I Hope You Remember What Real Love Is

I hope you remember that love is not only smiles and flowers and a person that feels like home all the time. Love is a journey you have to be brave for. Love is not always easy, but it’s worth it.

Love is the difficult conversation to try to make things right. Love is admitting when you are wrong. Love is carrying the weight of the world together. Love is caring when the other feels they can barely give anything. Love is not always liking the same thing. Love is pure honesty, even if it hurts. Love is navigating your differences together. Love is not always reading the person’s mind and finishing each other’s lines. Love is active communication. Love is taking a good look at your partner and always remembering what you love about them. Love is interpreting disappointing behavior from a point of compassion and understanding. Love is a solid foundation.

Love is appreciation for the meal you made even if it did not taste good. Love is a tender touch of encouragement for your next job interview. Love is buying you candles because you love them. Love is picking up the kids from school after a long day at work because you are in need of a timeout with your friends. Love is taking care of you when you are sick and brushing your hair for you.


I hope you remember that love might not always be romantic, but it should always feel supportive; love may not always be fiery passion, but it should always be a trusted friend.

Love builds up over time every single day you nourish it. Love is two souls tangoing together through the good and bad of life.

Remember that and love will never forget to choose your heart as its home.


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