I want a guy who really cares about me

To live alone, life is too difficult. You can lie to yourself and lie to others by saying that you are better off being single than being in a relationship.

But in truth, this is only true when one has to choose between celibacy and a poor relationship.

If the choice was different, if it was a choice between a happy relationship and celibacy, what would you choose?

You would choose to be with someone, to be happy. Because we are not made to be alone.

We need someone to share our dreams and hopes with, we need someone to cry with when we are in pain and sadness.

We need our soul mate, our half.

I want it all. I want someone who helps me when life puts me down.

I want someone to tell me that I am worth it when my self-esteem is low.

I need someone who loves me even in my worst moments. I need someone who won’t abandon me, even in my darkest days.

I want love, but without sorrows.

Giving endless second chances and seeing your heartbreak every time is so difficult.

How do you lower your guard and open up to someone, when you know almost with certainty that you will end up suffering even more than before?

I refuse to continue to believe that because he said it, a man really wants to be with me.

I refuse to continue to prove to myself that someone cares about me. I refuse to continue to swing between the “he loves me” and “he does not love me”.

I want a guy who really cares about me!

Who shows me that he loves me.

Words mean nothing. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have sat down to hear crazy promises and empty words.

How many times I wanted to go, but stayed because of a few cliché replicas, taken from pink water films.

It worked before, but not anymore. As I said before, I no longer want to force myself to believe that he loves me.

He no longer wants to hang on to a seemingly positive little thing he said, trying to somehow believe in his sincerity.

I want a man who will act in silence. I want a man who won’t make any promises to me. I want a man who will just do things.

He will start the car to warm up the engine. He will prepare the meal, because he will know that I have had a long day.

He will surprise me at work with lunch, just because he loves me.

He will be kind because he will want to and not because he wants to show himself in the eyes of others.

He will talk about me, because he will be proud of me. He will not lie about me and will not try to persuade people that I am great, for the simple purpose of being seen.

He will sincerely believe that I can do anything to achieve my dreams.

He will proudly walk by my side. He will walk next to an independent woman. He will be my support, I will be his.

He will spend time with me, but he will know when to let me breathe.

He won’t act like I’m one of his possessions. He won’t force me to live his life.

He will encourage me to have my own life, he will encourage me to be independent. But despite everything, he will spend time with me.

Not because it is necessary, but because he will want to. Our interests will be similar, and he will enjoy doing the things I love, just as I will enjoy doing the things he loves.

And when he sees that I need solitude, he will give it to me. He will not doubt our relationship and will not feel threatened.

He will know that I need to think and he will let me do the same. He will know that I will not bother him, if I can solve things for myself.

And he will know that as soon as I need help, I will call on him.

This is what a man does who really cares about a woman. Unlike those who automatically think that they are not loved and that you find someone else the second, you ask for a little loneliness.

When he is not with me, he will not forget my existence.

When he takes time for himself, I won’t have to be afraid that he’ll cheat on me. I won’t have to worry that he forgets me.

He will write to me to tell me that he misses him and that he loves me. Even when he is away, he will be with me. Because that’s what true love is.

We love someone the same way, whether present or absent.

When we argue, he will let me calm down.

He will let me breathe, but he will not leave me. Even if he is angry with me, he will be there for me. He will not feel insulted by my actions.

He will not see our disputes as things that cannot be resolved.

Even if he’s right and I’m wrong, he will come to me and try to fix things.

He will not sulk and remain silent for days, because he will love me and care about how I feel, unlike all the other men I have dated.

It will motivate me to be at best for myself.

Life with him will have a bright future. Living with him will be something I refuse to lose.

He will not provide for the least of my needs because he will not need, but he will challenge me and try to make me a better person every day.

Our future will be happy because we will be made for each other. We will be fair to each other and we will respect each other.

The man I want will hold on to me, because being with someone who doesn’t care about me is no longer an option.

I will not settle for less than what I deserve. Not anymore.

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