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The Secret Of Happiness From Astrological Perspective

The Sun is the Secret of Sanity and the Moon is the Secret of Happiness. Like most insights that will fit on a greeting card, it is an oversimplification, of course. Sanity and happiness are closely related and hard to pry apart.

Listening to the Moon—which is to say, heeding our hearts—is what keeps life feeling soulful and worth living. And let’s remind ourselves that the Moon has absolutely no affinity for the logic of the three- dimensional world. This is why materialist astrologers might call it “irrational.”The actual reality, as we saw earlier, is that the Moon does make perfect sense—but only from the perspective of the laws that govern the inner world.

Still, to listen well to the Moon, we must temporarily suspend our culturally-supported focus on outward reason. In practice, this often means temporarily ignoring a familiar list of soul-eating devils: practicality, limits, productivity, realism, consequences, deadlines, efficiency, maturity, responsibility, and common sense. See? You feel happier already, just reading that sentence. A soul is standing on the end of the cosmic diving board, about to incarnate.

Her Guardian Angel has already explained the challenges of the life ahead. The Angel offers one final tip. “Sometimes you will surely feel exhausted and defeated, just ready to give up. When that happens, here’s what to do: Go play eighteen holes of golf.”Seeing her unbelieving look, the Angel adds, “Trust me.”To cure existential nausea, we are supposed to chase a little white ball with a stick around a grassy field at great expense? “A good walk spoiled,”as Mark Twain put it? This is obviously total nonsense—except that it actually works for some people.

Lots of men and women enjoy playing golf and find that it resuscitates their spirits after a hard week at work. Is this rational behavior? Of course not. But again we do not expect “reason,”as we conventionally define it, from the Moon. In the golfing example, we might be looking at a woman with a competitive Aries Moon in her fifth house (fun and games).

Playing golf is not the only possible manifestation of that astrological configuration, but it provides a good example. From a logical perspective, golf is an irrational waste of time—and yet the game enhances her happiness. Her Moon says “To recharge my emotional batteries, I would like to do something competitive, intense, and fun.”If she listens, she will feel better.

A man has the Moon in Virgo conjunct Saturn in the sixth house. That suggests a serious mood and a person who takes pleasure in meticulous order. Perhaps we are contemplating someone who enjoys stamp-collecting or very precise handwork, such as weaving or stitching beads. He puts a few hours into such a project and he feels happier.

To benefit from this secret of happiness, to attune truly to the Moon, we need to stop thinking. We need to feel. We must cultivate the fine art of recognizing and succumbing to . . . whimsy.

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