The 10 Basic Qualities Every Woman Looks For In A Partner

What do women want? There have been books, movies, and endless studies on the subject, yet the answer still remains somewhat of a mystery.

As women, we understand why our wants, needs, and desires may be a little confusing sometimes. Not only do we get the occasional bout of hormone-overload, but misconceptions about modern-day feminism are making chivalry seem outdated and unwanted. But is this actually the case?

All women are unique. Not all of us want the same thing, but there are certainly some basic qualities women would love to find in a romantic partner.

Don’t feel lost about what women want, get educated. We’re here to clear up any misconceptions by telling you exactly what women want in a happy married life.

1. Someone Who Can Be A Playmate

Having fun is essential to a happy married life. As much as women enjoy romance, they also want a partner who they can kick back and have fun with. Studies show that couples who view each other as best friends are happier and more satisfied in their marriage.

Relationship advice for women: If your partner doesn’t know how to have fun with you, teach them how. Set up fun, bonding date nights where you can connect on a friendship level instead of a romantic one.

2. Someone Who Compliments Her

Words of affirmation are listed as one of the Five Love Languages for a reason. Women (and men) enjoy being complimented by their partner. Not only are they a delightful boost to the ego, but it also reminds partners that they are loved and appreciated by their spouse.

In fact, studies show that expressions of gratitude in relationships were one of the highest predictors of relationship satisfaction.

3. Someone Who Initiates Foreplay

Men and women have very different s*xual needs, and we aren’t talking about libidos. While research indicates that men only need around two to 10 minutes to orgasm, women need double that. By adding sensual foreplay into your s*x life, you’ll be ensuring your girl crosses the finish line without any problem.

4. Someone Who’s Secure

Women want to feel safe with their partners, emotionally and physically.

Financial security, while not essential for a happy married life, helps couples feel more stable in the relationship. With a balanced view of budgeting, spending, and saving, couples won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck or let financial worries burden their marriage.

5. Someone Who Isn’t Attached To Their Phone

When we are in a relationship with someone we really like, we want their undivided attention. Not always, but definitely sometimes, especially if we’re on a date.

Disturbing research shows that 1 in 10 couples will check their phones during s*x. For the record, s*x is not the time when you should be catching up on social media.

Women appreciate a partner who gives her their undivided attention.

6. Someone She Can Trust

Trust is the backbone of any good relationship. Partners need to be able to have faith that their spouse won’t share their secrets, speak disrespectfully about them, betray their trust, or cheat on them.

Fidelity is incredibly important in maintaining trust. A woman wants a partner who only has eyes for her and honors their vows to stay faithful to one another.

7. Someone Romantic

Who doesn’t love a little romance every so often? Yes, it’s cliché, but we like to be spoiled now and then by our spouse.

Bring home flowers (“just because”, not just because we just had a fight).

Dance with her

Send her a love text or write her a romantic letter

Put on her favorite music

Light candles in the bedroom

Be a gentleman (open doors, be well-mannered and courteous)

Plan surprise outings

Women don’t need their partner to jump through hoops to have a happy married life. But turning up the romance reminds her that you’re madly in love with her. It makes her feel special and secure in the relationship.

8. Someone Who Spends Time With Her

Women love spending quality time with their partners. Planning a weekly date night is a great way to reconnect on an emotional and physical level after a long week.

Studies show that couples who have a regular date night boost relationship intimacy, satisfaction and libidos while preventing relationship boredom. That is what we call a win/win.

9. Someone Who Can Laugh With Her

Laughing is good for your physical health and the health of a romantic relationship. This study shows that out of 20,934 research participants, those who rarely laughed were 1.21% more likely to develop heart disease.

Further studies revealed that couples who laugh together were more likely to stay together than those who didn’t share a sense of humor.

Women want a partner who can make them laugh. This is proven to make couples feel more satisfied and supported in their relationships. And besides, it’s fun!

10. Someone Who Helps With The Little Things

Women love a thoughtful partner. Making her happy doesn’t have to cost a thing, so long as you are a kind and considerate spouse. Any little thing you can do to make her day that much easier is going to earn you major respect in her books.

Some examples of everyday little things she will appreciate your help with are:

Make her tea in the morning

Order or cook dinner

Do the dishes

Help the kids get ready for school

Do the laundry

Pick up around the house

Helping her day go a little bit smoother is going to have her heart bursting with love and appreciation. Oh, and here’s a little relationship advice for women: If you want something done, don’t wait for your spouse to read your mind. Ask for it.

Achieving a happy married life isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be. All we want is someone who enjoys spending quality time together, who loves a passionate s*x life, and wants to build up emotional intimacy and understanding. Flowers don’t hurt every once in a while, either.


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