Before I get started, I want to make a toast. Here is to the bravest, strongest, most stubborn and fearless woman I know. Cheers to me!

No really, I deserve it. I went through so much but I am still here, still alive, still hoping for a better tomorrow.

Bravest? I loved a man more than I have ever loved anyone before. Hell, more than I have ever loved myself.

But, I put all those intense and deep feelings aside and chose to save myself before it was too late. Yes, as you probably guessed, that man didn’t love me back.

Strongest? He broke my heart, but I didn’t allow him to break me. I was strong enough to say: That’s enough. I am the strongest woman because I was able to heal and to move on.

Stubborn? I admit that I am probably the most stubborn person I know, and I thank God for that. My stubbornness has kept me going.

I promised myself that someday he’d regret treating me badly, and I didn’t stop until I got what I wanted.

Fearless? I also admit that I was afraid sometimes. I was afraid of my loneliness. I was afraid for my mental health. I constantly feared I’d never be able to heal from this heartbreak completely.

I did. I healed and moved on. I continued with my life. I am able to smile again and have fun.

I think I am even able to open the doors to a new love, which I closed a long time ago because I didn’t want someone to hurt me as you did ever again.

When I decided that it was time to finally let you go, I spent so many days and nights in my bed crying, with the help of my faithful friend – ice cream.

Then I decided that I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and change some things. I jumped out of bed, got out of my pajamas, and dressed for success.

I worked hard every day on myself. My dreams and my goals. I wanted to make him realize that his biggest mistake in life was taking me for granted and eventually losing me.

I admit, there are still some scars on my heart and soul. I’ve decided I won’t try to heal those. I want to leave them there forever.

I’ve learned to live with my scars. Now, they serve as a reminder of my past. Each one of my scars serves as a lesson.

The scar on my soul teaches me that I shouldn’t trust all people easily. That they should first show me that they’re trustworthy and earn my trust.

The one on my heart teaches me that I should be careful the next time I decide to give someone my love, and that I should only believe that someone loves me once they prove it to me in their actions.

Words are truly meaningless when it comes to love.

My scars are a type of protection for me. You see, before you entered my life, I honestly believed that all people were good.

I was just a silly and naive young girl. I thought that I didn’t need to be careful with men or protect myself from being hurt.

After you, I put my guard very high up. I stopped needing people. I didn’t want to let anyone in my life again.

Our toxic relationship has taught me some things after all. It’s taught me that it’s time to put myself on the throne of my life.

I am the only person I can always rely on. I am the only person that’s helped me and been there with me when no one else was.

It took me some time and one terrible heartbreak, but I was able to leave you once and for all, and then make you realize I was a once-in-a-lifetime girl and regret losing me.

I am sure that the future version of me is proud of the woman that silly, little girl is becoming.


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