By Not Being Clear About Your Feelings For Her, You Will Lose Her

I know you are used to girls chasing after you, from the moment you start playing the unreachable.

You are used to being with girls who love the way you blow hot and cold and who is crazy about your little games.

You are used to being with girls who want to see more clearly in your mysteries and to dig out your stories of emotional unavailability.

Girls who love games of conquest and who, as soon as you show them indifference, start to love you more.

But I can assure you one thing – this woman has nothing to do with these girls. She will not beg for your attention and she will not be satisfied with the crumbs of your half-love.

By not wanting to commit or label your relationship, the only thing you will get is to lose it.

By not being clear about your feelings for her, the only thing you will get is to see her move away from you.

And let’s be honest – it’s the last thing you want. Because if you let that happen and you let this unique girl go, you will be much more sorry than you might think and you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Because it will not waste its time and energy decoding your contradictory signals.

She won’t spend countless sleepless nights waiting for your late call, finally happy that you remember her.

She will not spend her time rereading your drunkenness messages, looking for clues confirming that you love her. She will not let you come and go in her life as you please.

Trust me – she will not be content with a man who forces her to doubt and decipher her feelings.

She will not find excuses for you and she will not lie to herself saying that you love her more than you let it appear.

No, she needs someone who is consistent. She needs a man, a real one who is not afraid to expose her vulnerability.

Of a man who is not afraid to reveal his true feelings.

A man who is always there for her – not just when it suits her.

A man who is more than proud to hold her by the hand in public and to say that she is “his girlfriend”.

She needs a man who kisses her to say good night and who starts her day by sending her a message.

A man who is more than happy to get involved with her and who has no problem being exclusive.

This girl doesn’t need an immature man who suppresses her feelings, thinking that doing so is a badass.

No, she needs a man, a real one who gives her her whole love, without restraint.

And if you don’t think you can be that man – please don’t waste his time.

Also, don’t waste your energy trying to play with it, because trust me – it will see through your intentions and beat you at your own game before you even realize it.

But if you think you have what it takes, be certain that this woman will love you like no other.

If you think you can give her what she needs, you will quickly see that it is worth it.

No, you shouldn’t worry about whether she will benefit from you once you open your heart to her.

You should not be afraid that she will play with you, once she understands that you are crazy about her. It is not his type.

On the contrary, she will appreciate your honesty. She will cherish your love for her and she will love you more.

But make up your mind before it’s too late, because she won’t wait forever for you to pull yourself together.

As soon as she understands that you are not treating her as she deserves and that you return neither the love nor the efforts she gives you, she will move away from you.

And when it does, you will realize what you have just lost. But it will be too late.

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