Exactly how to Support Yourself Up – 10 Ways to Locate Your Inner Happiness

Being happy is sometimes easier said than done. Happiness is not a continuum, but rather a series of ups followed by downs. The key is to have more ups than downs for a happy and full life. Knowing how to cheer yourself up may not be as complicated as you think. You may not need a life overhaul, major change, or a total revamp… or you just may.

How to cheer yourself up – 10 ways to fill your life with happiness

Even the happiest among us go through times when we need some cheering up. If you are someone who is going through a rough time and you need something to make your heart soar, these are 10 things that will do the trick.

#1 Go for a walk. Natural human drugs can make anyone feel better. Hormones are released into the blood, and they signal the brain to feel happiness. Serotonin, a major mood enhancer, is released when you exercise and get the heart racing. Therefore, going for just a ten-minute walk can chase the blues away and have you feeling better instantly.

#2 Hit a movie by yourself. Most people think that you have to go to the movies with someone else to have a good time. Nothing is better than hitting a blockbuster by yourself in the middle of the day when you want to know how to cheer yourself up. Play hooky or skip out a little early from work to watch that silly, stupid movie to brighten your afternoon.

#3 Call an old friend. We all have “that” person in our life who can make us smile and cheer us up. If you are feeling down, pick up the phone and reconnect. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of minutes to bring your soul back to good. Knowing there is someone out there who can still make you feel good about you is golden.

#4 Invite a friend to happy hour. Nothing can erase a bad day more than a good cocktail with someone at happy hour. The best part about it is that you can get your buzz on and still be home in time to get a good night’s rest. Cheering yourself up works against itself if you wake up feeling worse the next day.

#5 Play hooky. Whether it is going to the movies, or just not getting out of bed and hanging out in your pajamas, playing hooky is an excellent way tip for how to cheer yourself up. Not having any responsibility for just a day, or even an afternoon, can lighten anyone’s spirits!

#6 Just smile. There are specific muscles in your face that trigger emotions. Even if you are feeling down, faking it by smiling can literally turn things around. Simply smiling will trigger the release of mood-enhancers that will give you just a little boost to make you feel better.

#7 Sit in the sunshine. There is a connection between your mood and your exposure to the sun. If you are low in Vitamin D, it can mess with your happiness. If you don’t want to worry about sunscreen, it only takes about ten minutes for your body to absorb enough to make you happy. Just make sure that your skin is exposed. Otherwise, you can’t soak in the rays, literally.

#8 Do yoga. Perhaps your block to happiness is a lack of flow of chi energy. Yoga can get your blood pumping, loosen up your muscles, and make you feel more connected to the world around you. In a world guided by cell phones and social media, quieting it all down and finding your inner peace can help you re-focus and find your happy face.

#9 Volunteer. Nothing is a better if you want to know how to cheer yourself up than to volunteer. Making someone else feel good makes you feel incredible. It can also help to put your own insignificant problems into perspective. Volunteering to help someone else in need is an excellent way to find the cheer that lies within.

#10 Pay it forward. Paying someone’s toll charge, their admission in line, or their two items of groceries can bring you internal bliss. The little bit it will cost you will gain you an abundance of goodwill and cheer.



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