How to Surprise Your Girlfriend and Score Brownie Points

People in relationships consider surprises as part of the package, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. Not only does it keep the passion alive, it also cultivates a sense of excitement between you and your partner.
And it’s not just for people who’ve been dating for a while. Couples in the honeymoon phase of their relationships can take advantage of the benefits of surprises as well.
Why should you surprise your partner?
There are lots of reasons why couples should surprise each other – the most common ones being anniversaries and birthdays. When you take a look at social media profiles of lovey-dovey couples, you’ll see that they usually think of creative ways to make these occasions feel special.
How to surprise your girlfriend and score brownie points
Special occasion surprises don’t even seem like surprises anymore. It’s the little things we do on a random day that fill our happy jars little by little as the relationship grows stronger.
#1 Show up wherever she’s hanging out alone. Sometimes, your girlfriend may spend time on her own outside. Say, for example, while she’s studying or working on something at a coffee shop. It is the simplest, yet most endearing surprise you can give your girlfriend. This is especially thoughtful when you just started dating exclusively.
#2 Bring her a treat. These days, it’s all about food and drinks. You got pizza, coffee, and donuts. Choose one and watch as you brighten up her day out of nowhere. I personally heard one of my friends say that she would fall in love with a guy who would bring her pizza and coffee.
#3 If she likes pets, take her to a dog or cat café on one of your dates. If you’ve been wondering how to surprise your girlfriend, you might not have thought about this one. Fortunately for you, this is a growing trend, and huge cities have readily available cafes where pet lovers congregate to socialize with their furry friends.
If that’s not available, you can always set up a puppy play date with the local shelters or animal rescue centers. They always need volunteers who can play with the animals. If your girlfriend is a pet lover, you just hit the motherlode of couple surprises.
#4 Stalk your girlfriend on social media a few years before you went out and give her something she’s always wanted. I admit the caption sounds creepy. If you are a couple, however, it’s not creepy anymore. It’s what we call “sweet.”
If your girl is the type to post statuses about random thoughts, wishes, and dreams, it will be easy enough to find something that she wants but hasn’t received yet. Just make sure that an old boyfriend did not give it to her already.
#5 Write her a micro-love-letter every day for a week or a month. On the list of how to surprise your girlfriend, this has got to be on top. But I would prefer an actual two to three-page love letter written on specialized stationery *I’m a writer, so sue me*, but it is the 21st century.
You can write your girlfriend a micro-love-letter on a post-it, a tiny piece of paper, or even on a text. Remember that a love letter is formatted. Don’t make it look like a random text or tweet. For example, a micro-love-letter may go something like this:
Dear Girlfriend,
I’ve been thinking about you all day, and I cannot wait to see you later. I saw a cat that looked exactly like you today. I went to pet her, but she scratched me – just like you did! 
#6 If you’re chummy with her co-workers, surprise her with a “Bring Your Boyfriend to Work Day.” Most of the time this seems unprofessional, but if your girlfriend’s boss and co-workers are nice enough, they might let you spend an hour or two with her while she works.
#7 Send her a basket of fruit or a chocolate bouquet. Corny? Yes. Surprising? Maybe not, but the gesture itself is a bit better than sending the traditional bouquet of flowers. And you win either way. Fruit baskets are healthy, while chocolate bouquets are simply divine.
#8 Dress up as one of her favorite characters and take her out on a date. No matter which type of entertainment she likes, there will always be a character that your girlfriend favors. The only challenge is getting a costume of an obscure character.
Just in case, you can always rent or DIY that shit. Either way, you’re doing something monumental – embarrassing yourself in front of strangers because it’s not yet Halloween – and memorable – surprising your girlfriend in the most adorable way.
#9 Set something up at her place that she always wanted, but never had time to get. For example, she wanted to install a nice Pinterest-y type of shelf arrangement. But like all of us normal folks, we rarely ever get to start a Pinterest project.
If not that, you could clean out her garage, mow her lawn, or cook her a regular dinner just so she can rest when she finally arrives at her place.
#10 Secretly take nice pictures of her, while you’re hanging out, and give them to her in a tasteful photobook. Since we’re always using our phones anyway, why not use it for something really special. Take discreet photos of your girlfriend when she’s prettiest – which is like all the time, right?
Find a service that offers gorgeous photo books for an affordable price *remember, you don’t have to go all out for a random surprise*, and give it to her when she least expects it.


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