Feeling Stuck in Life? How to Modification Directions & Live Your Dream

When we’re kids, we all have big dreams. Some want to make it to the NFL, some want to be movie stars, others want to start a business, and yet others want to get married and live happily ever after.

Then life happens.

Somehow, some way, a lot of people wake up one day feeling like they are stuck in life. They wonder, “How did I get here?” And they might not even know where “here” even is. All they know is that it’s not where they want to be.

Do you ever feel like that? Probably, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

It can feel hopeless to be stuck in life. You might be depressed and want to give up on your dreams, or ever finding happiness. But have no fear! You can get out of your rut and be inspired and excited with life again. It may not be easy, but it is certainly something you can achieve!

What to do if you feel stuck in life

I personally know many, many people who have been there – stuck in life. Some of them are still there at the bottom of their abyss, but that’s only because they haven’t taken any actions to make their life better. Yet others HAVE taken actions, and not only have they made their lives better, they are happier than they ever have been before.

#1 Journal. Most people don’t write down their thoughts. Instead, they simply have a ton of beliefs and other negative things running through their head. So, if you think that one of the reasons you’re feeling stuck in life is because of all your negative thoughts, well, write them down.

#2 Write down the pros and cons of your life. Let’s face it – we live in a very negative world. Heck, everything on the news these days is nothing but murders, terrorism, wars, and negative politics. So, it’s no wonder that you are stuck only thinking about what’s bad about your life.

#3 Write down the essence of your life’s work. Maybe one of the reasons you’re feeling stuck in life is because you hate your job or career. I know way too many people who are just going through the motions and dread going to work every day.

If you’re one of them, try this. What is the essence of what you want to do? Not the specifics such as saying, “I want to be a lawyer.” But questions like… do you want to teach? Do you want to sell things? Own a business? What is it? Once you figure it out, consider a career change.

#4 Try things out of your comfort zone. Some people are better at this than others. But if you’re feeling stuck in life, why not do something wild and crazy?

Maybe try sky diving or bungee jumping. It’ll probably scare the hell out of you, but what it will also do is make you feel exhilarated and alive. After all, isn’t that what you’re trying to find? Aliveness?

#5 Join new clubs to meet new people. You could also try meeting new people. Join a professional networking group, or maybe try and intramural sport. Whatever you do, the point is to get out of the house, meet people you never would have met before, and try to become inspired by them.

#6 Leave the house more often. Some people feel stuck in life simply because they are introverts and don’t seek out social activity. If you are one of these people and tend to be a homebody, try to switch that up. If you stay locked up in your house for too long, it gets depressing. So, get out there!

#7 Move to a new city. Yes, I know this sounds a bit radical. I mean, you can’t just up and quit your job, throw a dart on a map, pack your bags, and head out into the sunset. But you can look for a new job in a different city or state and plan your move carefully. Maybe a change of scene is all you need to feel inspired again.

#8 Go back to school. Maybe you never finished your college degree, and now you are stuck in life because you have a crappy job. Well, why not go and get that diploma?! A lot of new opportunities will open up for you if you have that piece of paper in hand. Plus, learning new things and meeting fellow students will help you feel alive and grow as a person.

#9 Try online dating. If you’ve been single a long time, maybe that’s why you’ve been feeling stuck in life. Online dating isn’t for everyone, but it sure can be fun! If nothing else, even if you don’t find your Mr. or Ms. Right, at least you might have some funny stories to tell someday. It’s kind of a win-win.

#10 Start working out. A lot of people just let themselves go over time and don’t take good care of their bodies. When your body feels like crap, you’re going to feel like crap too. So why not join a gym? You will not only feel physically and mentally better, but you could also meet new people to either become friends with, or even date.


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