How does a man fall in love?

You’ve been friends for a while now. Confidence, friendship, trust, everything is there. Finally, your best friend is like you in masculine. But now, by spending most of your time together, certain feelings took place, and you realized that there is more than friendship. Can we fall in love with our best friend?

Girl boy friendship is ambiguous

Having friends of the opposite s**x is quite possible, when things are clear of course. But, the problem is, even if you promised yourself to be just a friend, there is always one of the two who falls in love with the other. And for once, this time it’s you, but don’t regret anything, because girl-boy friendship is well known, it’s always very ambiguous and it’s difficult to leave room for anything but friendship precisely …

Make sure feelings are reciprocal

The first thing when you become aware of this sort of thing is to talk to the person concerned. Fall in love with your best friend, so what? And yes, don’t keep it all to yourself, telling yourself “it will pass”. Because on the contrary, it never passes! Be courageous, and tell him this confidence. In addition, he is the person best able to answer you, and to give you advice. Most of all, you need to make sure that the feelings are mutual. Granted, this is a tricky situation, and you’re afraid he’ll tell you no, but at least it will be clear and you will be set!

Falling in love: it’s the risk of losing everything

It all depends on how your best friend is. You are probably one of the people who knows him best. But love usually falls on us and it’s hard to let it go. However, falling in love with your best friend also runs the risk of losing everything, and of ending such a beautiful friendship. It is up to you to make that decision, but at the same time, it is not good to suppress your feelings …

A serious relationship with best friend

The good side of things is that you know each other so well, that you have created a real bond, very strong between friendship and honesty, you no longer have secrets from each other. And it is well known that serious romantic relationships are often built this way. You are going to take a huge risk for sure, but if it is possible, you will see, your relationship will have a much more chance to work and to be built on real feelings of love. Do not hesitate!

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