Life brings us closer to some then lets them go for a reason

People tell us that you can’t really explain why you feel certain things about a person.

Why life brings us closer to some people than others or why we suddenly become attached to a stranger.

It would seem that fate brings us closer to certain people as they are needed in our life right now, to teach us important lessons about life or about ourselves.

There is a reason why your heart is oriented towards a particular person and why life brings you closer to some people than others.

When I look back, the people I have become attached to have all had something valuable to teach me or have played an important role in my life.

The irony is that the majority of these people were just passing through because they had to show me a different path and leave.

Sometimes the stage in your life determines what kind of people you attract, it’s about the life that sends you the people exactly when you need them.

It gives you the answers you were looking for through these people. it enlightens you by bringing you closer to those who bring out what is best in you. She helps you when you are going through a bad time by bringing you closer to those who can help you out of the dark.

But sometimes we try to turn these “temporary” people into “forever  ” people, but their role is not to stay.

They are not meant to stay forever. They are there for us for a short period of time, to make us better for those who are meant to stay forever.

But often we are frustrated when they leave because we don’t want to let them go. We don’t understand why something so beautiful was taken from us or someone who healed us, but if these people stayed too long their beauty would disappear, their love would die, their story would no longer be an inspiration and they would eventually become a burden we are not meant to carry.

The essence of letting go is faith.

It is believed that this story is best left as is. So it is better to leave it as fate wrote it. Maybe rewriting it would ruin the story.

Maybe changing her wouldn’t give you a happy ending.

Maybe these are people sent to you to teach you a lesson or heal you or make you better and when they’ve done what they had to do they leave. They have to go and help someone else.

Maybe these people are also teaching you to let go, to detach yourself, to realize when someone’s contribution to your story is over and the next person the Universe sends to you will be exactly the one you need, even if you ignore it for the moment.

Because the day you meet the person who is meant to stay forever, you will be able to see them a mile away, you will be able to recognize them in a room full of people because you will finally understand the difference between someone touching your hand and someone who touches your soul.

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