Get Her to Fall for You with these 10 Sneaky Moves

You’ve heard of pick-up artists, right? Here at LovePanky, we don’t condone negative psychological manipulation to get into women’s pants. We, however, wouldn’t be completely opposed to using a few harmless mind tricks to help you get the girl of your dreams, without having to lie or make a woman feel terrible in the process.

Being the perfect guy sometimes isn’t enough to land you the girl of your dreams. There will come a time when a man has to rely on unconventional means to attract a girl they like. When that time comes, you need to be prepared to do the strangest things, even if they don’t make sense!

What attracts girls the most?

Girls are attracted to different types of guys depending on their past experiences, where they grew up, how they were raised and how they interact with their friends. Because of this, you never know if a girl will like a guy, if it’s based only on his appearance.

In general, girls are known to be attracted to tall men with athletic bodies and sculpted facial features. The truth is that appearances are just the initial bases for women. They do not actually rely solely on it when choosing a partner. Personality, after all, counts for a whole lot.

Women want to be in a relationship with someone who they are sexually attracted to, but still compatible with, personality-wise. No matter how much you primp yourself up or how much you save in your bank account, the final verdict comes when a woman notices how well you get along with each other, and whether or not you have the ability to make each other happy.

How can you make a girl like you?

Mating rituals for humans have evolved through the ages. In this modern age, courtship is not relegated to a singular form of expression. Men can attract women using different ways, depending on her personality.

Some women like it when men pursue them traditionally though courtship. Some women like slightly aggressive men, who take the initiative by asking them out when they first meet. Depending on your circumstances, women will draw their conclusion from the way you approach them.

Once the first impression is out of the way, you’ll need to work a little harder by being consistent with your affections. Just because a girl likes you right off the bat does not mean that she will feel that way forever. You need to keep doing what you’re doing, in order for a girl to like you. You can’t just stop wooing her, just because she agreed to one date.

Aside from that, you have to be presentable at all times. Even if you don’t look like a celebrity, a woman will appreciate any effort you make to look good. Physical appearances aside, you still have to strive hard to be a good person. We are morally obligated to be kind to one another. The way you treat other people will reflect the way a woman perceives you as a partner.

If all else fails, what else can you do?

Some women can still be apprehensive about seeing a man, even if he puts his best foot forward on a date. It’s not that these women are hard to please. They are simply covering their bases, before they emotionally invest themselves in someone they hardly know.

If you want to jumpstart the process, you can use a few sneaky tips that can increase your chances of getting a girl to like you. We’re not saying that you should manipulate women into liking you, but you can still take advantage of how their minds and bodies work to win them over. Here’s how you can do that:

#1 Through their sense of smell. Women, like any human being, have varied reactions to the different smells that surround them. If you smell offensive, your flirty progress is as good as dead. If you smell good, you earn a few points. Investing in a good bottle of cologne isn’t your only option. Research suggests that women are attracted to men who smell like sandalwood, licorice and vanilla. Next time you go out shopping for a signature scent, take these fragrances into consideration.

#2 Using eye contact. Studies have found that people are more attracted to one another when they catch each other’s eyes. That’s why most dating advice articles suggest that you make eye contact, whenever you see a prospective partner in public. When on a date, don’t take your eyes off of your partner when you’re talking to them. They might feel awkward at first, but they will soon realize that you’re just being affectionate and really interested.

#3 Using the power of touch. Do not manhandle your date or grope them when the chance presents itself. The best thing that you can do is touch their arm while you’re talking or support their back as you walk towards the restaurant. When you feel comfortable enough with each other, ask for permission to hold their hand. Skin on skin contact elicits feelings of attraction. Just don’t put your hands on places that you’re not supposed to.

#4 Using positive words. Try to lessen your use of the words “no”, “not” and “don’t.” During a conversation, a person tends to gleam insight on a person’s intentions and personality through the words they use. Avoid talking about negative situations as well, since this can kill the mood.

#5 Smiling. Whenever the conversation turns to something fun and enjoyable, don’t forget to smile. Don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun. People tend to be attracted to those who have happy predispositions. You’re with the girl of your dreams anyway. You already have a reason to smile!

#6 Pictures of babies or baby animals. This is a long shot, but even a woman who doesn’t want to have kids will still feel a burst of emotion, whenever they see a photo of an adorable baby or even a baby animal. If you are not directly related to a cute baby or you don’t know anyone with a cute pet at the moment, you can still show them a picture that you thought was cute.

Apart from making them feel warm and fuzzy inside, your date will take it as a sign that you love kids and animals. Take note that you have to ease this into the conversation, and not just pull out a random photo at any moment. You’ll only end up looking creepy and weird.

#7 Food. Make sure that your date is satisfied with the menu on your date. Make her feel comfortable about eating in case she’s too shy to order too much. Take a walk before dinner so they can work up an appetite. Women who are sated by food are more likely to harbor positive feelings that can reflect on their disposition towards you. Remember, hungry people are irritable people.

#8 Laughter. We cannot stress this enough. If you do not have the necessary traits to make a girl fall head over heels for you, make sure that you at least have a sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to tell her a funny story. Be as witty as possible. You can even tell her a corny joke just to lighten the mood. When you make a girl laugh, you are as good as in. Just make sure that you don’t make any offensive jokes. Those are definitely not funny.

#9 High-intensity dates. Take your date on a roller-coaster ride or a go-kart racing track, if she’s up for it. The adrenaline rush can elicit feelings of attraction, especially when two people experience the moment together. It’s the same theory that applies to sex. Just make sure that your girl wants to go on a date like that before you even try it.

#10 Compliment her. This might seem cheesy and corny, but it’s effective. When a girl hears a genuine compliment from a guy, she will react positively to it. That reaction will lead her to develop positive feelings about you as well. More often than not, those feelings can progress to attraction. It’s a tiny step forward, but it’s a step that counts.

Making a girl like you shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you are genuinely interested in her. After all, girls just want to feel special. And you can do that by being thoughtful and affectionate, but it doesn’t hurt to try these tips we mentioned.


The best case scenario is that you capture a woman’s heart. The worst-case scenario is she just doesn’t feel the same way. When the latter happens, move on and find someone worthy of your time and effort. But I doubt that would happen when you know how to attract a girl with these tried and tested sneaky ways.


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