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This Is How Each Moon Phase Of The Zodiac Will Impact Your Life


Magical and filled with new energy. This moon re-energizes us for the new cycle; it allows us to go after what we want, believe in our dreams and fight for what we believe in. Loving ourselves is a great theme and wherever the Moon graces our Houses, we will feel the pioneering spirit rekindled within ourselves and empowering us to take on new challenges.


This Moon is enchanted and harmonizing. Here we can feel the calm after the storm, a time to rest and take in what makes us feel amazing. Taurus ignites our senses and inspires us to set our intentions. Those wishes we wish towards the sky are synonymous with the power of this Venus-ruled Moon. Our dreams take flight in Taurus and depending on where it is transiting, you will see it manifest.



The visionary of the Moon signs. Here our thoughts take on form and life. Gemini weaves our intentions and puts it on a higher plane. Our minds do the work, thanks to Mercury. We will be granted many ideas that can overwhelm us. There might be many rough drafts, but there will be plans in motion. Gemini Moon transits allow us to believe and not be afraid of what we communicate (even if we might regret it afterward). Trust yourself and allow your mind to travel the distances that are beyond this world.


Loving and nurturing Cancer wields the power to help us recover through the emotional turmoil inside of us. This Eclipse will light up our Houses ruled by Cancer and empower us to make the changes needed for the next 6 months. When the Moon is here, we are able to find our hidden strength and power. Trusting ourselves is key here as well as protecting our hearts. If our shells are broken, we grow a new carapace. For those who already feel powerful, they help others find their light.

For centuries, the mountain has been used as a metaphor for the big challenges we face, especially ones that seem impossible to overcome. To scale our mountains, we actually have to do the deep internal work of excavating trauma, building resilience, and adjusting how we show up for the climb. In the end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves.


A spiritual awakening for the ego. Aries ignites our sense of self and Leo empowers us to believe in who we are. We can believe in us when the Moon is here, we have the confidence to keep going and we feel adored by those we love. Confidence is important in order to achieve and Leo reminds us that without self-love, we cannot move forward. There is also an appreciation of friends and community. Our hearts grow larger and we have the power to bring a smile to everyone.



Diligence and patience take on an important role when the Virgo Moon graces our Houses. The natives will feel that dosage of Mercury’s nervous energy and revitalize any projects that have been thrown into the wind. This is the time to take on the goals we have and bring them to life. Virgo gives us the blueprint and builds the foundation. Virgo tells us the game plan. Virgo tells us we can achieve.



Our vanity levels might be on the rise when the Moon is in Libra. Self Love will be achieved in this House of Partnerships. Not everyone will be exclusively focused on building a relationship, but we will learn about loving ourselves a bit more with pampering. Here we also perfect our diplomacy skills and resolve conflicts that may have hindered us. We will feel revamped, with a new sense of confidence that will help us through this Venus-ruled cycle.


Mysterious Scorpio makes us all introspective when the Moon is transiting. We become detectives and seek some answers to questions that have been troubling us. Here we will find the strength needed to take on challenges and here we also find ways to transform and overcome. Depending on the House, we will all see old habits end and a more positive outlook starting to bloom.



The free spirits arise here and fear is squashed temporarily when this Moon is transiting. Sagittarius takes orders from no one and they go after what they want. Social gatherings take on a greater importance as well as traveling. We might be inspired to be more studious (if only temporarily) as we analyze and deconstruct arguments and rewrite new theories to be discussed. After the hard work has been done, the natives (and the rest of us) will reward ourselves with celebrations.


Capricorn wants order and productivity but also seeks a good time. People might have a misconception of the sea goat, they want to experience the delightfulness of life. When the Moon is transiting in a House ruled by Capricorn, we will be more focused on accomplishing our intentions, reaching our dreams and setting new and more demanding goals. There is no fear because challenges fuel and drive us to become better.



An explosive force filled with new ideas and different schools of thought. The Moon here seeks amicable relationships and entertainment. Things that are out of this world can fascinate us during this period, especially the native. Aquarius seeks the unknown and wants to be revered for being different. When the Moon is in this House, we will feel empowered to embrace changes that are ahead.


The Moon in Pisces heals and allows us to transcend spiritually. When the Moon travels through all of our Houses and makes its way back to Pisces, we see the ends and the new beginnings. We expand our love to the world, even if we do not focus on ourselves. Some might resort to praying, others to helping those in need and there could be others traveling through a quest for self-discovery.


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