One Day You’ll Find The Love You Deserve

One day you’ll meet the love of your life when you least expect it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been single your whole life or you were in toxic relationship the entire time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cynical about love or in the wreck of your heartbreak. It doesn’t matter if you’re brimming with confidence and radiating fierce love for yourself, or submerged in self-hatred and thinking you ruined your own life.

None of that matters when love comes knocking at your door.

It doesn’t matter because there is no prerequisite to love. No fixed timing that you have to wait for. It could be a random day when you meet eyes with the cute stranger in the crowd. A blind date that gives you butterflies in your stomach and a warm feeling in your heart. A chance encounter that proved to be the start of a budding romance.

The truth about love is that you won’t expect it and you won’t see it coming.

And maybe that’s the beauty of it. Love just appears out of the blue and surprises you at every twist and turn. It grabs you out of nowhere and changes you for the better. It leaves an imprint on your life and leaves you never the same again.


One day you’ll fall in love and for the first time, everything feels right at where it should be.

Unlike in the past when you had the tendency to worry and wait for the other shoe to drop, now you feel loved and secure knowing instinctively that your lover will never hurt you. While your thoughts used to be all over the place and you were terrified of the unknown and in a rush to find out what happens next, you’re now content to take things slowly and enjoy the process of getting to know your special person.

You’re excited to give this new romance a shot. You trust in the direction that it is going. You begin to listen to your instinct and it tells you to follow your heart.


One day you’ll find the love you deserve and until then, have faith that you’ll find it.

It’s okay to date with a purpose. It’s okay if you refuse to settle down until you’re ready. It’s okay to be alone instead of rushing to be with someone. You’re not wrong for being against casual dating. You’re not at fault for being optimistic about love. You’re not to be blamed for refusing to settle for love. You’re not being idealistic in expecting to find true love.

For love is the one thing you should never compromise your principles for. Never settle for someone who doesn’t intrigue your mind and move your heart. Never accept someone less deserving of what you have to offer.

You deserve your text to be answered and someone who’s excited to spend time with you every waking moment. You deserve materialized promises and plans turned into reality. You deserve a real relationship and not anything ambiguous without labels that you don’t know where you stand and what it all means.

You deserve someone you can be with openly and the one you proudly show off at family reunions and friend gathering where everyone is finally happy for you. You deserve someone who brightens your life and give you more reasons to smile every single day. You deserve someone who you can feel it in your gut and you know, this is it.


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