How to Know if a Woman Likes You – 10 Indications That Will Not Let You Down

The signs always speak the truth about how to know if a girl likes you. It is not a test you have to study for. Just a little observance on you part will reveal everything you want to know.
How to know if a girl likes you – Taking a look at the signs
Stop stressing out and wondering if your crush has thought of you as boyfriend material! These 10 signs tell you no lies if the girl you like is into you or not.
#1 She plays with her hair. You may think that she’s some bimbo because she keeps twiddling her fingers in her hair, but that ain’t the fact. This is literally the oldest trick in the book.
If she’s sensually stroking her hair and tossing it to the side, exposing her neck to you. She’s either nervous or trying to get your attention. So, if she’s giving herself whiplash, then you should probably take that as a sign.
#2 Bites her lip. This is a for sure sign unless she has a cold sore or chocolate sauce on her lip, she wants your mouth on her mouth. If she’s licking her lips or biting them, she wants you. If she’s staring at you while biting her lip, then I don’t know what you’re still doing here reading this—GO, NOW!
#3 She hangs out with you regularly. Are you two hanging out literally all the time? Is she the one initiating the hangouts? Now, this could also mean she sees you as a good friend, but no one invests their time with someone unless they like you on some level. But regardless, if she’s spending time with you, then it’s a decent sign she is interested in you.
#4 She touches you. Okay, so if she isn’t saying, “you’re such a good friend” or “you’re like my brother,” while stroking your arm then the touching is a great sign. When a girl wants to be close to someone, they subtly touch them.
It could be an arm rub, a soft touch on the knee, whatever the case, touching is touching and touching is good. The point of the story is: let her touch you.
#5 Laughs at your jokes. Now, don’t go testing this by suffocating her with jokes you found on the internet. Listen, you want to make her laugh, it’s a good thing. If she’s laughing at your jokes, you’re gold. So, keep calm and natural. If she’s not laughing at your jokes, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like you—maybe your jokes just suck.
#6 She asks about your personal life. If she’s wondering about your family, how many brothers you have, if you’re interested in some girl *what she’s really trying to get at*, then her curiosity means she’s interested. Women only ask questions when they need information that benefits them.
Why else would she care about your personal life and who you hang out with on Friday nights? Yeah, did the light bulb just go off? Great. Now, go get her.
#7 Introduces you to her friends. When you’re sitting at a table full of women who are interviewing you, it’s not by chance this is happening. The minute you leave the table, they’re giving your girl a complete run-down of what they think of you. She is looking for her friend’s approval.
#8 Tries to get your attention. Is she always trying to talk to you whether you’re at school or at home? Sending you YouTube clips? Finding articles on topics that interest you? Yeah, she’s not doing that to educate you. She wants to relate to you and build a bond between you two. If you’re interested, then send her articles and clips you think she’ll like.
#9 Puts time in her appearance. Still wondering how to know if a girl likes you? Then keep an eye on her appearance. If all of a sudden she’s wearing make-up and doing her hair all fancy, that’s a good sign. We girls don’t invest all that time into our appearance unless we want to feel good and make ourselves noticed. So, if you notice her upping her style, then there’s a chance it’s because of you.
But don’t put too much emphasis on this point alone. There needs to be a couple additional other points included in order for this to mean something.
#10 Less distance. If she’s squeezing herself in beside you, or sitting on your lap, then that’s a pretty solid sign. If a girl isn’t interested in you there is no way she would put herself on your lap. That would be asking for attention from the wrong person. In this case, less is more. So, the less light shining between your two bodies, the better. If a girl likes you, she wants to be extra close.


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