Is She the One for You? – Here’s How You Find Out!

Infatuation is a powerful emotion.

It can cloud your better judgment and make you jump to conclusions, especially in a new relationship.

If you knew a relationship was doomed from the beginning, would you try to make it work anyway or would you give up on it?

It takes two individuals to create a perfect relationship.

You don’t need two perfect individuals though. You just need two people who are perfect for each other.

So is she the one for you? Well, use these signs.

Is she the one for you?

Figuring out if the lucky lady in your life is perfect for you or not isn’t easy, especially at the beginning when you’re all punch drunk in love.

But men don’t ever fall in love at once, which is a good thing.

Use these signs to find out if she’s the one.

If you do find a lot of incompatible differences, perhaps it would be easier to walk out than sculpt a good partner out of a bad one.

You’re attracted to her

There can’t be chemistry in love without a bit of attraction, can there?

Men don’t fall in love gradually. Infatuation and love hit them on the face like a speeding happy train. Well, unless it’s slow and mellow like two friends falling in love after spending years as friends. That probably happens only if the guy’s really not able to hold on to any steady long relationships.

One of the first signs to know is she is the one is the mad animal attraction that you experience when you see her for the first few times. If you literally can’t take your eyes off her, wow, you’re on a good start!

You don’t want to change her

One of the biggest misconceptions men and women have at the beginning of a new relationship is that love can erase the differences and heighten the compatibility over time.

Love can help both of you change and become more compatible, but only by a small extent. If you’re wondering if she’s the one for you, the happy signs have to scream out right at the beginning.

“I love her but I wish she’d stop picking a fight so often”, or a “she’s so perfect for me, I just wish she’d stop flirting with other guys all the time though…” is never a good start. Perhaps, she isn’t really right for you. You should know that no woman is ever a bad lover even if she’s been single or in a string of bad relationships for a while. It’s just a sign that she hasn’t met someone compatible yet. What makes you nervous about a woman may make some other guy really happy.

If you want to be happy in love and have a successful relationship with a woman, you need to really know deep inside that you don’t want to change anything about her. And the next time Bruno Mars sings ‘just the way you are’, there should be just one person you can think of.

You like her personality

The girl you like doesn’t have to be just like you. What kind of a girl do you like? A woman who’s so chirpy and bubbly you wonder if she’s high, or someone who’s more subtle and firmly confident? You may be attracted to a woman for her appearance, but if she’s going to be the one for you, you need to fall in love with her personality and her as a person. Do you like the way she behaves around you or her unique expressions?

Sometimes, it’s the little things in a woman that makes her more attractive. So is she the one for you?

She’s caring and can s-mother you

Men desire a sex goddess. But fall in love with a caring woman. It’s instinctive, perhaps because you’re subconsciously looking for the mother of your child. When you hug your new girlfriend, does it fill your heart with happiness or does it give you an erection?

An erection is a good thing, but beyond all the sex and the lusty touches, you need a woman who can make you feel good even when you’re down in the pits. Most girls have a nurturing streak in them, while a few girls don’t. If you’re trying to see if she’s the one for you in the long run, look for a lover who can treat you like a child when you behave like one.

Your family and friends like her

You may be too deep in infatuated love to see the signs, but is she the one for you, really? When a man and a woman start dating and want to take the relationship to the next level, it isn’t just about the both of you. It also involves your friends and family. What do they think about the girl in your arms?

If she can’t get along with them now, you really should brace yourself for a lot of internal conflicts and differences within the family in the years to come.

She has qualities that you admire

Do you sit back and stare at her in awe for the way she does something? Sexy pole dancing or sponging a car in her bikini doesn’t count.

If the girl in your life has qualities that you admire, it’ll make you respect her and love her more. While it’s easy to snag an ignorant girl with a few cheesy pick up lines, it’ll never make you respect her. When you don’t respect a girl you like, you’d never appreciate her or think she’s of any value beyond the bedroom. Perhaps, you could trade her in for a blown up toy until you find someone more worthy of your love and respect.

You see her in your life

This is a beautiful thought and one that will definitely crop up in your mind if she’s the one for you. If you’re remodeling your place or visualizing your life a few years down the lane, does this girl in your life have a prominent place in your vision? Do you think of how excited she’d feel or how happy both of you could be a few years from now?

If you truly love someone and see them as an important part of your life, you’d make your plans keeping them in mind. If you can’t even dream of a life together, what are the odds of the relationship succeeding in real life?

She’s your support and your strength

Is she the one for you? She definitely would be, if she’s the first person you want to see after hearing any big news, good or bad. If you just lost your job, would you go to a bar and get drunk or would you go to her place and sink your face into her shoulders?

If you love a woman, she’s your pillar of strength and support. When you’re down, she can cheer you up and bring you out of the pits. And when you’re making big plans, she’s the one who’ll listen to you and help you, and stand by you with her thumbs up.

It’s easy to find a woman who would want to go out for dinners and vacations with you. It’s not easy to find a woman who can share your ambitions, dreams, happiness and your burdens with you.

Find that special woman has these eight qualities that are compatible with you, and you’ll be able to experience a love that’s worth fighting for.


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