Some People Are Meant To Be A ‘What If’ And That’s Okay

Sometimes we meet people we connect with in a way you cannot explain, not even to yourself. There’s a never ending fire between the two of you. You tend to grow such a strong feeling when you connect emotionally with someone. Sometimes this feeling lasts and sometimes it doesn’t.

You love so fiercely that there is no going back. Is there such a thing as a soulmate? If so, do you always end up with your soulmate? People oftentimes have a “what if.” If you find yourself in a “what if” situation, learn to let that be your lost love and be okay with it. That person prepared you for what’s next. They will help you find your future healing hands. We all generally have that one person whom we’ve learned from the most. In life, we’ve all stumbled upon the most magical feeling someone else could give you. You fall hard. Oftentimes that is not who you end up with, and that’s okay because you learn to love differently.


Has your soul ever connected to someone else’s so deeply that they are the ones you compare others to? We’ve all experienced that. One day, at some point in time, you will come across someone who will steal your heart, and you will let them. Sometimes you may never get it back, but you have the choice to move forward fully knowing you won’t get back what you gave and learn to be okay with that.

The person who became your “what if” will always be exactly that. You will always wonder if you made the right decision by moving on and letting go. You have to be okay with knowing that your heart may never heal from that, but you will find strength in letting go of someone who wasn’t meant to be yours, because you will find someone who is yours. That person will think the world of you, and you will be truly happy.

Your “what if” is someone who will always be special to you and only you. This person showed you your worth and what you have to offer to others that you’re truly meant to be with. You shared the time you were meant to share and learned what you needed to learn. But most importantly, you gained the knowledge of what it is that you deserve. Timing is in the essence of all things. Learn and grow from that.


Your “what if” will always be close to your heart. Though no one may ever know the feelings you have, they will always have that special place, and that’s okay.

You force yourself to let go of someone you never wanted to let go of, and you choose to move forward without them. You take what you learned from your “what if” and live by it. In your life, you will find that someone who will love you with a yearning fire, and you will feel deserving of it. They will make you want to be a better person and give you hope that you’ll find love again.  That new person will give you that love you have been looking for your whole life.

If you have the chance to share your life with the person who makes you whole, hold on tight and never let go. If you have that one person who will forever be your “what if”, well, that’s unfortunate, but thank them for the lessons they gave you and remember this: Your “what if” touched your heart, and you will always cherish the moments you had together. Though you may not get the opportunity to share your love forever, at least you had a moment in time. Let your “what if” be your lost love and continue on with your journey. You got this.


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