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The Good Things About A Sagittarius-Virgo Pair

Imagine a pair like this. Imagine how much love is given and received. Imagine the differences, the similarities, the way they work together.

If you know a Sagittarius or a Virgo, you know how different they really are. 

Both Virgos and Sagittarius’ are flexible signs. They are both aware of their blatantly different lifestyles and interests, but still want to work on fitting together anyway. You have an Earth sign (Virgo) and a fire sign (Sagittarius) and it’s truly intense. If both signs are willing to adapt (and they usually are!) to the other, then it works.


If you know a Sagittarius or a Virgo, you know how thoughtful they are. 

A Virgo just wants to take care of you. They will put your needs first and offer so much of themselves to their partner. When their partner is happy and comfortable, then they’re happy and comfortable too.

A Sagittarius is just as thoughtful. They will constantly give people the benefit of the doubt. They will work to make others laugh or smile and make sure that they’re feeling good. Just like a Virgo, they want to take care of you.

If you know a Sagittarius or a Virgo, you know how hard they love and how great their love is. 

A Virgo feels a lot of emotions, especially when it comes to a relationship. They are very sensitive and empathetic. Sure, sometimes it can be overwhelming to be a Virgo or to know a Virgo. But in a relationship, especially with a Sagittarius, it can be a good thing.

A Sagittarius is very passionate and optimistic in love. All in all, they have a big heart. They will shower you with affection. Sometimes it can be super intense (hello fire sign!) but a Virgo will like this because it feels reassuring. I mean, a Sagittarius is very loyal and confident in the way they move. That’s why this is such a great pair.


If you know a Sagittarius or a Virgo, you know how they are as lovers. 

While they’re both passionate and thoughtful, they’re also both unwilling to jump into a relationship with one another. A Sag and a Virgo as lovers? Ehhhh.

To get a Virgo and a Sagittarius to commit to one another is a bit challenging. We have two hot messes: an anxious Virgo who worries about doing something wrong in the relationship, and an outgoing Sagittarius who craves adventure and spontaneity. A Virgo will be hesitant to make moves out of self-doubt and fear, while a Sagittarius will refuse to settle down at all because of their outgoing personality.

But when a Virgo and a Sagittarius actually make it work–and since they’re super flexible people who are willing to adapt to another’s lifestyle–it’s a strong pair. It’s an odd pair, too. Unexpected, even.

When I think about who I am as a Virgo and what I want from a potential partner, a Sagittarius does not come to mind, honestly.When I do think about it though, all I can focus on is the good.

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