Shallow Individuals Lack Deepness – 15 Indicators You Swim in the Shallow End

There is nothing worse than a shallow person. When I lost my husband, I started listening. I mean truly listening for the first time to what people bitch and complain about. Don’t get me wrong, I complain about the most superficial and silly things that there is on earth. But shallow people just don’t get it in general.

We all have times when we think that something is a huge deal when it is a fraction of what the least stressed person in life is going through, but shallow people don’t get it. They don’t get that they have it all, and all they do is bitch about what they don’t have.

What is shallow, and how can you tell if you’re a shallow person?

What is shallow? Well, I suppose it is people that don’t have any depth. They have an absence of feeling, social awareness, and no empathy. So wrapped up in their own self-imposed drama, they don’t see what is right in front of their face—the rest of the world. In a shallow person’s world, there is only one person who exists. Yet, there are different levels of shallow and it could be that someone is shallow some of the time, and not all of it.

Nobody wants to think about their shortcomings, but we all have them. You may be someone who just has a very slight amount of the shallow about them. Or, you could be someone who is very shallow but doesn’t see it. Now, I’m not suggesting that you’re a shallow person per se, but it doesn’t hurt to know what to look for, so you can rectify any problems before they arise.

15 Trademarks of shallow people

The only person who doesn’t recognize when someone is shallow is the person who is shallow. So, heads up, here are the signs you are a shallow person and don’t even know it.

1. You complain about people not doing what they say they’re going to do, even if they have a very good reason

If you don’t care about the reason why things inconvenience you but only that they do, then you are probably shallow. It helps to take a step back and consider other people might have a life too. Sometimes things are more important than your ass.

2. You are annoyed when someone has a problem that messes up your day

If your day is the only thing that matters, guess what, it isn’t your day.

God didn’t create the world around you, and things don’t happen with your consideration in check. Maybe you ought to check yourself when annoyed because someone’s misfortune or hectic schedule isn’t convenient for you.

3. Nothing is ever your fault

People are just way too sensitive. If you think what you said was taken wrong or someone is way too sensitive, think again. Shallow people think they only affect themselves.

News flash, if you haven’t heard of the butterfly effect either watch “13 reasons” or get a clue. What you do hurts and affects others, so grow the hell up.

You judge people by what they do, what they wear, or how they talk

Hey Valley Girl (yes, 80s reference), people have more to offer than the amount they spend trying to cover their shitty insides by making their outsides shine.

How about you stop judging people by what they choose, or better yet, what they can afford, and think a little more about what they add to the scheme of life. The clothes they wear are gone in a season, the imprint you make in life lasts for eternity.

5. You never have an opinion about anything, which makes you think you’re morally superior

Never taking a side doesn’t make you nonjudgmental, it just makes you a coward. It is okay to be confrontational and stand up for what you believe in. After all, if you don’t ever stand up for anything or have any convictions, what do you have?

Never taking a side doesn’t make you morally superior, it means you don’t have the courage to say what you think and stand behind it.

6. The light is on, but no-one is home

Yep, shallow people pretend to be all in, but they really never give anything of themselves at all. A blank slate is a blank slate, especially if it has no interest in being impressed upon.

7. Anything real makes you uncomfortable

It isn’t that you need to be all in every deep conversation, but if you can’t ever join in anything that isn’t surface, guess what? That makes you one of the shallow people.

8. So, you vacate the moment anything become serious

For God’s sakes, stop dodging life and take part. It really isn’t bad to be real and serious. I get the whole don’t dive in the shallow end, but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to go to the deep end with the rest of us.

9. Not only is “sorry, I can’t” one of your go-to terms, but it dominates your response to anything that doesn’t benefit you

It isn’t that people who have depth are “yes, men” it is just that if you are someone who cares about someone more than just you, then helping others when they need it is just a part of your humanity.

If you can’t ever pitch in, roll up your sleeves, or give your time to something that might not benefit you, then you should consider the possibility that you are someone people call shallow people.

10. You have several plans for the night and pick the best one, leaving everyone else in the lurch

I know, I get it. There are always better plans right after you make some. But, that is a part of life and also a part of the ebb and flow.

To have good friends, you have to be a good friend. If you want to be shallow and always do what’s best for you, good luck. You won’t ever find true in anyone else either.

11. Whenever there is a problem you are busy and can’t be bothered

If something doesn’t touch you, it doesn’t touch you. I get it, but you miss it. A shallow person just doesn’t see anything beyond themselves, so when a friend or even a family member needs your help, you’re likely to suddenly become very busy indeed.

12. You’re never going to be someone’s emergency contact, emergencies are a huge inconvenience to you

Who likes drama or emergencies *well, besides a drama queen who isn’t inconvenienced by it*.

If you can’t ever be bothered by what is going on in someone else’s world, you just might be shallow enough to think that anyone gives more shit about you. The fact is, they probably pretend, but maybe you should try pretending a little yourself.

13. Your true love is money, power, or status, no matter who it is attached to

If you are a ten attached to a two because they have money, power, or status, and treat them insignificantly while they treat you like you are the most significant human in the world, then shame on your shallow ass!

14. You’re always “busy”, like the rest of us aren’t!

Yep, can’t ever answer a text message, reply, or RSVP, you are way too busy, way more so than the rest of us… really? Nope, you are shallow and self-important.

It takes a fraction of a second to reply to someone, get the fuck real. Why are you so important? Think about how you make other people feel for once in your shallow life.

15. Your allegiance goes to the highest bidder

Friendships, relationships, whatever, it is all based on “What can you do for me?” philosophy.


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