How to Date an Adrenaline Junkie without Risking Death

Have you ever caught your loved one grinning at the mere thought of doing something risky, causing them a sense of pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom, almost like a stolen breath?

Do they become anxious after a risky adventure, waiting to do it all over again, overwhelmed by the mesmerizing flow of adrenaline rush to the head?

If so, you could be in love with an adrenaline junkie.

We all are adrenaline junkies in one way or another. We ride high on that extra oxygen, energy, and hormones that give us a thrill or that fight-or-flight moment. We sometimes become addicted, waiting to seize the next opportunity to strike at whatever we perceive our adventure to be.

The addiction can be mind-boggling, consuming us to the point where death is no longer feared. We actually dare death, and so no thought is given to the loved ones we might leave behind, as we succumb to the thrill of that daring event.

Defining an adrenaline junkie

An adrenaline high is anything that causes our heart rate to increase due to the pleasure, danger, or risk associated with the activity that is being carried out. This euphoric feeling can sometimes last for hours and is stimulated by a variety of reasons.

Some people get an adrenaline rush from playing sports and doing activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and car and bike stunts. It can even happen with activities such as gambling and shoplifting.

Some people also love the rush of being in a hurry all the time. Caffeine and alcohol can contribute to that high too, even though this is temporary.

Another reason for an intense adrenaline rush is falling in love. They say falling in love can cause an adrenaline rush because of the sparks that ignite, which cause the heart to race or beat faster. It makes us become sweaty and nervous and can lead to emotional and psychological instability simply because of how it impacts us. [Read: 19 sure signs you’re falling deeply in love with someone]

We feel exhilarated, leading to accelerated breathing, euphoria, a racing heartbeat, anxiety, and even panic attacks and sleeping disorders.

Our mood swings could very well be parallel to that of a drug addict, and this is where the “high” comes in. It’s actually quite similar to the “rush” experienced by an adrenaline junkie embarking on a dangerous and risky adventure. Therefore, we can all identify with being an adrenaline junkie at some time in our lives. Whatever activity we become addicted to, sometimes that habit can be hard to break.

Loving an adrenaline junkie

Loving someone who is defined or deemed to be an adrenaline junkie can very well lead to complications and misunderstandings in any relationship.

An adrenaline junkie who becomes addicted to risk taking, while the average person loathes the idea of excessive risk, will always be looking for the next adventure or anything that can provide that thrill.

So how does one love an adrenaline junkie? It’s challenging, but not hard to fathom. Whether the relationship is a romantic one or family oriented, such as parent-sibling or brother-sister, there are ways in which one can manage the process to ensure that the relationship remains viable and is not affected by the risk associated with the behavior. It will, however, require some amount of patience and understanding of the reasons behind the thrill factor. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl]

An adrenaline junkie is a person who is addicted to the thrill of the adrenaline rush. They constantly seek adventure and have a strong need for stimulation. Although everyone produces adrenaline in response to stress, an adrenaline junkie craves the process, hence the addiction.

To love someone with this personality trait will require the other person to be calm and supportive. One person has to be level-headed and provide support in terms of encouragement and advice, in the sense that you let the person know that it is OK to be a risk-taker, but do so with caution.

They say opposites attracts, so if your loved one is an adrenaline junkie and you are not, tell them how much you love and care for them. That way, they will understand your fear if something should go wrong.

In doing so, you hope that they will limit the level of risk involved in the activities they undertake and take the time to care about those who care about them. So for dangerous, physical activities, encourage them to wear protective gear and use the correct tools to enhance their safety. [Read: Do opposites actually attract or do they push each other away?]

Adrenaline punch versus medical history

If the person craves risk because of some deficit or mental disorder, then you would need to seek help for the individual. Talk to your loved one, and encourage them to get an assessment to ensure that they are not suffering from conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or depression.

The need for drama

An addiction junkie tends to create drama and crisis in their life, sometimes consciously or unconsciously, in order to trigger the stress response for the benefit of the excitement. Here is when patience will be a virtue, as this kind of practice can disrupt a relationship and cause chaos. A partner or a family member will have to exercise not just patience but understanding of the need or reason for the behavior and try to discourage it as much as possible. [Read: 10 ways to handle your girlfriend’s dramatic tantrums]

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why an adrenaline junkie may want the aura of drama in their life, despite the chaos this may create in a relationship. However, this level of chaos can take its toll and create more stress than necessary.

Both parties can agree to keep the excitement in their lives without the chaos by paring down the unnecessary, stressful activities. Distinguish what activities cause the negative effects or chronic stress and try to eliminate them. Together, you can find ways to prevent them from becoming overblown situations that impact negatively on the relationship. [Read: Secrets of a love-hate relationship – Can it ever work?]

How to deal with falling in love with a risk-taker

Adrenaline junkies often lead interesting lives, and they are certainly fun to be with and to watch. Help them practice relaxation techniques, like meditation, to reverse the body’s stress responses when they are overwhelmed by the need to fulfill the thrill.

Risk-takers are people out to live life to the fullest and to have a good time. Find ways of having a good time with them, and develop a common interest in the things that you can both do together. It does not mean that you will partake in the risk, but you can share in their joy when they accomplish the thrill and the excitement of cheating death.

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