Online Internet Dating Sucks – 10 Reasons to Ditch Apps and Go Traditional

We all know just how hard it is to find love. Most of our adolescence and some of our adulthood is spent in search of that special someone. We’ve all fallen for someone and have been completely crushed when things didn’t work out. And now that we’ve also failed at finding love through apps, we’re forced to accept that online dating sucks, too.

Many of us have given all our faith to online dating only to be met with disappointment time and time again. And after we fail to find that special person, yet again, we end up realizing just how much online dating sucks.

Reasons you can’t find “the one”

No matter which way you choose to date, there may be certain things you’re doing wrong when it comes to attracting a life partner. You may not even realize you’re putting out certain vibes that are huge turn-offs.

Online dating sucks – here’s why you should kick it old school

Most of us can’t even remember the days when we couldn’t meet someone online. We have no idea what it was like for our parents to date and even for our grandparents to find love. If you ask them, it might be a lot easier to ditch the apps.

If you find that online dating sucks for you and you just can’t find someone, you may have to give it up and try things the old fashioned way. Here are all the reasons you should try to find your true love without the help of technology.

#1 It’s a more genuine connection. When you “meet” someone online, it’s not nearly as real as when you meet someone in person. You can’t have a genuine connection through a phone or a computer.

Which means ditching the dating apps provides a way to meet people you are truly interested in. When you see someone in person you think you may like, it’s much easier to tell if your connection is a real one versus just matching with someone online.

#2 You won’t have the hang-ups of online dating. Online dating is sometimes even more stressful than when you date in person. You have to post just the right picture and make a creative profile that tells them who you are.

The only trouble there is that you can’t show someone everything about you in one paragraph. Therefore, old-fashioned dating is much easier. You can allow your personality to shine through on its own.

#3 You can feel real chemistry. Sure, you can have a certain level of chemistry online, but it’s just not the same. There’s more to attraction than just being able to hold a conversation. However, you don’t feel that online.

You have to be in person to determine if you have true chemistry. It’s not just about whether or not you can talk. It’s also about how you feel when you’re around them. You just don’t get the same feeling if you talk through an app alone.

#4 Online attraction can only run so deep. That being said, you can only feel so much online. And the trouble with that is, if you don’t feel it right away with someone through an app, you usually give up.

But what if it would be different in person? You don’t even try to go on a date with someone if you can’t have a conversation online. However, you run the risk of giving up on someone who could really be great for you if you met in real life. That’s just another reason online dating sucks.

#5 The excitement is heightened. This is definitely true. When you just bump into someone at a concert or at the grocery store and they ask you on a date, you get way more excited. Why? Because you have so much to learn about them.

When you date online, you pretty much go over everything important before you even meet a person. So the date can often lose the excitement.

#6 You can tell if they’re not the oneWhen you meet someone in person, you can tell right away if you’re into them or not. You don’t have to talk with them for a long time to know. It’s basically loud and clear if you have an attraction to them. This helps you from wasting a LOT of time through dating apps and awkward first dates.

#7 You can’t judge someone too quickly. Another reason online dating sucks is because some people are horrible at putting together their online dating profiles. They make complete fools of themselves or are just clueless.

This can make you judge them way too early and you could write off someone who would actually be a great match. That’s why kicking it old school in the dating world is a much better option. You won’t be so judgmental.

#8 You’ll feel more hopeful meeting people in real life. I know just how disappointing dating apps can be. You see a ton of different profiles and most of them are huge turn-offs. But that doesn’t happen in the real world.

Online dating sucks because you end up seeing how much scum is really out there. You think someone is great and then you go on a date and they’re horrible. You’ll be able to pick up on that much sooner when you only date in person.

#9 It’s more fun. Dating apps are so boring. You don’t actually get to go out and have fun while meeting people. It’s all done from the comfort of your couch or bed until the actual date. Going out and about in person is way more fun.

#10 You’re more confident in person. Online dating sucks so much because it makes you really insecure. You swipe all day long and sometimes you never get a match. This takes a chunk out of your self-esteem every single time until you’re left with barely anything.


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