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Double New Moon In Cancer Will Bring Energy Shift For Every Zodiac Sign

This Cancer season, we will witness two New Moons, which will be equally strong and bring about heavy changes.

The first New Moon will occur on 21st June, while the second New Moon will grace us on 20th July.

The double New Moon occurring in the sensitive zodiac Cancer will bring a wave of transformations and new opportunities. With the potent lunar energies influencing us, we might feel a little lost. That is because the energies will be strong, which can take us by surprise.

July Double New Moon In The Zodiac Cancer

This celestial event is a rare one as one zodiac doesn’t usually have two New Moons.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings. And with the Cancer double New Moon, we will all live with the force of two lives. The first New Moon on 21st June will introduce new themes in our life. Opportunities will be abundant. But with the second New Moon on 20th July, we will get a second chance at renewing our life, which is quite a rare opportunity.

Sensitive Cancer will rouse our intuitive powers and make us more nurturing. The 21st June Summer Solar Eclipse in Cancer will encourage bravery in us. With the ongoing pandemic and political chaos, think of this time as an opportunity to be born again from the ashes.

How Will Your Zodiac Be Affected By The Double New Moon In Cancer?


Times have been hard, no one can disagree on this front. So, take the nurturing wisdom from Cancer and reinvigorate your domestic life.


With the current pandemic restrictions, it might have been hard for you to be cut off from your social circle. You must have lashed out a little at your family member. Reflect on your actions and work on changing them.


Geminis find it hard to control their finances. So, this Cancer season, you need to focus on your finances. Analyze and readjust the way you deal with money.


You are understanding and always willing to help others. This trait of yours can sometimes be exploited by others. This is your time, harness the lunar energies, and learn to speak your mind.


Although everyone will be affected by the coming avalanche of Eclipses, you, in particular, will be affected the most. Don’t worry, simply breathe and meditate. The time is best for you to go within yourself and assess your desires.


You love your friends, but this season, you need to focus on building your individual identity. Try exploring your creative abilities.


Libra, the time is right for you to take charge. If you have been doubting yourself, stop. You need to learn to make decisions and manage people.


You are a kind and sensitive being, although it can get lost by your outer mannerisms. Under the energy of the double New Moon, open yourself up, and listen to others.


Focus, focus, focus. Under this zodiac, you need to give priority to your reality. Come through and refocus.


The time is right for you to review your past judgments on your relationships. The Cancer lunar energies will guide you and give you clarity. Use it wisely to understand your deeper issues.


The keyword for you this time around is “change.” This is a great opportunity for you to renew your old habits. While habits are comfortable, they make you stagnant.


Under the potent energies of the double New Moon and several eclipses, you might want to break free and escape. Remember to calm yourself down and focus those energies into planning your future.

The double New Moon in Cancer will give us a once in a lifetime opportunity, do not waste it.


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