Everything You Need to Know about Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic meditation, or OM to its fans, is a new(ish) craze that’s being talked about all over the world. The “practice” sounds relatively simple, and it’s one designed for the ladies *sorry, fellas* where one partner gently rubs and strokes the other partner’s clitoris for 15 minutes.
What’s so special about that? Will it bring you s*xual enlightenment or, at the very least, a mind-blowing orgasm?
Well, not necessarily, but the benefits include a state of deep calm, a feeling of closeness with your partner, and, in some cases, serious pleasure. The action has even been heralded as extremely therapeutic, according to its advocates.

Why you should try orgasmic meditation
The practice was fist devised by OM guru Nicole Daedone, who believes that the technique can help women who have difficulty achieving orgasm. Because the focus is solely on the woman *with the partner who is delivering the OM remaining fully clothed*, she can fully concentrate on her own s*xual pleasure.
That said, the benefits for men are extensive, too. Practicing orgasmic meditation requires lots of trust, which can help to form a deep, strong connection between partners who use this technique in their s*x lives. The meditative part is beneficial for both parties, with men claiming that they have felt feelings of warmth, electricity, even a “golden light” flowing through their bodies when they take part in the practice.

The position
In order to get into the correct position to enjoy OM, set up a “nest.” This is usually a comfortable spot on the floor covered with blankets and cushions, or whatever else is needed to make the couple feel comfortable and relaxed.
The woman, or “strokee,” lies on her back with her legs “butterflied open.” This basically means knees bent, and legs splayed wide apart. The woman undresses from the waist down. The partner, or “stroker,” then sits on the woman’s right side, wrapping his left leg over her stomach. He should be in a position where he can look at her face if he wants to, but also be able to fully concentrate and be aware of what he is doing and where he is touching.
Some OM sessions encourage the stroker to talk to their partner and to describe what they are seeing and doing. This is an unusual act, which brings an added level of intimacy to the practice. Think about it, allowing the other person to describe exactly what they are doing to you is an act that can make you feel utterly vulnerable. Yet it is through that vulnerability that the closeness is formed.
Particularly in classes, where not everyone attends with a partner, the emphasis is on making the woman feel utterly comfortable and not at all pressured to say yes to anyone who asks her if she would like to be stroked.

The act
The process of OM remains the same, though the level of skill with which it is carried out takes time and practice.
Firstly, the stroker will gently massage the woman’s legs, known as “grounding.” Then, he describes what he can see. This must be done using literal “non-value” terms such as color, shape, and so on so that the woman doesn’t feel judged by the way her vagina is being described.
After this, the stroker strokes upwards from the entrance of the vagina to the clitoris, then continues to stroke the clitoris for fifteen minutes. During this time, the woman is encouraged to tell him or her if the pressure is too hard or too soft, or ask them to move a little to the left, a little to the right, etc. The stroker must always say “thank you” when these requests are made.

Does practicing orgasmic meditation actually guarantee an orgasm?
In truth, there seem to be mixed reviews on this. Some women claim to have had the most intense orgasms of their lives during their OM sessions, whereas others say they didn’t experiencing anything close to an orgasm at all.
But despite its name, orgasmic meditation is not solely focused on the orgasm, and many women have reported other strange but positive effects after taking part. Some have said that they feel warm and tingling sensations, and others claim it feels like a bolt of lightening in their nether regions. For some, it is a deeply relaxing and spiritual experience, the effects of which lasting for hours or even days after they’ve finished.
Others, however, aren’t OM’s greatest fans, and those who don’t like it refer to the practice as feeling “clinical” or simply “downright strange.”



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