How to Keep a Woman in 15 Ways

How to keep a woman in your life? How to keep her falling in love with you? What can you do to keep your relationship with her strong and healthy?

If you have found the right girl whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, you will do anything to make her happy. You will fear of hurting her and losing her eventually. You will sacrifice important things just to keep and save your relationship with her.

But no matter what you do, you cannot force someone to love you. You can only inspire her to realize that you are the best man in the world for her.

To keep a woman, you also have to make yourself a man who is worth to keep. And you have to build a relationship which is also worthy of keeping.

Here are 15 ways to keep a woman and your relationship with her.

1. Be humble and practice forgiveness.
If you want to keep your woman, be humble and admit your own mistakes. Ask for forgiveness and be sincere to not repeat your mistakes over and over again. If she commits mistakes, get rid of your pride and be ready to forgive her too.

2. Know and understand her better.
If you want to keep your woman, never make her feel that she’s a stranger to you. Hence, know and understand her deeper. Listen to her heart. Know what she loves and what she hates. Understand what makes her happy or sad. You must be the one who can understand her the most.

3. Be consistently honest.
If you want to keep your woman, make honesty a habit. Don’t lie about your past, present, and future. Honesty is uncommon in this world. A woman whose partner is honest and transparent would rarely suffer from jealousy and insecurity. If you’re an honest person, who would not want to stay with you?

4. Be loyal.
If you want to keep your woman, make her your only one true love. Just like honesty, loyalty will give her confidence and overcome any insecurity in her mind. Loyal men are hard to find these days. If you’re a loyal man, who would not want to have a long-term relationship with you?

5. Treasure her.
If you want to keep your woman, make her feel valued and important. Treat her like a princess or a queen. Keep her like she’s your most precious thing or blessing in this world. Don’t ignore her but give your most precious time and attention to her.

6. Be kind and compassionate.
If you want to keep your woman, feel her joy and suffering. Only by feeling what she feels will you be able to make her happy and comfort her when she’s sad. With kindness and compassion, your common relationship problems and misunderstandings will be easier to solve.

7. Support and empower her.
If you want to keep your woman, help her make her dreams come true. Don’t be a hindrance in reaching her goals in life. Let her grow and achieve her full potential. By giving your support, you can also show how much you love her.

8. Respect and honor her.
If you want to keep your woman, respect her as a woman, a human, and as your one and only partner in a relationship. Don’t forget to appreciate her achievements, whether they are small or big. Value her words, opinions and decisions even they are opposite to yours.

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9. Protect her.
If you want to keep your woman, be her hero. Be a chivalrous guy who will keep her away from danger or inconvenience. Be a man who will protect her from harm, whether it’s coming from others, from her, or from you.

10. Trust her.
If you want to keep your woman, trust her and don’t think of her like an unclean woman, especially if you don’t have a proof. Learn how to be calm and manage your own green-eyed monster and other insecurities. Show that you have confidence in her.

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11. Be a responsible man.
If you want to keep your woman, be a real man. Learn to love and develop yourself. Don’t waste your time and money on drunkenness and other vices. Instead, build a bright future for her, for your relationship, and your children. Stop being childish – start getting mature and a more grown man.

12. Make a big sacrifice.
If you want to keep your woman, show her that you are selfless. Make her realize that she is your world, your Universe. Show her that you can leave your old world just to be able to live in her world.

13. Be romantic.
If you want to keep your woman, make your love story more interesting and exciting. Give her flowers, always tell her you love her, travel with her, have a nice dinner date with her, and do every romantic thing that comes to your loving and creative mind. Being romantic shows that you are thoughtful and that she’s always on your mind.

14. Love her as a whole.
If you want to keep your woman, don’t just love her physically, but love her totally. Don’t just use her for your physical pleasures but stay with her because her presence completes your heart, spirit, and soul.

15. Don’t give up on her.
If you want to keep your woman, be a persistent man who will fight for your love no matter what. Don’t easily give up when your relationship is in trouble. Don’t break up with her for petty things. Don’t ever utter the word “breakup”. Make her realize that you are serious and determined to have a relationship with her that can last for life.

There is no guarantee that you can keep your woman as long as you want since the final decision for her to stay with you lies in her. You cannot force someone to love you and stay with you for life. However, you can always do something to make her fall in love with you and be with you forever.

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