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How To Tell If He Wants You, Base On Mars Sign

We all know that our Sun signs can reveal a lot about our personalities. And our Moon signs can tell us how we feel and relate to others emotionally.

But did you know that it is our Mars sign that reveals how we pursue our goals and even romantic partners?

So, you see, Mars astrology sign can reveal a lot about someone, especially when it comes to how they take action in almost all aspects of their lives. Most importantly, it reveals how someone pursues another in a romantic situation.

Have you ever wondered why your Leo man is so passive sometimes? It might be because he has his Mars horoscope in Cancer, which makes the person take a more indirect approach.

In this way, you will find that Mars adds a different layer to the basic astrology knowledge we all have. In short, it reveals much more in-depth information about people.

And knowing about how a guy pursues his love interest can help you determine if he’s interested in you or not. It can also help you find out whether you are comfortable with someone approaching in that way.

For instance, if most of your chart is filled with water zodiac signs like Pisces and Cancer, you might find it hard to deal with a man who has his Mars in Aries.

Aries Mars Sign

Aries is a very impulsive sign. So this guy is likely to act first, think later. He might also be very passionate and direct in his approach. Some would say that he is aggressive when he wants something or someone.

Mostly, he loves the chase: It’s exhilarating for him. But the problem arises when the prey, sorry, the object of his affection, is too easily obtained. He starts getting really bored then. So to make this one totally yours, you would have to keep him guessing.

Taurus Mars Sign

This guy is slow and steady. He is not very spontaneous but is rather known for his stability.  You won’t see him going through too many ups and downs in his decision-making habits.

SO, when he likes someone, he’ll usually wait and watch. It can be infuriating for you, but try to have some patience if you want to be with this one. Because they are also pretty stubborn and don’t change their pace for anyone.

But when he finally decides to pursue you, expect to be wined and dined. He’s all about the sensual pleasures, so he might even touch you here and there if he is really into you.

Gemini Mars Sign

Gemini Mars is easy to spot because they are probably the ones who never stop talking! They are constantly looking for a change as they are deadly afraid of boredom. So when they like someone, they might change their tactics. And this guy’s issue is that he cannot wait for too long for you to make up your mind! Sure, he likes to change like any other guy. But you have to maintain a balanced position where you don’t appear too uninterested.

Signs that he is into you include increased chattiness and flirtatious banter! If you too are interested in him, flirt back. It’s really that simple with him.

Cancer Mars Sign

The fiery energy of Mars does not do too well in this water sign. But depending on what you like, you might actually like this guy a lot. Usually, this guy does not like confrontations, which could make him act passive-aggressive sometimes since all that pent-up frustration and anger has to be released in some way. So he approaches his crush in pretty much the same way: they are slow in their approach.

Until, of course, you give them the green signal. After that, they become very protective of you and like to treat you like a lady with gentle sweet words and gestures. One thing to remember is that their sex drive is very much connected with their emotions. So if he is not feeling it, he will avoid getting too intimate.

Leo Mars Sign

Mars is very happy in this energetic, exuberant sign. This astrological placement makes a guy very passionate and romantic in his approach. So when he likes someone, he will go all out and pursue her in ways that would make her go weak in the knees!

He will probably prefer doing grand gestures like asking you in front of a lot of people and treating you to a fancy dinner. You just have to feed his romantic fantasies. But keep in mind that he is rather prideful of his actions. So never criticize them and you’ll be fine.

Virgo Mars Sign

Virgo is not a very aggressive sign. On top of that, he might be a little shy, too, which means that you might just have to ask him out! But if you are already his friend, it might be easier for him to ask you out.

This guy is super detail oriented and can be very worrisome. But this usually means that your dates with him would be well planned out. Something to keep in mind with this mars sign is that work and their schedules will always come first to these men. So he might not be as spontaneous.

Libra Mars Sign

These guys think a LOT before they take any actions. So be patient with him. He’s probably just trying to figure out the best way to approach you. He’s probably not that passionate either but prefers the more gentle and pleasant aspects of the courtship.

So expect to receive flowers at least a few times when you are dating. When it comes to date ideas, he might go for the more traditional movie and dinner. But he is also someone who struggles with making quick decisions and would love your input on date ideas.

Scorpio Mars Sign

Scorpio is usually a pleasant sign for the Martian energy since it is all about strong willpower and concentrated energy, which makes it easier to achieve Mar’s goals. But when it comes to romantic situations, these guys can be difficult in the sense that they do not let anyone in that easily.

You see, these guys LOVE to analyze their crushes very closely before they make up their mind to even ask them out. The result of this is that they often know a lot about their crushes.

Now, this might seem creepy to some, but I am actually referring to the more psychological aspects of the crush’s personality, which this guy focuses on before making his decision. The good thing with this guy is, once he has made the decision to pursue you, he does not get easily distracted by the other pretty people around him.

Sagittarius Mars Sign

This is the ultimate spontaneous sign! And because it is also a fire sign, Mars does pretty well here. This guy will probably be very playful and friendly with you if he has a crush on you. But beware, they are like that with A LOT of people. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that they like you just because they are acting this way towards you.

The only way you can be sure is if they try to hang out with you a lot. That’s basically their way of approaching you before they officially ask you out on a date. One thing to remember with these guys is that they can be impatient and if you are playing too hard to get, they might just move on.

Capricorn Mars Sign

This guy is probably very reserved. But once he wants something, he becomes very determined to achieve it. You can probably realize by my word choice that this guy approaches his love interest almost in a business-like manner.

He is not particularly flashy and because of his controlled nature might ask out his crush without too much fuss. He might even appear a little stiff, but if you are attracted to him, you probably see and admire his dignified mannerisms.

Because of his work schedule and strong need to stay in control, though, he might be one of those guys who are too cautious in planning many dates. So do not think that he is not into you if he doesn’t call you back the next morning. Or any of the mornings in that week!

Aquarius Mars Sign

Independent and unique, this guy loves to surprise and shock others. So he might not be too traditional in his dating approaches. In fact, he might feel like the idea of dating is too ancient and still be totally head-over-heels in love with you!

On the other hand, he probably has a large group of like-minded friends who participate in humanitarian projects. So he might just ask you out on a group date (yes, you read that right) or just take you along on the newest field work. Just enjoy the ride and get to know his friends and interests! Your interest in these things will actually keep him hooked.

Pisces Mars Sign

These guys are gentle and somewhat unusual in their approach. He is definitely more romantic than passionate or adventurous. In fact, he loves to dream, which can be a problem since it could keep him from actually taking any actions!

This is one of those guys that you might have to approach. Or else, be on the lookout for indirect signs that he is into you. His methods of pursuing someone include sending you long messages with poetry he has written himself, making a sketch of you, or singing in front you. Pretty romantic, right?


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