How to tell the difference between love and desire

We all want to find true love. 

Some have already found it, while others are actively seeking that person who will have such a profound impact on their hearts that they will be changed forever.


Sometimes our hearts and minds are so caught off guard that we have a hard time telling the difference. But it is important to exercise caution. A broken heart can be devastating.

Especially if you fall in love with the wrong person. Or, if you develop strong feelings for someone who doesn’t desire the same level of commitment.

Anything can happen, but we specifically want to help you determine if it really is love or just desire.


True, true, unconditional love is an intense feeling of affection: it is warmth, attachment, and affection in the most intense and powerful way that exists. True love forms a strong emotional attachment.  It stands up to problems, imperfections, annoyances, and the test of time.

Desire is purely physical. It only revolves around attraction and intimate relationships. While desire is necessary for love, love is not necessary for desire. Desire cannot withstand time. It is not unconditional and eventually fades away.

You have to be careful not to let desire dominate the relationship when love really drives a beautiful and lasting relationship.

To fall in love, you have to be prepared to accept that person for better or for worse. You have to get to know her fully and see her for what she really is. If together you see each other as the perfect fit and can truly visualize your life together, you might fall in love.

When you really fall in love, it’s mutual. Falling in love doesn’t mean your life will always be easy.  Because, honestly, you might be going through some tough times. But, you will be able to go through them together and it will strengthen your relationship.

You know you’re in love with someone when you…

– Fall in love with someone who adores you with all their heart, who cherishes you fully and embraces your imperfections.

– Fall in love with someone you think about all the time.

– Fall in love with someone you love with all your heart.

– Fall in love with someone you find very attractive in every way.

– Fall in love with someone who cares about your happiness and openly listens to your feelings.

– Fall in love with someone you admire and who admires you.

– Fall in love with someone who finishes your sentences and compliments you.

– Fall in love with someone who makes you feel like the most amazing person in the world.

– Fall in love with someone who has strengths in areas where you need to improve.

– Fall in love with someone who makes you want to be a better person and who can help you do it.

– Fall in love with someone who wants to meet your friends and family and who accepts them.

– Fall in love with someone for whom you have a deep romantic passion. In fact, he’s the only person you want.

In truth, when you fall in love, you are not choosing lust or love. You create a balance between the two.  Both are necessary for a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

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