Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For November: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

It’s as if the planetary alignments know we’re heading into cold weather, because they schemed up a plan to make November a little warmer for us. Whether Mercury is helping you communicate before it turns retrograde mid-month or Venus is sprinkling a touch of love into your life, this month will do its best to fight back against the cold. November will prove to be a positive month for most.

For the vast majority astrological signs, a conflict filled with tension should find a type of resolution. This is due to Mercury’s presence strengthening our ability to create worthwhile conversations. This is especially important now because Mars is still in retrograde, which has the ability to send all types of trouble our way!

If your love life has been feeling stagnant or sour, Venus will help breathe fresh air into your heart. Between you and your partner, November is bound to help you bond and build bridges if conflicts have been popping up. If you’re single, there are a number of intriguing events the planet of love could send your way, but it all depends on what sector of your chart it is in.

And finally, if you’re eager for a sneak peek into the New Year, Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio can offer a handful of predictions for each of us. Jupiter will be hanging around for the next twelve months, so settle into its presence. Here is your November horoscope for love, relationships, and lifestyle!

24Scorpio Horoscope: Jupiter Will Predict Your Future This Month AND The Next Twelve

Jupiter has arrived in your sign, and it’s here to stay for the next twelve months! For the foreseeable future, personal growth and self-development will be the running theme of your life. Big changes are arriving, but they’ll be arriving at a slow and steady pace.

The bottom line is a fresh page is turning in your life, and you should celebrate.

But before you can truly be excited about the future, you have to get through November! Mars remains in Taurus for now, so the tension among your closest relationships will stick around a bit longer. Perhaps knowing you’re moving towards a new chapter in your life will help you find a solution to the trouble.

23Scorpio Love Horoscope: Your Emotions About Love Will Be All Over The Place This Month, So Be Prepared For Anything!

The New Moon and Full Moon this month could leave you feeling confused about love. Uranus’s connection to the Full Moon suggests you may do something wild with your love life, surprising even yourself. If a rash decision isn’t it, it may be your emotions leaving you befuddled.

Don’t be alarmed if one moment you feel like your partner is your forever, and the next moment you’re having a breakdown and yearning for total freedom. The moon cycle and complicated emotions are all a part of being a Water Sign: if you can weather the storm, your feelings should settle down by December.

22Sagittarius Horoscope: When You Feel Like Life Won’t Give You A Break, Remember How Important Communication Is

Mars in retrograde is giving you all kinds of trouble. Tension continues to brew in your work environment or in your health, and you’re beginning to feel like the problems will never be resolved. Before you give yourself an ultimatum, take a deep breath: the Full Moon later in the month should abate and improve the situation.

During your moments of weakness, reminding yourself about the importance of communication will be your saving grace this month.

Most tension stems from miscommunication, so take some time to consider how a conversation could remedy the problem. When Mercury turns retrograde later in the month, focusing on communication will help you work through any delays in your plans.

21Sagittarius Love Horoscope: A Break From Love Would Be Amazing For Your Health

You will continue to have ups and downs with your health, but your love life might be having a negative impact on you. A break from love is never easy, however, especially if you’re in a serious relationship. If a conflict with your partner has been hurting you, it’s time to have a frank conversation with them. Be honest, and tell them you need more from them, or else you need to take a break.

Stressing out about a crush will only increase your anxiety. Perhaps it’s time to take a deep breath and remind yourself who your one true love is: you! If no one else is going to take care of you, put yourself first and place love on the back burner.

20Capricorn Horoscope: It Isn’t Just Hot Chocolate Or Fireplaces Making You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy This Month

This month, you will be graced with Venus moving into your sign. The presence of Venus will make your personality more openly warm, and you’ll feel the desire to relate and compromise.

This will have a positive effect on your closest relationships, as your favorable impressions on everybody will maintain harmony.

If you’re already eager for a sneak peek into the upcoming year, listen to this: Jupiter in Scorpio for the next year suggests your friendships will grow stronger and have a significant impact on your life. It sounds like you’ll be more involved in group activities overall.

19Capricorn Love Horoscope: November Will Fill Your Belly With Butterflies!

Venus will be gracing you with all types of positive energy this month. An array of experiences could happen this month when it comes to your love life. If you’ve never experienced the sensation of “love at first sight,” then prepare yourself! A handsome stranger might startle you with the chemistry you share. He might even sweep you off your feet with a heart-stopping compliment.

The Full Moon will promise fulfillment in your romance sector, so whatever you’ve been longing for could be on the horizon. Matters of the heart will be interesting for you this month, so prepare for both the unexpected and tons of butterflies!

18Aquarius Horoscope: Jupiter Is About To Offer You A Promising Future

If you’re ready for a peek into the New Year, here is a planetary prediction: Jupiter moves into Scorpio this month for the entirety of the upcoming year, which suggests you’re about to receive recognition for all your hard work. It is likely that you will be moving ahead in your career.

November itself is offering you promises here and now!

The alignment between Jupiter and Uranus at the end of the month will offer beneficial changes to your financial position. Mars in retrograde will be slowing down your plans all month, so some good financial news will be welcome.

17Aquarius Love Horoscope: Has Your Partner Said Something That Hurt Your Confidence? It’s Time To Speak Up!

Too often in love, we allow our partners to say things to us that aren’t appropriate. If your partner has been pushing your boundaries, it’s time to speak up! One of the most important parts of a relationship is making your boundaries clear. Perhaps your partner doesn’t even know they’ve said something hurtful. You’re an outspoken person, and it might be time to remind them of that.

Mars in retrograde might be sending some rude boys your way if you find yourself at a party or downtown during the month. It might be time to arrange some slick comebacks for when these situations inevitably arise.

16Pisces Horoscope: You Should Expect New Horizons, Changing Perspectives, And Refreshing Philosophies

Your spiritual nature will be feeding off what this month has to offer, and your heart will feel full by the end of it… not to mention your mind will be open and clear. The New Moon at the beginning of the month is connected with a widening of your philosophy, suggesting your understanding of life will develop.

There will be an opportunity for you to try something new.

The presence of Jupiter will offer opportunities to widen your knowledge and understanding of the world. With this in mind, it’s no coincidence that Uranus in Pisces at the end of the month will present you with new horizons in your personal life. The bottom line? You’ll remember November 2018 forever.

15Pisces Love Horoscope: You And Your Partner Will Have A Surprising Disagreement

With a newly opened mind and a changed perspective on the world, you may be startled by something your partner has to say. It may be an opinion you disagree with, or it might be a disagreement that arises when the two of you try to make plans. If this is a new relationship, be prepared to be startled by a spiritual difference you weren’t aware existed between you two.

An easy remedy to this issue is to take a step back from different ideas about life and religion and to focus on what the two of you share. A weekend getaway together could help rekindle what matters in your love life.

14Aries Horoscope: Now Is The Time To Shine At Work For This Specific Reason

Mars in retrograde motion in Taurus might bring you down into a funk. It will throw a dent into your personal plans and could even impact your income. But don’t fret! It will be Venus that has the largest impact on your life this month, not Mars.

Venus is moving into the area of your chart connected with your professional life.

For the next few weeks, anyone of importance in your life will recognize the effort you put in and your ready cooperation. Now is definitely the time to suck up to your boss, because they’ll be ready to give you the rewards for it!

13Aries Love Horoscope: Some Good News Will Fill Your Relationship With Happiness

ews can change everything! You and your sweetheart may have been struggling with a financial issue lately, but good news will arise for you at work that could change everything. Your effort will finally pay off if you play your cards right, and this will fill your relationship with passion and joy.

On top of this, you’ll finally feel like you’re benefiting from your partner’s financial situation. The two of you are beginning to feel like a connected unit, and some loving conversations about your future together will ensue. Is a vacation on the horizon?

12Taurus Horoscope: Taking A Holiday Will Be On Your Mind (And It Might Be The Perfect Time For One)

Have you been feeling busier than usual? Mars in retrograde has been turning your plans into a chaotic mishap, and it will be disheartening until it returns to direct motion.

This is why a vacation is on your mind, and it is the perfect time to take one.

If that isn’t enough encouragement, Venus is moving into the area of your chart connected with traveling. This suggests if you take a holiday, it’s bound to be a good one and it will broaden your horizons. You’ll meet people from different walks of life that will offer you advice with your personal struggles. Need I say more to encourage you?

11Taurus Love Horoscope: Your Deepest, Truest Feelings May Cause A Significant Change In Your Love Life

Your busy schedule has given you plenty of distance from your love life. It has given you the chance to realize you desire real change, and it’s because you’re ready to own your deepest, most intense feelings for someone. If you’re single but someone close to you has stolen your heart, it’s time for you to be open with them.

You may also be divided by a choice. In all likelihood, this month will present you with a choice between someone new who offers an exciting yet frightening new beginning, or someone from the past who wants to reconcile. Focus on what your heart is telling you, and you’ll make the right decision.

10Gemini Horoscope: If Close Relationships Have Been A Point Of Tension In Your Life, You Will Have A Chance To Change That

Mercury will remain in the area of your chart connected with partnerships. This gives you a rare opportunity to feel decisive in your feelings, and an open discussion with someone you care for deeply will lead to a new understanding between you.

Dealing with tension has always been a struggle for you, and now you have a chance to rid yourself of some stress.

The New Moon at the beginning of the month suggests this is the ideal time for a new beginning! It sounds like you’re about to assume new responsibility or develop a new attitude towards your fitness and health.

9Gemini Love Horoscope: Is It Cold Season, Or Is Your Love Life Making You Feel A Little Sick…?

Stress has been proven to make people feel sick and become more vulnerable to illness, and you might be the living proof of this. If your love life is making you ill, it’s time for a change! Perhaps that open discussion you’re planning on having this month needs to be with your partner. If your instincts have been telling you they’re not acting appropriately, you need to listen to your body and talk to them.

If you’re single, it is likely you have been internalizing some type of heartbreak. If you keep blaming yourself, you’ll only hurt yourself more… Take some ‘me’ time and focus on the possibility of new beginnings.

8Cancer Horoscope: Showing Affection Should Be The Focal Point Of This Month For You

Venus is moving into Capricorn, and this is a position you need to take advantage of. When this occurs, the focus on your close relationships intensifies for a positive reason.

You and your loved ones will be feeling extra harmonious, which means you can build new bridges and deepen bonds.

Venus will also allow you to express affection more easily. It is the time for a new romance to begin blossoming, or you should tell your friends how much they truly mean to you. You’re an affectionate person, but this is your time to communicate your affection in a clear and meaningful way. Take advantage of it and spread the love!

7Cancer Love Horoscope: If You Let Go Of Your Expectations, You Will Find Happiness

While you’ll be bursting with affection for the entirety of this month, you might need to rein in your expectations. Just because you’re willing to plan an elaborate date and talk about your feelings into the early morning hours with your partner doesn’t mean they are! While your affection will be welcomed, don’t expect them to return the favor. Enjoy giving, but don’t expect to take.

If you’re single, letting go of your expectations could bring about a surprising love scenario. You may have become too attached to your idealized version of the perfect person, and you’re putting your heart at a disadvantage.

6Leo Horoscope: If You Quit Out Of Frustration, You’ll Lose Out On Long-Term Rewards Next Year

The last few months of 2018 have been pushing your buttons. Mars in retrograde is affecting your career; no matter how ambitious you are, somehow it seems your hard work isn’t paying off. You feel frustrated and you’re wondering what it takes to get results.

You need to remember the effort you are putting into your objectives will pay off in the long haul.

You’re not playing for short-term gains. Luckily, if you’re feeling down and out, Venus is moving into Capricorn this month. This suggests work relations will improve and people will take more notice of your industriousness. Hold on to your ambition and look towards the future.

5Leo Love Horoscope: Focusing On Your Job Will Help You Find Balance In Your Love Life

Your career might be driving you crazy, but you need it to find space in your love life. If you’re in a relationship, focusing on work could relieve tension if there have been debates about money. Spending extra time apart and at work will help you focus on why there is love between you and your partner, and the distance will actually help strengthen your bond.

If you’re single, you’ve been using too much energy on dating apps. Pick up some extra shifts at work in order to give yourself some breathing room. Trying to force love into existence will only make you miserable!

4Virgo Horoscope: You Should Communicate Early In The Month To Solve Problems Before Mercury Creates Misunderstandings In Later November

Mercury, as your ruler, always has a powerful effect on you. This is why it will define November. During the beginning of the month, Mercury is connected to your family and home life, which means communication will flow easily and worthwhile conversations will develop into new understandings between you and family members.

However, Mercury will turn retrograde mid-month, which will transform all communications into misunderstandings.

Make sure your relationships are in a good place before this happens, otherwise a small issue could explode into all-out war. Enjoy the opportunities the beginning of the month will present to bond with the people you love.

3Virgo Love Horoscope: Getting In Touch With An Ex Could Make Things Interesting

Whether you’re taken or single, you might find yourself coming in contact with an ex. Reconciliation will be possible early in the month, and someone you once loved might surprise you by trying to rekindle what they broke. Will you be prepared for an all-out apology to try and win you back?

If your ex tries to contact you after the mid-point of the month, ignore them. It will likely turn into a fight, or their toxic side will surface and remind you why things had to end. But either way, someone from your past will make your love life interesting this month.

2Libra Horoscope: You Should Embrace Your Feistier Side This Month

Your feistier side is a dormant spectacle, but this month, you should take it out for a spin and let it shine. Retrograde Mars in Taurus has given you the confidence to fight for what is rightfully yours, and this confidence will follow you throughout the entirety of November.

A fresh start is on the horizon where your income is involved thanks to the New Moon, and you’re going to seize the opportunity with an eagerness you haven’t enjoyed in a while.

You can feel the New Year arriving and you’re ready to make it the best one yet… But first, you’re going to live-up the end of 2018.

1Libra Love Horoscope: You Need To Help Your Partner Through A Difficult Time

While you might be dancing on sunshine (or snow), your partner is about to experience a drastic change in their life. It will likely occur with their finances. This will obviously affect you, and you will need to be patient and careful with your words; while they’re feeling vulnerable, miscommunications can easily occur.

Towards the end of the month, you’ll go overboard with internalizing things. But if you’ve given your partner the patience and love they’ve needed during their crisis, they will surprise you with optimistic solutions and shower you with love and affection. It’s a balancing act between you two this month.

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