Instead Of Missing Them, Do This

You’re going through a breakup from one of those “almost” or “could-have-been” relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you sort-of dated for months or years or weeks. It doesn’t matter whether you were dumped or you were the one to end it. It doesn’t matter whether you were ghosted or had a six-hour-long tearful goodbye.

It doesn’t matter, because however it ended, it still hurts. Oh boy, it hurts.

Maybe you feel like your heart has been pulled out of your chest or maybe your pain is dull and achey. Maybe your eyes could get a city out of a drought from all the tears you’ve cried or maybe you just feel lost, like you don’t know what your next move should or will be.

However you feel, let the feelings come.

Let it all out. Cry it out, yell it out, laugh it out, sing it out. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Eat all the ice cream or frozen yogurt you need to. Reread all of your favorite summer romance novels that make you cry and feel achey inside. Say “hello again” to the pit in your stomach and the emptiness in your heart. It’s okay.

But when the moments come and you miss that special someone, when you crave their arms wrapped around you, their body sprawled across you, their lips on yours and the moments that felt like they’d never end but did, don’t. Don’t miss them.

Sure, your love was beautiful and true and real and maybe even better than the movies and books because it was yours, but don’t miss that special someone, because you don’t have to.


Miss the person you haven’t met yet. Miss the way they’ll touch you and electrify your body. Miss the way they’ll connect with your mind. Miss the way they’ll make you laugh. Miss the memories that have yet to be made.

Miss the person you were when you were happy and confident and independent. Miss the self-growth that has yet to come. Miss the spring in your step when you find another person to love you as hard as you’ll love them.

It hurts. Of course it does. Your heart aches, and in some moments you question how you’ll ever get through missing the person you once had but don’t anymore. Maybe you miss this person every day, or maybe the missing them creeps up on you in moments when you’d least expect it, like when you hear a certain song or see someone pick out the olives in their salad just like your old someone used to. Accept the missing them, and then move on.

Don’t miss them.

There are so many things to look forward to. Miss all of the adventures to come.


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