Exactly how to Not Be Dull – 10 Ways on the Art of Coming To Be a Dynamic Individual

Learning how not to be boring all comes down to saying yes to more opportunities and experiences. If there’s one type of person you shouldn’t be, it’s a boring person. While this can have many different definitions, it just means you lack dynamic and excitement in your life.

Maybe you’re too stuck in a routine or you lack adventure of spontaneity. When you’re a boring person, not only will you scare your date off, but it will hinder you from living your best life. If you’ve ever met a dynamic person, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

They’re filled with so much adventure, excitement, spontaneity, wonder, and even their lives. This should be your standard in living your life. This isn’t to say that all routine is bad, but if it’s making you boring, then maybe routine isn’t exactly good for you.

Why you should always go for excitement in life

Rather than living a comfortable life, excitement will give you so much more. Whether it’s meeting new people or having brand new experiences, these aren’t things you get with a boring life. This doesn’t just go for your life as a whole, but for your dating life as well.

It’s easy to get hyped up about a date and then for it to not be as amazing as you thought it would be. That’s why you should try extra hard to not be boring. Just as you probably don’t want a boring date, you shouldn’t give that experience to anyone else either.

How not to be boring in life

If being dynamic and fun isn’t part of your nature, don’t fret! It’s not the end of the world. Whether it’s because of your upbringing or your environment, it’s okay to be used to some form of routine.

However, being boring doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your story. You can always change that and bring more excitement into your life. If you’re not a creative person and can’t think of great ideas, or you just have a habit of getting really nervous and quiet, you may need some outside help to not come across as boring.

In this feature, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know on how not to be boring and live a more exciting life. This way, others will also be naturally drawn to you because of that vibrance. Just remember to be yourself and have fun with whatever you do. Let them know the real you.

1. Do something fun

This doesn’t mean something you think is fun and nobody else does. Go sledding,  paintballing, or laser tagging! Do whatever you think will be enjoyed by a group of friends, instead of just you.

Even if this seems outside your comfort zone, just think of the memories you’ll have with your friends when you look back years from now. Do something that will not only surprise them, but they’ll have a good time engaging in.

2. Don’t talk about yourself too much

People who talk about themselves all the time are the most boring types. You probably despise those dates where all they do is talk about themselves, so why do it?

The best way how not to be boring is to switch the focus from yourself to them. Making it all about them will make others feel validated and acknowledged. Despite the nature of a date being about getting to know you, there must be a mutual exchange of conversation.

Don’t just sit there and go over all your favorites without ever giving them a chance to think or respond. How are they supposed to interact when all you ever talk about is how great your job is?

3. Ask questions

It’s generally more fun to be someone who asks questions about your life as if they genuinely care. Don’t hesitate to ask people questions about their life as it gives them the impression that you really do want to know. If they mention how much they love hiking, ask them more about that topic and what they specifically like about it.

4. Be spontaneous

If there’s one thing in this list that’s of extreme importance on how to not be boring, it’s spontaneity. When you ask your friends to go hiking or book a plane trip out of nowhere, it makes you more fun than usual. Your friends might even be surprised that you actually have a fun bone in your body.

Don’t think about what’s the implication – just do it! Of course, this has limits, but we’re not talking about quitting your job to travel the world 24/7. A spontaneous hiking trip won’t do you any harm.

5. Find your type of humor

Having a sense of humor is no longer limited to cracking jokes, but it can also include sarcasm or other types of humor. In order to make the people around you laugh, it’s important to find your sense of humor.

Being capable of making others laugh also gives people to perceive you as a dynamic and fun person to be around. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but you need to make others laugh with your personality and cheesy jokes.

6. Say yes more often

The more you keep declining that party or that getaway trip with your friends, you’re being more boring. You can’t live an exciting life if you keep saying no when every adventure presents itself. It might’ve not been planned and it might be scary, but it’s worth the adventure.

7. Do something interactive

Don’t just go sit at a movie and then go to dinner. This isn’t to say that watching Netflix is absolute crap, but it’s not exactly an engaging and interactive activity. Whether you’re going on a date or just planning a trip with your friends, you need to stop suggesting watching a movie.

8. Be substantial

You will always be perceived as a boring person if you don’t have substance and depth within you. This means stop focusing on the less important things in life and focus on things that really matter.

Be open to healthy debates, have deep conversations with someone, say yes to adventures. You’ll never achieve anything in learning how to not be boring when you keep focusing on superficial things like social media.

9. Be the life of the party

When someone invites you to a party or event, don’t just sit in the corner and wait for someone to approach you. Be the life of the party and talk to people, even the strangers you barely know.

Everyone will see you as confident and fun to talk to when you’re always approaching everyone. You’re at a party so it really isn’t advisable to show your introverted and anti-social nature when you’re there. The best way to be perceived as fun is to get yourself out there and socialize.

10. Use body language

Words aren’t the only way to seem not boring. You also use body language to show them you’re a fun person. When talking to someone, your body language has the capacity to make someone feel acknowledged more than words ever can.



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