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Ranking The Signs By Who Loves The Hardest And Leaves The Easiest

1. Pisces

Easily one of the most emotional signs, Pisces tend to fall in love easily and fall hard. You have an openness and tendency to open up your heart without reservation to the person you care for, and you have zero hesitancy about going all in with them, regardless of the risk.

2. Scorpio

It may take you a while to find someone that you are willing to fall in love with, due to your guarded nature. However, once you truly feel this way about a person, you’re hell bent to never let them go. You love passionately and fearlessly, because for someone to come in and break down your walls and cause you to fall for them? It’s something you believe deserves all the love you can give.

3. Cancer

You thrive when you’re in love, and so it’s no surprise that when you are in a relationship with someone, you will go out of your way to invest and pour all your love into it to keep it alive. You are always hopeful that each of your relationships will be the one that finally lasts, and you have no issues with doing whatever it may take to make that a reality—the person you’re with never once doubts that you love them.


4. Libra

You tend to want to make sure everyone around you is happy and that most certainly applies to the person you fall in love with. You are known for entering into relationships for the long haul, and so it doesn’t surprise anyone that between these two traits, you’ll bend over backward to show your love for your partner.

5. Taurus

You’re incredibly loyal and dependable. Those you become involved with you have no guessing games on what you want and how you feel about them. You love hard and straightforwardly in a way that your partner knows, and so does everyone else who comes into contact with you. You dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to your relationship, and because you tend to loathe change, it’s unlikely that you will leave unless there is absolutely no other option.

6. Capricorn

When it comes to love, you’re dedicated, loyal, and fully invested. Your partner tends to be surprised at how hard you love them because you give off the vibe that you aren’t really in touch with your emotions whatsoever. You aren’t one to think about leaving your partner once you’ve fallen in love with them, because you tend to become very attached, yet you also have the tendency to put your work and your goals ahead of your relationship. While this may not always be a bad thing, it becomes clear that your desire to be successful is more important than settling down with someone you love and if you think that the person might be preventing you from reaching those goals, you might find yourself walking away if it seems to be the most logical choice.


7. Virgo

You are capable of loving someone deeply, but they will have to take the time to break down your walls, brick by brick. You eventually might find yourself opening up to the person, and falling in love with them in a way that surprises yourself, which can sometimes leave you second guessing if this is a good idea in the first place. If the person isn’t meeting the expectations you’ve set, and if you allow your overwhelming thoughts to take the steering wheel, you might find yourself jumping ship on the relationship in order to keep yourself from becoming too vulnerable, and you won’t stress too much about making the choice to walk away.

8. Aquarius

You aren’t one to fall in love unless you feel deeply connected to a person on multiple levels which means that you often find yourself leaving relationships because you just didn’t feel that connection. Once you find the person who can match you in these areas, and once they break through your detached nature, there’s no doubt you will love them, but you also won’t hesitate to leave if the person encroaches on your freedom or tries to restrain you in any way.

9. Leo

You want everyone to love you, and though people may give you a bad rep for focusing on yourself, you also have such a giant heart that is full of love that you would desire nothing more than to shower on someone else. The issue seems to lie in your tendency to wonder if you’re settling because nothing worries you more than thinking you can have the best, and you chose something less. Though you will love someone hard, you also won’t have too much trouble leaving if you find yourself believing there is something/someone out there better for you.


10. Gemini

While it’s true that you have strong feelings, you know as well as any of us that you also have a hard time sticking with them. You may fall for someone passionately and intensely, then the next day question if you truly feel that way at all. You may wonder if there are other paths you should take, and with your constant shifting in how you feel and what you think, it’s not too much of a surprise that you don’t have too much difficulty walking away from a relationship

11. Aries

You see falling in love as passionate, adventurous, and exciting—and you’re right about those things. You love having someone to share in your adventures with, yet all too soon you find yourself bored by being with the same person day after day. You have too much fun meeting new people and trying new things to stick to one person, and it isn’t hard for you to justify leaving the relationship if you feel it’s become stale.

12. Sagittarius

It’s not that you don’t love intensely, Sagittarius. We know that. However, you know there is a whole world out there to see, and you want your freedom to explore it all. While having someone to love is an amazing thing, you won’t allow your feelings to keep you attached if you think it’s holding you back. The moment you start to feel stifled, you won’t hesitate to break free and not look back.

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