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The Spiritual Mantra That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Right Now

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“I will learn to let go of control, and move into a mental space where the unknown can take over.”

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“I will give myself permission to feel the feelings that I have been suppressing. In doing so, I will find renewed clarity, and peace.”

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“I will take a leap forward, and know that regardless of the result, I can find goodness in wherever I land. I won’t be afraid of things not going according to plan.”

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“I will open my mind to other possibilities that I haven’t discovered. I will be willing to dive into questions that scare me, and search out for answers that change my ideas.”

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“I will humbly release all of the energy I am putting towards myself, and find a way to devote it to the greater good. I will think more about my bigger role in the world.”

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“I will find quiet time, and space to fully experience the things that are on my mind. I will try to connect with my inner thoughts in a more personal, and trusting way.”

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“I will learn to trust my journey if it is something that I do not understand. I will trust that the people who are meant to be in my life will stay, and the rest can go.”

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“I will stop holding onto all of the things that are causing me pain. I will release judgment and stop resisting clarity. In doing this, I will clear my mind of the past. ”

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“I will learn to grow when I am confronted with challenges. I will not retreat, but will be brave, and know that my voice matters.”

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“I will come home to myself each and every day. I will give my heart room to breathe, and my feelings space. I will think of myself, and adhere to my needs.”

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“I will move on from the feelings, events, and places that are still holding me back. I will release tension, and find full support.”

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“I will finally create the future I have been envisioning. I will let go of the idea of the person I always thought I should be, and step into the one that I really am.”

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