How to Save a Dying Long Distance Relationship: 8 Uplifting Tips

So you’re in an LDR and you’ve never seen each other in a while. You’re starting to grow apart and it’s not only because you are miles away from them but because you’ve met new people and discovered exciting experiences outside of your relationship.

While your current life seems fun and thrilling, you know deep in your heart that it’s just a matter of time before you lose the person you love for good – and you don’t want that because you know that at the end of the day, no matter how much you enjoy your present life, you still feel incomplete and alone.

Most long-distance relationships die and fade away in this process. Sometimes, it’s a slow and painful death and other times, it just catches you by surprise. Regardless of how it happens, both are heartbreaking.

If you’re going through the same thing, you still have time to fix it.  Take a look at some of the ways to help save a dying long distance relationship.

1. Spend time with them – not just online but in person.
Sometimes, you just really miss each other but you’re too scared to let the loneliness get you that you tend to keep yourself busy with things outside of your relationship. This defense mechanism usually results in couples growing apart – but the solution is simple. Be with them, in person.

Try to pay them a visit and connect with them, in a more physical sense. The experience will remind both of you of the magic and what it feels like when you’re alone, together.

2. Send them something special and memorable.
If it’s impossible to go to where they are, don’t worry. You still have another option and it may cost you something but it surely is worth it. Send them a special package, and in it should be something sweet and memorable. It’s important to send something that they can actually hold with their hands and feel with their senses.

This will remind them of you not just as the voice inside a gadget or a moving picture on a computer screen, but a real person, someone who misses and loves them so much.

3. Talk about what’s bothering you and be honest about it.
If it’s not the distance that is the problem and it’s more on what’s really happening because of the absence of a physical relationship, then the only way to save a dying LDR is to talk about it. Be honest with each other and discuss the matters that seem to affect how you feel about the relationship.

It’s important to talk about the things that really matter as early as possible before it becomes more serious.

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4. Learn how to accept the limits of being in an LDR.
Not everyone survives a long distance relationship not because they’re not in love but simply because they cannot accept the changes that come with it. If you think you’re one of the couples who think that things should still be the same even if you’re miles away from each other, then prepare to be disappointed.

In a long distance relationship, you have to make adjustments. Be reminded that your partner’s life will no longer revolve around you no matter how much they want it to. They have to go to work/school, to socialize or just to live a normal life without the restrictions and inhibitions set by a possessive and overprotective partner.

5. Learn to accept your new life and embrace new experiences.
Being in a long distance relationship and being introduced to a new experience and new environment can change a person a lot. Aside from having a shift in their priorities, couples usually undergo an adjustment period where they feel lost and even confused because they don’t know what to do and which step to take first.

The only way to come out of this limbo is to just be open and embrace the new opportunities and experiences from a positive perspective. That way, the pressure of adjusting to this new life while still being able to be a perfect partner won’t be a burden.

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6. Put in extra effort in everything you do for your relationship.
However, In connection with the previous section, it doesn’t mean that you just have to go with the flow and accept every circumstance that a long distance relationship can bring. It’s also important to swim against the current it necessary, especially if it means creating a stronger bond with your partner regardless of the distance and time apart.

In order to do that, you have to take extra effort and show them that you want to make it work. Send them special packages, be extra sweet in your daily conversations and give them the assurance that no matter what, you’re okay. Your relationship will be okay.

7. Show them that you are willing to wait because they’re worth it.
Make them feel loved especially if you’re going through a tough time. There will always be challenges that will test your love for each other and the only thing that you have to do is to hold on and wait for the storm to pass. At least you know that after it’s all over, you didn’t give up and you’re still there, holding each other’s hands.

Show them that you’ll wait for them and you’ll be strong to overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

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8. Seek advice from your friends who’ve been through an LDR.
There are different ways to save a dying long distance relationship but the best is to seek wisdom from the people whose relationships have made it out happier and stronger. Let them be your inspiration and a source of faith.

Believe in the power of your love and your commitment that in the end, when you’re finally together again, you know that every sacrifice, every pain and waiting, all of them were all worth it.

The success of a long distance relationship will always depend on one important factor: making the same choice, the same decision to love your partner every single day no matter what. In other words, you have to exert the physical and emotional effort to make it work and you have to do it constantly and consistently.

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