How to Feel Happy – 10 Proven Strategies for Instant Joy

I’m going through the winter blues right now. The thought of leaving my house, let alone changing out of my pajamas pains me. This isn’t because I’m lazy, even though I am, this is more just about me feeling down in the dumps. Do I have my reasons? Absolutely.

However, you don’t want this to become an emotional habit. You have to find ways to make yourself feel better and happier than you are now. Of course, you can see a therapist, but there are also things you can do in your home to help you get out of this funk and learn how to feel happy again.

How to feel happy – Time-tested tips to change your outlook

We’ve all been in a funk, now, you just have to get yourself out of it. I know it seems like it’s impossible. When we feel so down in the dumps, we don’t even have the ability to think about how to be happy. But I’m going to change that for you with these tips.

#1 Acknowledge that you’re not happy. The first step is to acknowledge that you’re not where you should be. You’re not happy. Okay, so, why is this? Is it that you’re not happy with yourself? Your relationship? Your job? What is it about you and your life that you’re feeling discontent about?

#2 Start becoming active. This isn’t some way to hint that you need to lose a couple pounds and work out. I’m not even saying you have to hit the gym six days a week. What I am saying though is that you should start to develop some sort of fitness regime.

It could be going for a walk every day or taking up a dance class. The point is, when you sweat, you relieve stress. Thus, it makes you feel better. So, working out is a great way to get you into a more positive mindset.

#3 Try new things. But really, you need to try new things if you want to know how to feel happy. Maybe what you’re doing right now has you unmotivated and uninspired. So, this is when you need to spice your life up with new activities.

Try things out that you think sound interesting. Bring a friend or go alone. However, I would recommend going alone because it forces you to focus on yourself and make new friends.

#4 Do things for others. I know, sometimes the thought of helping someone else is daunting. Do I have to? Can’t they ask someone else? But trust me, doing something for someone other than yourself is so fulfilling.

Do you get anything material out of it? No. And you shouldn’t, that’s not the point. It’s supposed to make you feel good inside, and it does. So, feed the homeless, volunteer at a shelter, or make dinner for your mom – it doesn’t have to be big.

#5 Go outside. So many people are unhappy. However, they spend most of their day stuck inside staring at a computer screen. You see, this doesn’t work. You need to go outside and breathe some of the clean air in the woods or by the beach. Make sure you go outside at least once a day in nature. You need it when trying to figure out how to be happy.

#6 Get enough sleep. This one is crucial. I know that if I have a couple days of crappy sleep, I’m cranky and snappy. So, make sure you get 8 hours of sleep a night. You remember those nights when you slept like a baby? The next day you feel like you’re walking on a cloud – it’s like Heaven. So, give your body the time it needs to rest and heal. You’ll notice a difference.

#7 Meditate. Meditation used to be just for hippies, but now, everyone’s doing it. Why? Because it works. Join yoga or take five minutes and sit on your couch breathing in and out.

Your mind is going a million miles a minute, and you’re constantly in thought. So, why not give it a rest and just focus on your breaths. Do this for a week, and you’ll notice a lightness in your mind and body.

#8 Write it out. Another tip for how to feel happy is to write. Maybe this is because I’m a writer, but writing is a great way to get everything out of your system. All of your emotions and thoughts, just write it down. It’s a form of therapy.

Get yourself a journal and just start writing things down. It doesn’t have to sound good, and your spelling doesn’t matter. This is just about expressing yourself and relieving your emotions.

#9 Fill your time. Okay, I should be taking this advice. Fill your time. Believe me, I’ve been sitting around dwelling on things I should and shouldn’t have done, and it hasn’t helped me whatsoever.

But now, I’m starting to fill my time and keep my mind busy with other things, more… productive thoughts. If you sit on your couch all day, it won’t make you feel any happier.

#10 Brighten your space. If you want to know how to feel happy, you need to surround yourself with happy things. Open the blinds, put some flowers next to your bed, and make sure that the space you’re living in is light. And, please, clear the clutter. Get rid of all the dirty underwear on the floor and the eight-year-old magazines lying under your bed. A clear space means a clear mind.


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