I Hope You Choose A Forever Person Who Believes In You

I hope you believe in the work that you do.

I hope you have a vision of what you want to create within your hands and your heart, and I hope you chase that with everything that’s within you. I hope you tune out the voices that will inevitably try to tear you down and pursue your gifts with all of the grace and wisdom that God has given you.

I hope you believe the goodness and power that is within you, too.

If and when the day comes where you decide to partner for life—if you want to get married and spend the rest of your days with your forever human and grow old and laugh at wrinkles and marvel at how gray your hair has become—I hope the person that you have chosen believes in you, too.


There will be so many parts to your love story and your life together. But I hope that the one that you have chosen to be your forever is also your biggest cheerleader. I hope you hear their whispers of praise even when you’re not around them, for their words of affirmation are more robust than any seeds of doubt.

I hope they encourage you to live out your dreams and dig into your work and color outside of the lines, if that’s what suits you.


I hope they never put you in a box or a mold or a definition of what they want you to do, for what they want is for you to live the life that you were called to do.

I hope they believe that you are capable of greatness and that they cherish your goodness.

I hope they see your strengths when you do not. I hope they become a mirror of all that is good within you, and when the day comes that you eventually fail or fall or make a mistake, I hope they extend their hand and pull you back up, too.

I hope they believe in the work that you do.

When your light is dazzling and shining and mystifying all who come into your orbit, I hope that they too marvel at your light. I hope that your forever human thinks you’re as mystical as the sun. I hope that they never try to cast a shadow over the brilliance of your dreams and that they share in the delights of your accomplishments.

I hope that your forever human never makes you feel as if you should downplay your success, for your success is not something someone who loves you should ever want to diminish.


Your forever human should be the one other human on this planet besides you that wants all the success for you in the world.

They should want you to thrive and flourish and bloom, and they’ll do so right alongside you, too.

You don’t have to choose between their success and yours or vice versa.

When you choose your forever human, you get to pick someone that makes you want to fly and knows how to ground you all at once.

I hope that’s the kind of human you choose, for that’s the type of human you deserve, too.


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