Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For May: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

If you don’t like change, you better find a way to start liking it… May 2018 is going to be a month full of transformations! Beginning in Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac and the first of the earth signs, this is a time for growth and development. Even if changes don’t feel right in the beginning, they’re necessary to your journey. We know—necessary growth and development aren’t words that sound exciting. But to get to the good times, you have to stick it out now.

The good news is we’re entering an evolutionary period where we have the potential to manifest the things we want, or at least move along on our way to them.

Any fiery energy left over from April will soften and become more flexible and airy, helping us adapt to almost any situation.

Make sure you get those creative juices flowing at the beginning of the month because this is the time to conceive ideas, compromise with loved ones and even build your own character. The second period of the month is the perfect time to hone in on your study skills, develop confidence, and solve the problems that have been bugging you. Rebellion might raise its head later on in the month, and the Taurus-Gemini cusp will bring along opportunities that have the potential to make you into a whole new person. Exciting, right?

Read on to find out what May has in store for you specifically, based on your zodiac!

24Taurus: Family Comes Before Career

As a Taurus, you can be extremely career orientated and dedicated to your professional goals. While this usually means that you end up being successful, this month is a good time to relax with all the work stuff and pay a little more attention to your family. Issues to do with the overall welfare of your family, particularly where emotions are concerned, could arise, so it’s best to make yourself available for the important people in your life who may need you later in the month.

Mars moves into the Taurus zodiac on the 11th, which will give you a total boost in energy and even enhance your physical capabilities (if you’re thinking of entering any kind of competition, now’s the time to do it!). Don’t worry if you’re feeling especially edgy around this time—it’s just the build-up of energy!

23Taurus Love Horoscope: It Will Be A Month Of Flings, Not A Month Of Finding True Love

Bad news if you’re looking for your soulmate—it doesn’t look like that person is going to come along in May. But the upside is that there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun if you’re single and mingling. After the 16thin particular, you will have ample chances to form new romantic relationships, but just be aware that these are likely to be about pleasure and fun rather than long-term commitment.

For those already in a relationship, there should be an improvement in a situation that’s been particularly stressful for you and your partner. Peace is on its way, so you don’t have to worry about how things are going to be resolved. The Universe has your back, and is working on all of that for you!

22Gemini: The Moon Gives You The Energy You Need To Shine

You wouldn’t think that May would be a time of a boost in energy, since Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in retrograde, but the moon is sending Gemini a whole heap of energy anyway. This is an excellent time for those of you looking for a job because all that excess energy is likely to turn into the motivation you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd and land that gig you’ve been wanting.

Up until the 21st, you’ll feel the urge the concentrate on your career and professional goals, but afterward, you might feel more concerned with family affairs. You’re a master of independence and taking control of your own life, but this month you will find a way to balance that independent nature with acting selfless and putting the needs of others first.

21Gemini Love Horoscope: Jupiter Is Putting A Halt On Your Love Life

The worst thing about Jupiter being in retrograde? That happens to be your love planet, which means that basically all of your relationships are likely to be affected. If you’re in a long-term committed relationship, don’t expect any noticeable progress between you this month. There’s slightly more chance of new relationships experiencing some movement, but they still won’t move as fast as they normally would. Your entire love life is just on hold at the moment.

Planets in retrograde don’t have to be a bad thing, though. Some might see this as a time of going backward, but it’s actually a time to sit back and reflect on the past, and even think about changes for the future. If there have been issues with your love life, now’s the time to think about how you can fix those problems for good.

20Cancer: You Have To Strike The Balance Between Independence And Dependence

May has the potential to be huge for Cancer in terms of getting ahead in your career. In the upcoming months you might find yourself not caring as much about your professional goals, so if you can muster up the motivation to work really hard on it now, it should keep you covered for the future.

You’re a fantastic worker, but to really do well in your job, you have to take a minute to focus on finding the balance between independence and dependence. In other words, know when to focus on your own interests and when to think of others first, and know when to take initiative and when to ask for help. As always, you are following your own path to success, but to achieve your goals, you’re going to have to cooperate with other people too.

19Cancer Love Horoscope: May Is More About Passion Than Romance

When you love somebody enough, you can get extremely passionate. Your tendency to be emotional means that you can get carried away by all of those feelings and make impulsive decisions that feel right at the time, even if they’re not the best thing for your relationship in the long term. This is going to be one of those months! There will be less saying I love you and more escaping for steamy dates together in the middle of the night.

If you’re single, you might find that you’re craving being in a relationship this May more than you normally do, which can be frustrating. Friendships could help you to achieve that goal more than hitting the town and searching through clubs and bars or turning to Tinder.

18Leo: This Month Is All About Your Career, Which Is Stronger Than The Energy From The Retrogrades

Everybody knows that Leo likes to play more than she likes to work, but this month will be all about careers for you. Thanks to the influence of Venus, which happens to be your career planet, you will experience a lot of professional development with little effort, particularly after the 17thof the month. More than 40 percent of the planets are actually in your House of Career, so don’t sweat it: those in retrograde won’t affect your ambitions.

You tend to rely on your social skills to get ahead, but they’re going to be less important this month. Instead, focus on learning to read other people and find ways of meeting their demands that don’t put you out. That Leo charm won’t be enough to cut it this May, so it’s time to turn up your intuition and reflective skills.

17Leo Love Horoscope: Now Is The Time To Be Tolerant

If you’re in a relationship, practicing a little tolerance won’t go astray. Things may have been a little rough between you and your partner, and that’s not going to stop now. In fact, your partner might be doing things that make you a little angry in an effort to take back some control, but reacting with anger will just cause more tension. Instead, try to keep a lid on that Leo temper and understand where they’re coming from. You’ll thank yourself later! This isn’t the best month for Leo marriages, either, so hold off proposing if that’s in your plans.

Online dating is a good road to take if you’re a single Leo looking for a relationship this May. That said, these relationships aren’t likely to be long-term as commitment appears to be lacking. But if fun is all you want, it’s yours.

16Virgo: Stop Stressing And Go With The Flow

We know: you’re tired of people telling you not to stress. But this month, it’s especially important to let go of trying to maintain control over every little thing and just ride the wave of life. This May is moving slowly and at the same time throwing some major curb balls your way, so the best way to get through it is to step back, leave it to the Universe, and accept the results.

Until the 21st, you might find that you’re feeling unsure of yourself and not confident in your own ambitions or the path you’re on, which is pretty out of character for you. The answers will come to you if you focus on adjusting to whatever situation presents itself to you, and once again, allowing things to happen rather than forcing them.

15Virgo Love Horoscope: Concentrate More On Open Communication And Less On Mind Games

There are a few important dates for love this May, and they occur on the 16th, 14thand 28thof the month. If you’re looking to reconnect with somebody in particular, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into it, but it is possible. Virgo ladies in relationships might be feeling a little alienated this month, but you have the power to remedy the situation within you.

Mind games can play a big part in the Virgo relationship, as these help you to stay in control of the situation and influence the way things happen. But that needs to come to a stop this month! To feel better within your relationship, or to get closer to someone new, you have to remember that openly communicating with that person will get you much further than mind games ever will.

14Libra: May Is About Detoxing And Preparing To Become A Better Person

For Libra, May will be a month of detoxing. In all truth, this won’t be that fun, but it’s crucial to your development as a person, so it’s better to get it over and done with. Use this time to think about your past experiences and review how much (or little) progress you’ve made toward your goals. You can make new plans that will help you to achieve what you want in the future, but don’t start working on them yet. Instead, focus on getting rid of all the negativity from your physical and spiritual self—do anything that helps, whether it’s a green tea cleanse or a meditation challenge.

This month will bring experiences that will require you to adapt and change the way you think, but this is easy for your personality. Outer success isn’t really within your reach at the moment, and before you can make any material gains, you have to work on eliminating negativity.

13Libra Love Horoscope: You’re Feeling Especially Beautiful Which Leads To A Colorful Love Life

Good news! You’re in for a dose of real romance this month, which is just about your favorite thing ever. Until the 17th, you and your partner will get very intimate and romantic, forming a close emotional bond that will make your relationship stronger in the long run. After the 17th, things will turn slightly more physical. All of this happens because you’ll naturally feel beautiful and have the confidence to bring your partner to their knees.

There’s even better news if you’re looking for love: May brings a good chance of you meeting your true soulmate! Any relationship you stumble upon will be filled with inspiration and you will remember that you love being in love more than anything else in the world. The 7th, 10thand 23rdare the best days for your love life, so keep an eye out!

12Scorpio: It Will Be A Month Of Putting Others Before You

As a loyal person, you’re used to putting others before you. That’s a good thing because this is going to be the focus of your May this year, particularly because you’re not feeling as confident as you normally do and not willing to relentlessly pursue your own goals. Basically, Pluto being in retrograde is doing some weird things to your personality, making you much less ambitious than normal and not worrying about your own needs.

Your focus will be on what other people are doing, and when the opportunity comes up to be selfless and think of their happiness above your own, you’ll be rewarded in the future if you comply now. Though your family usually comes first, you might find that most of your time is being taken up with work this month. But don’t worry—this is only temporary!

11Scorpio Love Horoscope: More Than Just Relationships Can Be Created This Month

Single Scorpios have a very good chance of getting into a relationship this month. You might find yourself attracted to people who have a high rank or status, and people who can help you out at work, since that happens to be one of your biggest focuses this month. Establishing a relationship that will actually last will feel effortless for the whole of May, so if there’s someone you like, now is the time to do something about it!

Scorpios in relationships should be aware that love seems to be flowing with a huge force for you this month. Intimacy will be easy, and so will getting pregnant—something to watch out for if it’s not on your to-do list at the moment! Overall, your compatibility with your partner will be strong and you’ll have a good time with each other, whatever you happen to be doing.

10Sagittarius: You’re Not In The Right Frame Of Mind To Make Any Big Decisions

May is a month of change for some signs, but the retrogrades going on have much more effect on you than they do on others. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that means it’s going to be a slow one for you, and you should hold off making any major decisions until you have a bit more energy.

Your professional intuition isn’t as high as it could be right now, and that combined with the planets making you second-guess yourself is putting you in a wacky mood. Any changes that you decide to make to your career are likely to be unsuccessful and could even set you back. For best results, use this time to plan and reflect, and get ready to start making big decisions in the upcoming months.

9Sagittarius Love Horoscope: You And Your Partner Might Not See Eye To Eye This Month

Things aren’t looking too bright on the Sagittarius love front, either. There could be problems between you and your partner that stem from you two just wanting totally separate things. A chasm of sorts could form in Sagittarius’s compatibility, making it near impossible to come to an understanding with your significant other. The best thing you can do is focus on all the benefits your relationship brings about in your life, and to remember all you and your partner have achieved together.

In order to get into a new relationship, you will have to stop being so hard on yourself and instead be proud of your success, which will allow you to shine and make you more attractive. Remember not to worry about what outside parties have to say about your love life, and to do only what makes you happy.

8Capricorn: This Month Is All About Socializing And Turning On Your Charm

Socializing might not be your favorite thing to do in the world, but in order to accomplish your goals, you’ll need the help of other people this month. Normally you use your intelligence and hard work to gain the respect of others, but now you’ll have to be a little more social and a little more charming to get others liking you enough to back you up. You might have to get out of your comfort zone and adjust to certain people and circumstances, but it will all be worth it when your professional dreams come to fruition.

The good news is there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun this month, as the Sun is in your House of Fun and Entertainment. This is a good time to build friendships, and let your hair down enough to seriously enjoy yourself for a hot minute.

7Capricorn Love Horoscope: Your House Of Love Is Not Dominant This Month

For Capricorn ladies, this month is much more about friendship than it is about romance. Even if you are in a relationship, you could find yourself feeling closer to your friends than you do to your partner, and you’ll be kept busy with parties and other social engagements. Your House of Love just isn’t dominant this month, although there are brief periods where there is the chance to turn up the romance, particularly on the 4th, 14thand 24th.

If you’re a single Capricorn, you might find yourself fantasizing about someone in particular, and will feel such desire that you won’t be as nervous or reserved as you usually are. As far as romance goes, your next move will be clear once you satisfy your curiosity with your current person of interest.

6Aquarius: Spend The Month Dreaming And Making Plans

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to kick back and relax, your time has finally come! May 2018 is the perfect time for you to spend getting lost in dreams about your future and finding creative ways to get yourself closer to achieving what you want. This isn’t the time for action or effort, but rather a time to take the passenger seat in your own life. Truthfully, even if you take action to make things happen, you don’t have very good chances of achieving success, so you’ll feel a lot less helpless if you reserve your effort and energy for the future.

Just because you don’t have the power to make things happen for yourself this month, doesn’t mean they can’t happen. Actually, other people can bring you exactly what you want this month, but you have to sit back and let them.

5Aquarius Love Horoscope: It’s Time To Re-Think Your Relationship Status

As usual, fun and pleasure are more important to you than deep connections and romance this month. Your relationships don’t seem to be moving forward, and instead of being frustrated, you have the perfect opportunity to have a good think about whether this relationship is really what you want. If it’s bringing negativity into your life and no longer serving you, you might benefit from calling it quits.

In relationships that are working well, you and your partner have even better chances of getting along if you spend more time together and get to know each other. If you’re a single Aquarius looking for love, you should look in places that make you happy and you associate with fun. Doing that will make sure you find someone who brings fun to your life rather than stress.

4Pisces: Be Diligent At Work And You Will Be Rewarded

There are a lot of areas in life that will be especially important to you this month, including family, home and professional growth. Your career prospects are looking very promising, but to reap all the rewards that the Universe is holding for you, you have to remember to be especially diligent. Take extra care doing things and make sure to set your own terms so that they work to your advantage, and the rewards will flow to you.

After the 17th, you could find that you’re very focused on education or other scholarly pursuits, which will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Pisces ladies should be guarded and ignore the urge to believe anything without solid proof, otherwise, you could find yourself being taken advantage of!

3Pisces Love Horoscope: Take The Time To Work Through Your Emotions

You normally don’t require as much time alone as other signs do, and love taking every step in life with a partner by your side. But this month it’s okay to let your partner know that you need some space because there are emotions that you need to deal with. It shouldn’t take long, but if you don’t acknowledge your feelings about past issues, they could eat you up.

Similarly, single Pisces girls should have a good think about whether they actually want a relationship or not. Though you might have the opportunity to start one, it’s not a good idea if a relationship doesn’t align with what you want in life right now. Do you actually want a partner? Only you know the answer.

2Aries: You Have Amazing Power To Bring Your Dreams To Fruition

This month, Aries experiences an enviable blessing: you have the opportunity to control the situations around you and manifest the things that you want out of life. Your inner-voice will be strong this May, and you’ll easily be able to make decisions that will lead you to the people and places that will make your dreams come true.

You will be equally concerned with work as you are with other personal desires, family and dealing with your own emotions this month. There is the opportunity for financial prosperity, and you will also have the chance to improve your physical fitness, get all the impurities out of your body, and in doing so, become more enticing to those you want to attract. So the answer is yes: now is the time to renew that gym membership.

1Aries Love Horoscope: Spice Up Your Love Life This May

If your love life has been in need of a little spicing up, you now have the chance to make the magic happen. You might have had trouble connecting with your loved one over the past few months as a result of conflicting schedules, but that’s all about to change. A dinner party or cooking together in the kitchen could be just what you need to re-connect and remember how much you enjoy each other’s company.

It’s an incredibly exciting month for single Aries ladies too, as the Universe is completely behind you if you want to jump back into the world of dating. You might be feeling a bit nervous about it, but you’ll have the most success if you stop putting so much pressure on yourself! Remember that things don’t have to be perfect to be magical.

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