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The Astrological Reason We’re On The Verge Of A Suicide Epidemic

June is a month that will be characterized by resolution and rebirth – but the upcoming transits have the potential to open the floodgates to your deepest illusions and fears.

June is a month in which many cycles will reach their natural end. Old patterns are leaving, and we are on the verge of being in a completely new energetic world. In the same way that people’s subtle energies are impacted by moon transits (more people end up in the emergency room on full moon nights than any others) other, stronger transits have the potential to influence pre-existing thoughts and emotions.

Transits create energy impressions that catalyze pre-existing thoughts, feelings and actions. That’s why you’ll see deaths happening in patterns – like the celebrities that have passed just this week. This also happens in other areas of life: you see a pattern of abusive men being “outed” in the media, or a pattern of scandals that seem to be coinciding “randomly.” It’s not that astrological transits cause people to do anything, they simply intensify pre-existing thoughts and emotions, which more often motivate people to take action.


When change is in the air, you can see what you’re going to lose… but you can’t always see what you’re going to gain.

On June 7, we experienced the Rose Moon, otherwise known as the Strawberry or Honey moon. It represents a time of reaping harvest, closing out old relationships and patterns, and seeing things through to their natural end. This means it can accompany periods of change, loss and other uncertainties. On top of that, on June 18, Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is known as the planet of dreams, psychic abilities, illusion and confusion. Pisces is the planet that rules strong emotions in the first place, which can create a series of transits that will bring up your deepest, darkest feelings.

As a whole, 2018 is a time for ascension. Where as 2017 and even 2016 was a time to rectify old issues, clear out the past and start moving on, 2018 will present a series of experiences in your life in which you will confront your darkest demons, and have the ability to finally transform your life. Though it is an important time, that does not mean it is necessarily an easy time.

This is what you need to keep in mind when a difficult transit or month is approaching:

  1. Whatever is coming up during this time is probably not a new issue, but an ongoing one that needs to be resolved.
  2. Embracing how you feel and accepting it is the first step to healing it.
  3. You can ask for help if you need it.
  4. Sometimes, your feelings can strengthen but it doesn’t mean you need to take radical action in your life. Sometimes, during difficult astrological periods, the best thing to do is lay low, stay relaxed, and not change anything until the time has passed.


When emotions intensify, reach out to a support system and engage in your most useful self-care rituals to keep you feeling grounded and safe. Don’t apologize for prioritizing your mental health and wellness.

In the coming months, the feeling of having “arrived” is going to be a big theme. People are going to be looking around at their lives and realizing that they have finally achieved what they dreamed of for so long… but are they happy? Was it worth it? Are they who they really want to be at this point in time? This is what’s tricky about June and the months that follow: it’s not that everything is going to hell, it’s that everything will finally be going so well that it can actually trigger a whole new canon of fears, like unworthiness or a lack of safety.

Suicide is never the answer. Try to have compassion with yourself and the people you know as we all go through the process of becoming aware and healing old pain patterns.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, you can reach out to the following resources:

Crisis Text Line: Text START to 741741 from anywhere in the USA, at any time, about any type of crisis

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

The Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386


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