I Want A Love That Lasts

I do not want a temporary love. A fleeting romance. The kind of relationship that feels like paradise at first but then turns to dust when the first problem arises.

I want a love that lasts. I want a relationship that can withstand a storm.

I want to find a person who will stick by my side, even when our relationship reaches bumps in the road. A person who will not run away at the first glimpse of trouble. A person who means it when they say they will never leave me.

I want someone who chooses to stay and work on our problems instead of abandoning me for someone easier to love. I want someone who decides or relationship is important enough to salvage, that I am important enough to exert effort for.


I have been waiting for someone who is willing to work their ass off because love is never easy. Love is messy. Love is complicated. Love is difficult to maintain — but it is worth all of that work. I want someone who realizes that. Someone who understands our story is sometimes going to suck, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for it to end. It means it’s time for us to put in even more effort.

I am not looking for anything crazy. I am only looking for sustainability.

I want someone who sees me struggling and reaches out a hand to help instead of leaving me to drown.

I want someone who will scramble to find tissues when they see my eyes watering instead of searching for an excuse to leave the room because my tears make them uncomfortable.


I want someone who will listen to my angered ramblings and drunken stories. Someone who accepts every single side of me, not just the pieces that are easy to swallow.

I want to wake up each morning, knowing my person will be on the other side of the bed, waiting to begin their day alongside me. I want to have someone who I can text five times in a row without worrying about what they will think of me. I want someone who I can sing and dance in front of without wondering whether they are annoyed by me.

I do not want to worry about what tomorrow is going to bring. I do not want to watch every word that leaves my lips because the slightest misstep could cause my person to walk away forever.

I want a concrete love. An everlasting love. A love that is not in danger of ending.

I am finished with almost relationships that end before officially beginning. I am not patient enough for casual relationships that might turn into something more if I hope hard enough.

I am looking for the real deal. For the most passionate relationship of my life, the most beautiful relationship of my life, the last relationship of my life.

I am ready for something serious. I am ready for a love that will last for an eternity.


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