You love this man—there is no doubt about that. Naturally, when you care for someone this much, the last thing you want is to continue living without them.

Therefore, it’s not strange that you don’t want to lose this man. In fact, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to keep him by your side.

I won’t lie to you—true love needs fighting for. It requires a lot of sacrifices and compromises.

Nevertheless, killing the person you are just to please the other party should never be one of these sacrifices.

The success of your relationship should never go to the stake of your own personal happiness. 

After all, sometimes, you don’t have a say when it comes to losing the man you love.


As much as you try to keep him by your side and no matter what you do to prevent him from leaving, he will abandon you sooner or later, if that’s something he wants.

This is one of those situations.

You’re currently facing a crossroads and you can either choose to let him go or let go of the woman you are.

I get it; losing him is scary.

You’re terrified of having to go through life on your own. Scared of having to survive without this man whom you thought was your other half.

You don’t think that you will be able to make it. After all, for all of this time, you saw this guy as the only source of your happiness, as the reason for your smile and as your biggest ally.

You think of yourself as incomplete and incompetent without him. You see him as the source of your strength, as your reason to live and as your fuel for existing.

Naturally, you think that the end of this relationship is also the end of the world. You are convinced that you’ll never fall in love with another guy again and that you’ll never recover from losing this guy.

Well, let me tell you something—even if he walks away, your broken heart will heal. Time will do its magic and before you know it, you will be better. 

However, do you know what is something you would never recover from? Losing yourself

In fact, that is something you should be scared of the most. Be afraid of allowing this worthless man to spiritually kill the woman you are.

Be afraid of the possibility of this heartbreak breaking you as well. Of the possibility of you vanishing from the face of earth.

No, I’m not saying that you will literally die. However, if you go on like this, you will stop living for real.


Instead, you’ll only start existing and surviving each day and I’m sure you’ll agree there is a huge difference between the two.

I’m begging you not to allow this man to kill your spark. Don’t let him kill your optimism or destroy your good vibe.

Don’t let him be the reason for the girl you were before he stormed right through your life disappearing.

Yes, losing him will hurt. Nevertheless, if you turn around a few years from now and see that he’s managed to impact your entire life, it will hurt even more. 

Most importantly, don’t let this break-up change the essence of the person you’ve always been. Don’t allow it to turn you into a bitter, negative or resentful girl because you’ve never been one.

Don’t let his departure make you a heartless girl with high and thick walls around her soul. Don’t allow him convince you that you’re not meant to be loved, just because he didn’t want to love you the right way.

Don’t let this man kill your faith in people. Trust me—not all men are the same, even though you can’t see it now.

So please, don’t make any compromises with yourself, in the hope of keeping any guy around. Don’t shut yourself off just to make him stay by your side.

Don’t lose your individuality and don’t let him change you if that’s the only way for him not to leave you.

Don’t let him shape you in order to fit his standards and don’t do anything to please him if it doesn’t make you happy.

Trust me—you’ll survive the end of any romantic relationship, including this one.

Nevertheless, if you allow the relationship you have with yourself to break, that is something you’ll never fully recover from.


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