The Goosebumps Of Your Gaze

No one can deny what’s in a gaze that gives you goosebumps. Your lips married her today, but behold the day our eyes must meet again

You allowed this one to play your heart so swiftly. You must know your soul still speaks to me

We both know we travel with sacred pieces still untouched, masterpieces once tucked away because of feelings we weren’t prepared to bear

Souls gone nomadic, craving home, apparent by the goosebumps of your gaze

And by this, I know my name sent chills down her spine

But who are we to blame this time? Has it really ever been anyone’s fault? This time, darling, you’ve wandered far

This time, I don’t intend to dismantle a fort where you seek refuge because my lies deprived you—perhaps my karma

This time, I don’t intend to untie the knot you got yourself into—perhaps your karma

Still, I can’t help but wonder how your bride will feel when she sees me

Without knowing my name, a chill down her spine will tell her who I am. The same chill she felt when you spoke to her of me

But I will not gloat about such misfortune. I’ll likely resort to pure pity from the pale tone of her face matching her bridal dress

Pity because she holds hostage a man without a soul, sadly to be awakened to this reality by the startling chill down her spine

Proceeding by her encounter of your soul within me, exposed by the undeniable goosebumps of your gaze

I, a complete stranger to her, will feel eerily familiar from the pieces of me left within you—the exact pieces to the cryptic puzzle she can’t complete

All of which should transpire in 60 seconds, without anyone chanting a word

Almost two decades reenacting similar scenes with the common denominator of one of us never arriving alone

Though you’ve gone over the edge this time, strangely, I feel you closer than I’ve felt you before we parted

The voices say I’m in denial, but they too know us

My heart had its last rendezvous less than a year ago, exhausted from the mediocre

Aren’t you? But I’ll only write the question, as I refuse to ask you because I did wander longer after all

Recently, I’ve sat in pain—often numb—dismissing thoughts

Pain that has evolved into discomfort. Discomfort that’s becoming sovereign peace

Take these feelings as your roadmap. I warn you; no shortcuts, no trees

But when you get there, we’ll stay home


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