceptance and self-respect.

You can love yourself by recognizing your strengths instead of dwelling on your weaknesses. By giving yourself more credit. By counting up the things you’ve accomplished. By giving yourself a pat on the back. By celebrating your little victories.

On the days when you feel down because it seems like nobody loves you and nobody cares, remind yourself the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. You need to stop pouring all of your energy into searching for someone who is going to love you unconditionally and slowly learn how to love yourself unconditionally.


Even though it can feel like the end of the world when it’s late at night and you’re all alone, your value isn’t tethered to a relationship. It doesn’t change, depending on whether someone is sleeping next to you or whether you’re single at the moment.

If you suddenly entered a relationship tomorrow, you would have as much value as you have today. Your worth isn’t changing along with your relationship status and you need to open your eyes wide enough to see that.

You shouldn’t have an easier time loving yourself when somebody else does. You should love yourself, despite what the rest of the world thinks. You should love yourself, even when it feels like nobody else loves you.


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