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The Last Thing Your Girlfriend Wants For Christmas, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Your girlfriend is going to love anything you put thought into — but these gifts aren’t all that personal.


A gift card for a clothing store.

She would rather receive tickets to a concert or movie or spa — some sort of experience you can enjoy together.


One of those pre-made gift baskets with soaps and loofas.

She would rather have you put together a basket of items she actually likes to show you’ve put time and effort into her gift.



Lingerie that benefits you more than her.

She would rather get something warm and cozy that she can wear in the winter weather.


Exercise equipment that’s going to make her feel self-conscious about her weight.

She would rather have a subscription box for beauty or makeup products.



She would rather have you take her out for a nice dinner and spend the money there.


A pre-assembled mug with a bag of coffee she doesn’t even like stuffed inside.

She would rather have a bottle of her favorite wine with a personalized mug that has a picture of the both of you on it.


A seasonal item that she won’t be able to use now that the holidays are over.

She would rather have a pair of pajamas that she can use the whole year (maybe even a pair that matches yours!).



A self-help book.

She would rather get a signed book by her favorite author (which they sell at Barnes and Noble).


A scented candle.

She would rather have a new bottle of perfume or a makeup palette.



A bouquet of flowers that are going to die in a week.

She would rather have you buy a knickknack referencing her favorite movie or a show you always watch together.


A standard card without any personalized message inside.

She would rather receive a book of poetry — or something sweet you’ve written yourself.


A common piece of jewelry that you could find anywhere.

She would rather get a necklace with a message from you engraved on it or with her birthstone.


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