If He’s Doing Any Of These 25 Things, He’s Toxic

Some men get a rush out of being unkind to women. Unfortunately, those men do not show their true colors from the start, but only later once they know they have someone in the palm of their hand.

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A woman who has been with a toxic man will admit that she instantly fell in love with him and that it felt like the perfect fairytale in the beginning. However, she will then claim that her fairytale turned into a horror show quickly.

Toxic men tend to come across as the perfect Prince Charming, all sweet and dandy. They will listen to a woman carefully and give her all her heart has ever desired until they reel her in; that is when everything changes.

However, we do not want our fellow ladies to reach that step because it becomes difficult to escape. And we also do not want anyone wasting their time and precious love on a man of low caliber. Toxic men are masters of manipulation, so it is sometimes difficult to spot them, but with this list, it will be easier to see the signs. The red flags are giant enough, so please pay attention and do not become a target.

25He Subtly Tries To Control Her (Like What She Wears And Does)

Who wants to be in a controlling relationship? Women, please keep in mind that there is nothing worse than men who admire control. A toxic man will subtly try to control everything his lady does in a relationship, though the key word here is “subtly.”

He will not go up to her and directly tell her what she can and cannot do. Instead, he will “suggest” what he thinks she should do. How to figure this one out? His suggestions will sound more like rules that must be followed without exception. His controlling side will tell her she should not go for dinner with her friends, but that she still could if she wants (eye-roll). Get it?

24He Acts Like The Ultimate Hypocrite

A toxic man will want a woman to do what he says, not what he does. You know the expression, “Do as I say, not as I do?” A toxic man lives by that. He is allowed to do whatever he wants; he will tell her that he is against disloyalty but will go and step out on her.

He has high expectations for loyalty and respect, and will make her believe that, but will not reciprocate them. 

Watch out, though, because while he goes against what he strongly believes in, you will have to remain an angel. And while he is allowed to be a hypocrite, she cannot slip up and make a mistake, or else…

23He Is Always Lying (To Her And Others)

A toxic man has his lies laid out as if he noted them down and rehearsed them about one hundred times. Lying is a hobby, and he sometimes does not even care to hide it. For example, he’ll tell her he is going to hang out at his friend’s place, but he posts a story out at a bar “by mistake.”

In simple terms, his life is one big lie. A toxic man is the type of person that will lie to get out of his lies. Before she even questions him about something, he will have a lie ready for her, and when she calls him out, he’ll flip it on her or express remorse to get away with it.

22He Doesn’t Know The Meaning Of Respect

No woman should have to remind a mature man what it is to be respected, and if she has to, then a “Thank U, Next” is in order.

Normal men understand the simple concept of respect in life, but toxic men are unable to grasp the concept. A toxic man will also “pretend” to respect the woman he is with. To further explain, in the beginning, he will listen to every word she says and show her he truly cares, but later he’ll use that to his advantage to treat her like a puppet on strings. He will not respect her time with her family, and neither will he respect her boundaries. This unmannerly man will want her to respect him only.

21He Always Needs To Be The Center Of Attention (With Her)

It can be quite exhausting dealing with a man that acts like a child and constantly needs attention. If he is the type of guy that wants all your attention – we are talking day and night – you’ve got a problem on your hands that you need to eliminate.

All he wants and craves is attention from you, and he expects your life to revolve around him. Without attention, a toxic man is inconsolable and is not even his person. He needs you to always be the monkey on his back even when you can’t be.

20He Brings Her Down (By Judging And Being Critical)

Is the man you are with always making sure you know when you are wrong? If so, he is toxic.

He will constantly judge you and make you feel like you’re not good enough for anything. In other words, he’ll take a swipe at your self-esteem by always criticizing the things you do, even the things you do correctly. By always making you feel like you make mistakes, he stands in judgment to bring you down. To him, everything you do is a failure, and he’ll point it out.

19He Loves To Stir The Pot (With Everyone)

Stay far away from a man who goes bonkers for drama. If he is a drama king, chances are, he is a toxic man. He is the king of starting conflict because it gets him going, and if there isn’t conflict going on, he will be sure there is by starting drama himself.

One of his main hobbies includes putting his nose where it does not belong, and that makes him happy. Because he is so unhappy inside, he feeds off other people’s business. And since he loves to stir the pot, chances are he does not have many buddies either.

18He’s Full Of Promises (But They Mean Nothing)

Promises do not mean anything if they’re empty promises, let us clear that up for you. When you met him, he may have swept you off your feet with his sincere Shakespearean speeches, only for you to later discover that they were just empty words tossed around. The problem with that, besides him never making them come true, is that a toxic man will only promise such things to keep a woman in line. His promises are white lies that are meant to fool you and grant him even more control over you.

You may want to break out from this broken-promises land.

17He Thinks Everyone’s Out To Get Him

You will never win with a man that loves to play the injured party. In life, a toxic man makes a habit of making everything about himself. Here is a scenario: She confronts him about a situation she is disappointed about, and he pretends to be sorry about his mistake and tells her he feels bad. She then feels guilty for questioning him in the first place.

This exact scenario will happen over and over again because he will always play the victim card to get another chance. In the end, she apologizes, and he gets the satisfaction he wants.

16He’s A Manipulator

What does a toxic man do most? He manipulates; it is his favorite sport. We want to warn you that a toxic man will manipulate you constantly with just about anything, and we say this because many women do not know they’re being manipulated until they get stuck.

According to Greatist, “You know you are being manipulated when you begin doing, saying, or believing things that are serving them, as opposed to you.”He’ll even bring a woman down or make her feel bad and make her believe that he was doing it all for her.

15He Never Apologizes To Her

Do you find yourself apologizing for everything that goes wrong in the relationship? If so, that is because a toxic man is unable to apologize, and never wants to. Instead, if you get angry over something he did wrong, he will lie and change up the story. If you’re with a man like this, there is no point in keeping the relationship going because he will never offer an apology, and truthfully, you need to move forward without one and him.

A toxic man will always want to be right, so drop the argument and him.

14It Seems Like He’s Always Hiding Things (Including His Phone)

A relationship is all about trust, but with a toxic man, you’ll always find yourself feeling like he is hiding things. And you can forget about accessing his phone, too. That is not because you’re paranoid, but because it is typical behavior of a toxic man.

You ask him the simplest things, like who he is going to see, and he replies with, “my friends.” When he asks you, though, you have to tell him exactly where you are going and with who. What happened to the compromise? If he never answers your questions and acts dubious, keep in mind that you are right for being suspicious of him.

13He Doesn’t Make Her A Priority

Nothing feels worse than being in a relationship with a man who believes his needs come before hers. Why does he do that? Because he is a selfish and toxic man; a man that we like to call a narcissist. You are not his main priority, and his job, friends, and family all come before you; and he makes that clear since your feelings are not important to him.

However, since a toxic man is a professional manipulator when you call him out, he’ll flip the situation on you and say that you are being selfish.

12He Doesn’t Care For Finishing Conversations With Her (Ignores Her Calls)

We are all guilty of ignoring someone during an argument, or hanging up the phone, maybe once or twice, but a toxic man will do it constantly.

She will get into a fight with him, and he will not answer her texts or pick up the phone because he is selfish and wants her to feel bad for something she may not have done wrong. He wants to keep her guessing and on her toes about the status of the relationship so that she can run after him. A toxic man finds pleasure in making a woman feel rubbish and does not care enough to pick up the conversation and sort things out.

11He Expects Her To Read His Mind (Because He’d Rather Not Communicate)

The last time we checked, not everyone is a psychic. However, a toxic man will expect the woman in his life to reading his mind like the back of her hand. He avoids communication and does not express his needs, but then gets fueled up when she does not recognize his demands.

No woman is supposed to wonder what her man wants and needs and then get into trouble when she does not figure him out and what he wants out; he’s supposed to communicate. Watch out because toxic men tend to be non-communicators, which is why they highly believe that women are supposed to easily read their minds.

10He Tries To Turn Her Into Someone She Isn’t

When you met him, he would spoil you and pamper you with endless compliments, but now you find yourself feeling worthless. Why? Because a toxic man will purposely hook a woman and then make her feel like she is nothing special. He changes her to the point where she no longer recognizes who she is.

This happens because he no longer tells her he likes her or compliments her, and she starts finding reasons to blame herself. Please do not fall into that trap because a toxic man will go to extreme lengths to turn a woman into someone she no longer recognizes.

9 He Doesn’t Own Up To His Feelings (Including When He’s Angry)

If a toxic man is angry, he will not own up to it. Why? Because it is always her fault and he expects her to take full responsibility. This man thinks he cannot harm, so instead of owning up, he’ll project his feelings onto the woman he is with.

It could also come off very subtly, so here is an example. He will come home after work and be in a distasteful mood, while she is in a good mood, and he will ask her, “Why are you in such a bad mood?” She will be surprised and deny it because she knows she did nothing wrong, but he will blame her because he thinks he is innocent and can do no wrong.

8 He Wants Her To Prove Herself

Some golden advice: you do not have to prove yourself and your worth to any man. If a man insists you constantly prove yourself to him, even during a long-term relationship, he is toxic and you need to take the door.

How will he make her prove herself? He will cross boundaries by making her choose between spending time with him or her family. Why? Because if he is her entire life, she must choose him over anything. If she does not comply and decides to spend time with a friend, he will make her feel guilty, and make her feel like she is the problem in the relationship.

7 He Compares Her To Others (Including His Friends’ Girlfriends)

Why would a man compare you to everyone else in his life? Because he is toxic. And because this toxic man is disrespectful, he will go to extreme lengths by even comparing you to his ex-girlfriends. He does this because he wants to constantly bring you down for his pleasure; this goes back to the previous point in which we mentioned a toxic man will devalue his woman.

If you’re not as good as the ex, why is he with you? Because she got away.

A toxic man will even have the guts to compare his girlfriend to female friends, family, and his friends’ girls. He does this in an attempt to make her jealous or feel unworthy.

6He Makes Her Feel Like She’s Walking On Eggshells

We sometimes feel like we are walking on eggshells at the beginning of a relationship. However, when a relationship settles, no man should intentionally make his lady feel like she is walking on eggshells. A healthy relationship does not involve fear, but a toxic man will make his lady afraid of him.

You should not find yourself thinking about what will make your man angry, or what will make your man leave you. If you feel that way, the man you are with intended for you to feel that way from the start. No woman should have to be worried when she texts a friend because of her SO.

5 He Can’t Be Trusted (With Friends And His SO)

Do you know what a bad idea is? Sticking around with a man that shows you his true colors.

This man acts like a child in a playground picking at other children but gets a kick out of it. A toxic man will show his friends how special they are to him face-to-face, but when the curtain comes down, he talks smack about them to his lady.

And the worst part of it all is that he will try and make her think the same way he does about them; he wants her to resent them the way he does. The perfect toxic manipulator will then even tell his “friends” that his partner does not like them.

4 He Gets Easily Bored (Because Life Has To Revolve Around Him)

To win her over he will shower her with nonstop admiration, but it won’t be long before he suddenly seems completely bored by her. Not many people would think that boredom is a red flag to look out for, but it is. Let us tell you why.

Firstly, because a toxic man does not care much about other people’s happiness, and only his, he will not be entertained by a person unless he/she constantly praises him. Secondly, if he does not get what he wants as entertainment, he’ll treat the relationship like a chore. This happens when a toxic man becomes uninterested, so do not tolerate it.

3 He Love-Bombs Her (She’s The Love Of His Life After Date One)

Sometimes when it feels too good to be true, it is because it is; listen to your gut before your heart. If you meet a man, and things start moving extremely fast, and he does not even know your birthday but is already head over sneakers, be very wary.

He is that guy who will want to instantly change his relationship status on social media after the first date. Do not be flattered though, because a toxic man who claims he is in love that fast is a snake. He will do anything to make it seem like he shares the same hopes and dreams as you, just so you could fall for him. After that, he completely changes.

2He Gaslights (The Relationship Becomes Psychologically Dangerous)

Many women do not know what gaslighting is, which is why so many toxic men get away with it. We will explain how gaslighting gradually occurs so you do not fall for his trap.

In essence, gaslighting is when a man does things to make a woman feel like she is going crazy. You will believe that you are the problem because you are feeling many emotions at once, and lose complete sense of what is happening. You become that girl that feels confused and questions herself, her emotions, and her role in the relationship. This becomes hurtful, but he will continuously deny his manipulative behavior, and you will continue to rely on him because of your self-doubt.

1 He Turns Her Qualities Into Faults

When you met him, he admired your qualities, and in his eyes, you could do no wrong. Suddenly, everything that was fabulous about you is no longer appealing to him.

He used to always brag about your intelligence and your kindness – and you got hooked. What you do not know is that he used that to his advantage by telling you exactly what you wanted to hear, based on your personality and character. It does not take Inspector Gadget to tell you that this is toxic behavior.

If what he once praised you for is now fault to him, let this poison go ASAP. You are perfect and you do not need to walk a thousand miles to prove it to a man who will use your qualities against you.

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