It’s like being stuck in a well. All around us it is dark, and we are standing in the water up to our knees. We can’t afford to fall asleep, because if we do, we risk drowning. And yet there is nothing we can do about it.

This is anxiety. It traps you, holds you prisoner, and there is nothing you can do about it. You can try to escape, but it’s an endless battle. It lasts a lifetime.

Anxiety turns into us. You can scream for hours in this deep well, but no one will hear you. You have to fend for yourself to survive.

Because of this feeling, we are always on our guard. We are always worried, and we question everything.

So when people who don’t understand what anxiety is, even make one mistake, they find themselves in the dark deep well again.

Girls who have anxiety love differently. And that’s normal, since we are different. Our love is the one that will last. Our love is that which is pure. Once we trust you, we will let you into our hearts. And we will let you stay there forever.

It is you who will be honored to be loved – in this different way, loved by a girl who is anxious.

1. We need to feel safe

We have a safe space. We are independent. Don’t get me wrong, we really are. It’s just that in our moments of weakness, we need someone with whom we can feel safe.

Even when we are outside, we hate situations that are outside our comfort zone. So, we need you. We need you to be our safety net and protect us from the things we are afraid of. Besides, you don’t even need to protect us, you just have to be there.

2. We are careful

We protect our hearts. Since we are afraid of being injured, our anxiety makes us believe that the person we are with will hurt us sooner or later, so we protect ourselves.

3. We have trust issues

It takes a long time to fully trust someone. That’s how it is because anxiety makes us too careful. It makes us imagine things that do not exist. Even when you want to trust, anxiety takes over.

4. We need to be comforted

We need a certain sense of security. We need to know that you are not going anywhere. Whenever we ask for confirmation and proof of your love, it is not because we doubt you, but because we need to be reassured.

We can’t control the anxiety that makes us doubt even things we know for sure. The feeling of knowing that all is well and that you are by our side, gives us serenity. And that’s all we need.

5. We need you very close

Whenever anxiety strikes, it takes us into dark places. It leads us to depression and sadness. Whenever this happens, we need to know you by our side. And if so, we will never let you go.

You are the person who sees us during our worst moments, and when we are most vulnerable. And if you decide to stick around, you will be yours forever.

6. We need to isolate ourselves

We withdraw when our anxiety makes us want to be alone. We close in on ourselves and we build around us a huge unbreakable wall. It gets even worse when you fall in love, when all of your confidence issues come up on the surface. Our anxiety is then at its height.

7. We will love you in a unique way and forever

It may be difficult to manage. That said, we are devoted to you because we respect and appreciate the fact that you have found a way and the strength to love us. We know that this is not easy, and you have succeeded. And that means your love is really worth it.

We will love you since you love us despite our doubts and our questions. You are the one who never gives up. You are our protector and our refuge when it is dark and there is a storm.

You will never be allowed to feel that you are not loved. Even when we suffer the most, even when anxiety takes over, we will never stop showing you how much we love you.

The anxiety is real. It consumes you. It takes control over your body and your mind. That’s why we panic at the slightest problem. This is why we are afraid to face the slightest obstacle.

We will give you our heart, and we will put our faith in you.

If you make us suffer, we can never love someone that way again.

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