How to Tell if He Likes You – 10 Subtle Indications He Just Can’t Hide

Oh god, I can’t keep count of the number of hours I’ve spent dissecting a conversation or incident I had with some guy. “But, he smiled at me like this so he probably likes me… but then he said that, so he can’t be interested.” I’m not the only one who’s gone through this mess of wondering how to tell if he likes you.

But, we can’t analyze every single conversation and every twitch they have. Instead,  keep your eye for one of the main giveaways that show if he’s interested in you.

How to tell if he likes you – The little clues you need to keep an eye on

Now, don’t just conclude that because he held the door open for you, he’s into you. Rather, are there a couple of these signs that you see from him? One is not enough. I know, if it just took one sign, it would make things a lot easier.

But when it comes to love, it’s always complex. This was my mistake when younger—if he looked at me, I assumed he was in love with me. Let me tell ya, this was a huge shock to the system when I realized this wasn’t how it happens. High school was rough.

You gotta know how to tell if he likes you, and know the real signs so you don’t get hurt.

#1 He tells you. I pray this happens. Then this guy has balls and goes for what he wants. It’s a hot trait to have in a man. Plus, this stops you from overthinking every little thing he does. Instead, you hear it straight from his mouth.

#2 He makes the first move. If he makes the first move, he’s into you. Now, does he like you? I don’t know, but he’s definitely attracted to you. If he’s the one calling you, texting you, asking to hang out, then he’s interested in you, hands down.

#3 He pays attention to you. Now he doesn’t have to make you the center of attention, but he pays attention to you and your needs. This is important as many guys claim to like someone, but really, they don’t give the attention that’s needed to form a healthy relationship. That isn’t love, he just uses you.

#4 He puts you first. He’s into you and he’s all about making you happy. He wants to make you number one in his life. If he puts you first, he really likes you. If he shows all these other signs, but doesn’t spend time with you or chooses hanging out with the boys over you, you’re not a priority—which you need to reconsider.

#5 It’s about the body language. If someone likes you, they show it physically. They lean into you when you talk. They sit close beside you, they look at you—body language is essential when it comes to finding out if someone is attracted to you. The more they like you, the closer they try to be.

#6 He treats you differently. He has both male and female friends, but he treats you differently in comparison. Which makes sense, he’s not trying to be with his friends, he’s trying to be with you. So, he may be gentler around you, more thoughtful in comparison to how he treats the others around him.

#7 It’s all about the details. He remembers all those little things you talked about. How you like your coffee, when you wake up in the morning—you know, small things, yet those details show the most interest in someone. This shows he actual listens to you.

#8 Eye contact! It’s all about the eyes. You notice someone from across the room, they look back at you and then you just know they like you. It’s all in the eyes. If he looks at you, there’s a high chance he’s into you. Now, this doesn’t mean he likes you, this could be he finds you s*xually attractive, but it’s a start.

#9 He cares about what you have to say. So many guys ask you questions but they don’t really listen to the answers. It’s more because they feel the need to ask you, but if he’s really interested in you, he asks you questions and listens to your answers. You notice he’s fully engaged in conversation and replying to your answers with more than just an “okay, cool.”

#10 He acts nervous around you. Liking someone can be a terrifying thing, especially when you don’t know where they stand with you. So, naturally, it’s normal to feel nervous around someone you have feelings for.



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