The 5 Things about Her You will miss The Most When She Has Enough

You had a daughter who loved you more than herself. A girl who was ready to move mountains for you and a girl who was always fighting for you.

You had a daughter like there are few. A unique and special girl who loved you with all her heart.

But you did not know how to see it. You have not seen all the suffering you inflicted on him.

You have not seen that she received nothing from you and that you never gave her the love or recognition that she deserved.

You have not seen the countless second chances it gave you and the sacrifices it made for your couple.

You have not seen that she patiently waited for you to change and that she clung to you as hard as possible.

But she ended up abandoning you. Eventually she realized her worth and understood that you will never become the man she needed.

She understood that you would always remain the same draw and she had had enough.

So she left you, even though by doing so, she broke her own heart. But she was strong enough not to look back.

The truth of the matter is that all this time, you pretended that you didn’t feel his presence. But I promise you one thing – you will feel his absence.

Because one of these days you will wake up and suddenly you will understand what you have lost.

You will understand that letting go of this special woman was the biggest mistake of your life.

Suddenly, everything about this girl will start to miss you.

1. His way of seeing beyond your imperfections

She was the only one to see beyond your faults, even if she was well aware of each of them.

The only person in this world who loved you, not because of your imperfections, but thanks to them.

She was the only one who did not judge you and always found justification for your actions, even if she was the one you mistreated.

The one trying to fix you when everyone had left you and the one who was doing their best to save you, even if you didn’t want to be saved.

It was the girl who saw the good in you. Who saw everything you could have been and who wanted to believe that love could change you.

But unfortunately, it did not happen that way. Unfortunately, you remained the same idiot that you had always been, despite all of his efforts.

2.His way of always understanding yourself

Whether you admit it or not, this girl was the only person in this world who really understood you.

The only one who can read your soul and the only one who understands your thoughts and feelings. The only one who had the power to motivate and stimulate you.

But on top of that, this girl was the only person you could be in front of yourself.

The one to whom you could reveal your vulnerabilities, without fear of being ridiculed or used.

You never had to pretend to be that badass with her, because you knew she would understand all of your fears and anxieties.

3.His way of making you his priority

Do you remember that this girl always put you first, when you only treated her as a second choice … As she took care of you and cared for your needs?

Do you remember your selfishness when it put your well-being above everything else?

That she just wanted you to be happy and that she was ready to do anything to make you smile?

Do you remember all the sacrifices she made for your good and all the efforts invested for your couple?

Yes, I’m sure these are things you will never forget, even if you wanted to with all your might.

But these things are all gone, along with that girl.

4. His way of always being there for you

Whenever you feel alone in the world, you will think about dialing that girl’s number – I can promise you that.

You will tell yourself that it would be nice to just hold your hand and hear him tell you that everything will be fine.

You’ll want someone to lean on and someone who will never leave you, just like her.

And this is where you will understand that this girl was the only person in this world who never let you down.

The only one to be present during the darkest hours and the only one to always stand by your side, even when you were at the lowest.

You will remember all those times when she picked you up with the teaspoon, all those times when she pulled you up and all the times when she was the only light in your darkness.

And that’s where you will realize that you will never find someone like her, because she was truly unique.

5. His way of loving you like no one else.

There are many things you miss about this girl, but it is especially her way of loving you unconditionally that you miss, without ever demanding anything in return.

And what have you done with all this love? You took it for granted, rather than pampering it.

The truth is, you only saw the value of this girl’s love once you lost it.

You thought that all women would treat you like this and that you would find some like her, on every street corner.

But that’s where you got it wrong. You will understand it once you try to find it in all the women you meet …

And once you start to experience the pain that was hers for years.

But then it will be too late for you to do anything.

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