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If your crush turned out to be a Pisces, consider yourself very lucky. He is one of those men almost every girl wants.

He’s romantic, compassionate, empathetic… He knows how you feel even before you tell him and isn’t that every woman’s dream?

If you just started thinking about how to seduce him, you must be thinking what does a Pisces man find attractive.

Well, this article is here to uncover that and much more.

Find out what the things are that your Pisces crush looks for in a woman, what the things are that physically attract him, what are some ways to get him and keep him but also his levels of compatibility with each zodiac sign, as well as many facts about his personality.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, take a look.


What Does A Pisces Man Look For In A Woman? 6 Features Of His Perfect Woman

There are certain features of a woman’s character that attract Pisces men.

He’s looking for a woman he can love madly and who will be able to do the same for him and these traits show him that you can be that person.


A Pisces guy has a creative side. He enjoys art and prefers women who are also interested in art and carry a creative energy of their own.

The dreamer that he is, he needs his woman to be able to understand the inner emotional and spiritual side of people and who better than an artist for this task.

Even women who aren’t artists but have some kind of creative outlet attract and inspire him.


Our Piscean needs a girl who’s able to gently and softly approach both him but also the whole world around her.

He prefers a woman who is a nurturer by nature and finds her to be a perfect example of what one woman and one human being should be.

If you’re generally a tougher person, it doesn’t mean that a Pisces man won’t like you, as long as you show patience and softness when you communicate with him and other people or at least show a high level of respect for human sensitivities and vulnerabilities.


He isn’t keen on judging others and a woman who’s overly involved in judging people for their choices could never be his soulmate.

Show him that you’re a person who’s willing to accept anyone for who they are. A Pisces man looks for an open-minded woman, one who is aware of who she is and lets other people decide who they are.

Everyone getting to live their life the way they want is a huge deal to them.



A Pisces man is a romantic and wants a woman who will always flirt with him. He is completely disarmed by femininity and showing him how sensual you are is a must.

He wants to see how much you enjoy being a woman and how much you enjoy sharing your mind, soul and body with him.

Be open with your seduction but never too aggressive. Keep a sense of mystery about your personality in order to intrigue him.


This is something that’s really important to our Piscean. His woman has to be able to share her emotions and show her affection.

Not only does he need his girl to be affectionate toward him but he enjoys a woman who’s generally an affectionate person.

He loves a woman who’s able to share her fondness for other people (and him) in simple everyday ways. A woman who is tender and delicate and unafraid to share her love with the world is his perfect woman.


A Pisces man won’t enjoy chasing a woman who pretends to be cold and tough. He appreciates your strengths but he needs to see your vulnerable side.

Let him in, he can handle it. Not only can he handle it but in order to reach the depths of the human connections he seeks, it’s necessary that you share your true self with him.

This is the only way he can feel like he’s completely connected to you and unleash the loving, passionate, romantic beast that lives inside him.


What Does A Pisces Man Find Physically Attractive? 7 Things He Can’t Resist



You’re probably wondering how to attract a Pisces man.

Even though the things he cares about the most are a woman’s character, attitude and soul, there are specific physical traits that will most definitely get you his undivided attention.


Great posture screams confidence and basically like every other person out there, a Pisces man loves women who look confident and even dominant.

Make sure you’re never slouching, raise your head high and show off everything that makes you who you are.


A Pisces man likes a touch of femininity from his woman. He loves when a woman has long hair and wears it in a gorgeous, feminine or even vintage hairstyle.

It attracts him to see delicate features on a woman generally but a woman’s hair is something he pays most attention to.


A Pisces man loves flirting and also adores a genuine, wide smile on a woman’s face. If you share one of your best flirtatious smiles combined with an intense gaze into his eyes, there’s no way he won’t be attracted to you.


He’s attracted to women who smell mysterious in a seductive way.

Make sure you wear your favorite perfume when you know you’re going to see him. Wear it strategically so when you lean over to hug him and say hello, he’s left with your intoxicating smell.

From his nostrils, it’ll go directly to his brain, making sure he thinks about you all day long.


Even though a Pisces male appreciates creativity and originality, he doesn’t love seeing a face full of make-up.

Women who wear delicate, minimal make-up attract him more.

He needs his woman to be feminine and elegant and doesn’t believe a woman who wears too much make-up (and hides her real face) to be his perfect match.


Pisces will notice when a woman takes good care of herself so make sure you’re always clean and at your best. Even when you’re wearing casual clothes, make it look like you’ve paid attention to your appearance.

Your hair should be in order, your make-up not smudged or messy and your nails manicured. It attracts him to see you can be presentable at all times.


That being said, a Pisces man is seriously attracted to a woman who knows how to dress in order to accentuate her assets.

He loves seeing elegant clothes on a woman and your best choices are probably combos of romantic dresses, sandals or boots, accessorized with simple, elegant jewelry.

He is not superficial, this is just something that works for him to complete the image of the nurturing, feminine, romantic girl he’s after.

10 Things To Do To Get And Keep Your Pisces Man:

Now that we’ve answered the question of, ”What does a Pisces man find attractive?” we’ll give you some advice on how to behave once you start a relationship with him.

1. Don’t be pushy

He doesn’t like women who are too pushy or too demanding. He is a dreamer who hardly ever gets stuff done. If you can’t deal with this, you should consider not pursuing a Pisces man.

He doesn’t mind compromising and trying to follow your instincts but he can only do it for so long.

He won’t have you telling him what to do all the time, especially if it doesn’t align with what he believes is in his best interests at that moment.

2. Compliment him

He can get insecure and feel underappreciated so tell him often about everything you like about him. Get a little flirty too.

He needs you to share this with him to help him feel confident, otherwise he might start thinking you don’t like him at all.

Show him appreciation for every way he makes you feel loved and taken care of. Just knowing that you see that and value it will make all the difference.

3. Avoid being superficial

A Pisces man is all about depth, character-wise and emotion-wise.

Don’t talk to him about superficial things, especially not if you’re using superficial attitudes to criticize him or other people (his family and friends in particular).

Show him that you have what it takes to analyze human behavior and existence in a deep, intellectual and artistic manner, caring more about the soul and the spirit of things rather than pushing materialistic and overly practical ideas on him.

4. Give him space

There are some things a Pisces man likes to keep private. Respect that. Don’t push him to reveal everything to you.

He’s not being secretive or distrustful, this is simply his process of dealing with his strong emotions, incredible intuition and empathy, which can be overwhelming.

Let him have time and space for himself and don’t try to occupy every single moment of his time; he will give you more than enough on his own.

When he seems distant, kindly and lovingly suggest that he takes some time to refresh his energy, as he will appreciate that more than anything you’ll do for him.

5. Be charitable

A Pisces man cares tremendously about everyone’s aches and pains and he’s involved deeply in everyone’s suffering.

He will want to see that you too have a side of you that cares about what other people are going through, especially those who are in need.

Make sure you show him that you have it in you to be charitable and caring about everyone who might need your time, energy or materialistic things.

6. Don’t gossip

Most men, but Pisces men more than any other horoscope sign, don’t like women who viciously gossip about anything and everything.

Make sure you don’t do this, ESPECIALLY on your first date. This is a huge turnoff for him and it will make him want to have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Show understanding for other human beings rather than judgment to attract your Pisces man and show him you’re a valuable, intelligent, considerate and compassionate woman.

7. Be ready to make decisions for both of you

It’s not that he minds the decision-making process but he somehow rarely gets himself to do it. As I’ve said before, he’s the biggest dreamer you’ll ever get to meet.

He makes all these plans and beautiful dreams but he isn’t big on making them happen because he can’t keep his feet on the ground long enough to do that.

You should not mind this too much and it would be amazing if you’d be a dominant kind of woman who doesn’t mind making decisions for both of you.

Fun fact: Pisces men like strong, dominant and successful women and he’s one of those rare men who doesn’t mind when his wife earns more money than he does.

8. Show your manners

Put simply, he likes a woman with manners. Make sure you show yours when you’re on your first date with him but also every other date that comes after that one.

He doesn’t want you to fake it though, he wants manners to be a part of your personality.

He lives in his dream world and in that world, he creates an image of you (his potential partner) as something divine and exquisite and a woman with bad manners simply can’t fit into this idealized concept.

9. Be kind

Make sure you never disrespect other people, at least not intentionally. A part of what makes his ideal woman is being compassionate and sympathetic and that, of course, means being kind to other people.

For him, there is no love without being kind and empathetic and his perfect partner must follow through with always being sensitive to other people’s emotions.

10. Be a good hostess

It doesn’t matter how well you can cook or if you can arrange food beautifully. What matters to him is that you are warm and able to make people feel comfortable in your home.

This is something that fascinates him about women who are good at hosting. The ability to make people feel good in any way is amazing to him and being a good hostess is the embodiment of this ability.

Which Signs Suit Him Best? Pisces Man Compatibility:


Nuh-uh. There’s almost no way this romantic relationship will last. While they can be friends, have coffee or party together, there’s very little chance for a Pisces man to maintain a relationship with an Aries woman.

An Aries woman is fiery, fierce and impulsive and enjoys a quick pace and these are the traits a Pisces man would hardly enjoy.

We’ve stated in this article that he enjoys a more delicate and feminine kind of gal, which are traits something almost no Aries lady possesses.

Her attitude of taking charge and her beautiful looks might attract Pisces at first and they could even have a short adventure if everything goes right but even this is a stretch.


Pisces and Taurus have complementary natures. They can have a long, healthy relationship that they would both enjoy. Getting married and creating a wonderful home is definitely an option for these two.

Pisces can motivate a Taurus woman to value her spiritual needs and help her fulfill them and she can help him make decisions and move his life in more progressive and practical ways.

For him, she’s an uncut diamond, a precious sensual flower that’s hiding beneath all this strength and for her, he’s an inspiration to live a life in touch with her soul and her emotions.


Gemini prefers to keep life on the light and fun side and Pisces can be overly emotional and heavy, so to say, for a cheerful Gemini woman.

There could be some initial attraction between these two but it fades soon, once they have to deal with almost any real-life situation they find themselves in.

Gemini likes action, socializing and variety in every sphere of their life and Pisces can be intimidated by all this. Gemini takes nothing seriously and Pisces can be way too vulnerable for her fun-loving approach to life.


A Pisces man seeks a life partner who will be nurturing, motherly and sensitive to his needs and at the same time sensual and seductive… so, basically, he has been looking for a Cancer woman all along.

She’s everything he needs and better yet, a Pisces man is able to give his ideal woman every little thing she needs.

These two are a match made in heaven and can honestly work through anything together.


Leo is very active and energetic and Pisces can be slightly lazy but this doesn’t represent an issue unless they are both very stubborn about only following their own needs.

A Leo lady likes being praised and a Pisces man is good at idealizing his woman and making her feel like she’s the only woman out there.

If they love and like each other enough to compromise, this relationship can work in a super weird but charming way.

They both seek romance in relationships and that’s something that can hold them together.


Virgo can be way too strict and demanding for a Pisces man. She wants things done a certain way and a Pisces man doesn’t want to follow a strict routine of doing stuff.

They can share incredible conversations about the world and life and that’s something that can connect them on a deeper level.

Morally, intellectually and spiritually, these two can form a solid ground for developing an amazing relationship that will, eventually, turn out to lack romance, an emotional connection and passion if a Virgo doesn’t try to open up more.


A Libra woman is a creative soul who can attract a Pisces man immediately. She’s feminine, delicate and soft, her looks are impeccable, she’s sensitive to other people’s problems and she’s a true lady.

She’s basically everything a Pisces man is looking for.

They are both loyal in relationships, romantic to the bone and very skilled at resolving their issues with long and honest conversations.

They truly complement each other and can create an amazing soulmate-kind of relationship.


A Scorpio woman is even more emotionally intense than a Pisces man. Any astrologer would tell you that these two make the most amazing couple.

Their love is strong and the passion they share is even stronger.

They both enjoy knowing the most intimate details of each other’s lives and thoughts and find great power in forming a connection so deep to be able to completely understand their partner.

They are both very intuitive and know exactly what their partner needs even before they say it. Scorpio is generally distrusting toward, well, anyone but a Pisces man proves to her she can trust again.


A Pisces man can be attracted to a Sagittarius woman but this is a relationship that won’t work. A Sagittarius girl is not at all about the committed, romantic, sensitive kind of relationship a Pisces man seeks.

She’s very adventurous and pursues a life that brings her excitement rather than romance.

A Pisces man finds this kind of lifestyle interesting but it doesn’t suit his true nature and would definitely be going against his nature pursuing a relationship like this one would be.


Pisces is a dreamer and Capricorn is a doer but these two can work quite well. A Capricorn lady needs someone to remind her of the importance of taking care of herself, her emotions and her inner world.

Pisces can also benefit from a Capricorn‘s woman’s will to fight and make both her and his dreams a reality.

They match but they are not really the best possible combination. Capricorn is too strict with her rules and Pisces only lightly accepts those rules.


They are both incredibly empathetic and care a huge deal about every person in this world and they are charitable and do everything they can to try and help everyone. This is something that connects them.

They can both be private in very different ways. While Pisces needs time on his own to rewind from time to time, Aquarius needs a whole lot of personal time to pretend she’s not even in a relationship.

Aquarius might be able to accept Pisces’ needs but no true Pisces would get over an Aquarius lady wanting to live her life as freely as she likes.


A Pisces woman and a Pisces man has an involved, emotional and understanding relationship.

They are both willing to nurture and care for each other in the most intimate and loving ways, which is the strong point of their relationship.

Sadly, they can also bring out the worst in each other because Pisces is a passive sign and too much laziness and lethargy and a peaceful atmosphere can drive them into an abyss.

They are both very sensitive to negative energy and as long as they keep their attitudes positive, they are fine.

Every little detail about your Pisces crush:


Pisces Period: February 19 – March 20

Pisces Mode: Mutable

Pisces Element: Water

Ruling Planets of Pisces: Neptune and Jupiter

House Ruled by Pisces: Twelfth

Pisces Polarity: Negative

Who is he?

His best traits are: 

He’s empathetic.

He’s generous.

He’s emotional.

He’s artistic.

He’s selfless.

His worst traits are:

He’s moody.

He’s closed off.

He’s lazy.

He escapes when things go wrong.

Pisces man in love is dreamy and romantic. He would sacrifice everything for the person he loves. Even when things aren’t going perfectly, he tries to see the best side of things and he tends to idealize his partner.

He isn’t afraid to truly bond with his partner, sharing intimate details of his life with her.

He is really good at showing affection and love and he makes his partner feel like the most important person in the world. Relationships suit him and romance too. He doesn’t play games with girls.

If lied to or betrayed, he rarely gets angry; he simply goes cold and is usually left completely disillusioned.

With his family, he is amazingly tolerant. He’s very calm and peaceful and reacts amazingly when in situations that usually involve panic.

He can calmly bear any crisis and that makes him an amazing family member.

As a sibling, he sees every beautiful thing about his brothers or sisters and helps them love themselves. He truly cherishes his siblings and roots for them whatever happens.

With his friends, he is considerate and thoughtful. He usually prefers to be alone and is generally very individualistic and private but he always has at least a couple of close friends he adores.

Pisces accepts people for who they are and is generally very open-minded and non-judgmental and this sure enough makes for an amazing friend.

The best gifts you can give him are some nice clothes and accessories. He also enjoys entertainment and sports so something in those areas would definitely be great choices.

His favorite color is blue and any shade of blue works for him. His zodiac symbol is two fish swimming in the ocean and he’s connected to the ocean and the sea, being ` water sign.

His ways to express himself are through art, mostly music and painting.

5 Dates To Help You Win Over A Pisces Man

1. Plan a beach date

As mentioned, a Pisces man enjoys anything water-related and a beach date under the stars is something he would most definitely enjoy. He adores dates that are romantic and filled with love.

You can plan to go to a bonfire with friends and then enjoy some time, just the two of you, or go to the beach alone. He will enjoy the smell of the ocean, the light beach breeze and, of course, your company.

2. Go out for a picnic

Plan a picnic in a local park or, even better, somewhere in nature. It would be amazing if you could bake something yourself or prepare some homemade treats.

This kind of date, sitting together among the grass and the trees, will make him see his future with you.

3. Get concert tickets for a band he likes

Pisces men love music. It is his outlet, his inspiration and can often be his hobby. Surprise him with a music event and he will know you understand what he’s all about.

It will give you a chance to connect on an emotional level and that’s something every Pisces man appreciates.

4. Go to a sporting event together

Pisces men enjoy sport. Take him to a sporting event to show off your relaxed, chill, sporty side (or how passionate you can be by cheering for your team).

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this one. Make sure you pick a sport he likes though.

5. Dance it out

A Pisces man will enjoy the soft, innocent, flirty touches you two will get to share if you go dancing together. This date is a perfect combination of romance, music and connection.

Read his cues and make sure you enjoy yourself. Surrender to his charm and let the night lead its way to the most romantic love story of your life.

Even though he’s the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is very high on our list of men who are amazing partners.

His intuition, attentiveness and charm are things that hardly any other man can measure up to. 

So to answer the question what does a Pisces man find attractive, follow our tips above and you’re sure to seduce him and once you do, make sure you keep him because this man will certainly make you insanely happy.


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