I’m Not A Girl For Temporary Things – When I Love, I Love Forever

I don’t like temporary.

I can’t even put up with changing my phone so often – I’m that committed.

I don’t like the idea of love that has an expiration date. I don’t like the idea of getting bored with someone.

I’m just a purely romantic person. I love that silly idea of soulmates and eternal love.Love

Selma JuneApril 10, 2020

I want my forever person and I mean it. I want old school love and swooning over cute messages for the rest of my life, not just for the first year of dating.

I don’t get why everything seems to be so short-lived these days. Why don’t people commit to things like they used to?

I’m not a girl for temporary things. I don’t like flings. I don’t like going on meaningless dates and pretending like I’m having a good time.

I love spontaneity, I love long-term, I love seeing the future with him.

Is that too much to ask?Caring

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Selma JuneMay 20, 2020

I want good morning and good night messages every day of my life. I want to stick with my person through all the bad days and tell him I’m here when he feels lost.

I want to share every little and every major thing in my life with the person I love. From mundane things like picking what we’re going to make for lunch to big fated changes.

I want to do it with my forever person.

I want to watch us getting old and not care about our wrinkled bodies because I know our hearts are young and full of love.

There’s nothing more attractive than being accepted as you are, always.

I want my heart to stay young – to never lose its flexibility to understand the new person my lover is becoming.

Because the truth is, throughout life, we all change with time. I want to love all versions of him.

I want my love to stay pure and true – to always recognize the things I fell in love with him for.

I believe all of these things are possible.

I guess I’m just not cynical about love – and that’s my greatest weakness and my greatest strength. I’ve been hurt before, but I don’t blame love.

It’s wasn’t love that tore us apart, it was impatience. It was an obsession with perfection.

Love isn’t perfect. I wish people would understand that.

Fantasies about someone aren’t what that person is. It’s what your mind thinks he is.

Don’t believe your mind but instead listen to the person carefully.

Never stop listening to him. Give him all you’ve got and watch him become your everything before your eyes.

I think that’s a beautiful feeling – immersing yourself in your lover and loving him exactly for who he is.

Accepting all of the ugly things and understanding where he comes from. Feeling blessed because of the good things he has and you don’t.

Feeling happy because someone chose you among billions of people.

That kind of attitude towards love can’t be unrecognized by the other person.

True love is something you can’t remove from yourself, it’s something that makes you take care of it and grow it. You want to see where it’s going to lead you.

That’s why I’ll say this:

Don’t throw away old or broken stuff just because you’re bored of it. Instead, invest some time and energy into making it better.

When you fix things by your own hands (or own heart), that’s when you get the most unique thing in the world.

An imperfection that you fixed or embraced is what differentiates it from all the others.

Crave that unique love.

Don’t chase the temporary, chase forever.

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