Love relationships in the workplace: What happens in German offices?

Most of us usually work 40 hours a week. That’s just under 24% of the time we spend on work and therefore with colleagues. No one is surprised that in addition to many friendships, love relationships develop in the workplace. But what happens in German offices in matters of love relationships? The opinion institute One Poll has carried out a representative study with Viking with 1000 German employees and clarifies it .

Love relationships in the workplace

How far does the Love go?

Approximately 42% of respondents have already gone out with colleagues and just under 32% have kissed colleagues before. By contrast, only about 19% have slept regularly with colleagues. One reason could be that even 19% have entered into a long-term love relationship with a work colleague. By contrast, one-night stands among colleagues are not trendy, with only 17% of respondents landing in bed with a colleague once. But where do such intimate relationships between co-workers develop?

Most of the love relationships actually developed between the printer and copier in the office and just behind with 25%, for the interviewees forged a relationship outside the workplace. The cliché that a Techtelmechtel after the company celebration is commonplace, but applies at least 17%. On the other hand, only 12% of those surveyed experienced feelings on a business trip, even though it could be assumed that the chances for a one-night stand would be good.

For whom do feelings develop?

The classic that the secretary has a romance with the boss is widespread. But only 22% of women would consider a relationship with a supervisor. After all, there are 37% of men who can imagine more with a superior. By contrast, most love relationships in the workplace develop between colleagues in the team (45%), followed by 32% by colleagues from another department. The CEO and the direct supervisor, on the other hand, lag behind with 10%.

Similarly, when it comes to the imagination for colleagues. 65% of the respondents already had fantasies about employees in the company. First and foremost are fantasies about colleagues (43%), followed by fantasies about superiors (15%), and here too the CEOs are in last place with almost 5%. Presumably, the results are that you spend much more time with your colleagues than you would with supervisors or other company executives.

But does a love relationship last in the workplace?

47.6% have a separation behind, of which even 16% have separated in the bad. 35% of respondents are still together, but at only 5.5%, the wedding bells ring or they have children. That’s relatively little. Whether it is because of the fact that it is difficult for more and more employees to keep the relationship at work secret (45.5%), they find it difficult to treat private and professional matters separately (39%) or how to deal with the perception of them Colleagues / gossip (27.5%) was too much remains to be suspected.

But even here, it can be worthwhile to overcome challenges together, because that strengthens a relationship and who knows, maybe you are one of the few who ring the wedding bells at the end …

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